Conscious Existence - A Journey Within - mz.envfx
  • There is now a WIN 7/8 compatible version available that you can install by opting into the beta branch called "win7-8-alternative": Right-click the app in your library -> Properties -> Betas
  • This one has a resolution of 4096*2304px instead of 4096*4096px due to older WIN systems having an outdated "Media Foundation" framework.
  • Other min. system specs still apply (also see FAQ thread in discussion section for infos).

Conscious Existence - A Journey Within - mz.envfx
  • App now also works on the Index VR Headset

  • Added Keyboard Shortcuts: Play/Pause - Space; R - Reset View; L - Toggle Voice-Over.
    Make sure the app window is in focus for those to work.
Conscious Existence - A Journey Within - mz.envfx
  • You can now turn off the girl's voice-over using your Vive/Touch controllers if you wish.
  • View can be re-oriented horizontally as well as vertically if you like, so you may also lie down while watching.
  • Black Levels have been reduced (= more perceived contrast) to a point that is more pleasant to the eyes, as much as it was possible without introducing any artifacts.

Hope you enjoy! ːsteamhappyː

P.S: I'm planning to add the WIN7/8 compatible version with a bit reduced resolution as DLC package, so not everyone has to download an extra 10GB. Coming soon - but until then just shoot me an e-mail after purchase and I'll set you up (address see support contact info).

Conscious Existence - A Journey Within - mz.envfx
As this was requested a couple of times there will soon be an update with a switch to toggle the voice over on/off as well as probably a re-center button.
I'm planning to release the update by the end of June latest.

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