Critical Compendium - Whimsy & Wizardry
Just some minor bug fixes and back-end improvements for version 1.0.7.

The main bug fix being:
  • Fixed an issue where invocations would sometimes cause a crash when selecting or saving a character.

More updates and features coming soon.
Critical Compendium - Whimsy & Wizardry
Hello everyone – another round of updates and fixes is now available!

There aren’t too many visible changes this time around. Most of the work has been under the hood to make the infrastructure a bit more mobile friendly. The mobile version is also progressing steadily.

• Fixed a calculator issue when the numbers were not evenly divisible.
• Fixed an issue with running the program in offline mode.

• Updated calculator with more dice shortcuts.
• Added 'bonus' column to character ability scores to better support Races where you’re given a choice of abilities.
• Added 'manual' entry option to character ability scores to make it easier to add your existing characters.

Another change with this version is dropping support for 32-bit operating systems. This was done for many reasons, but a big one is so that I could use the latest versions of some third-party dependencies. I don’t believe this change will affect many (if any) users negatively.

View the official announcement.
Critical Compendium - Whimsy & Wizardry
Hi everyone - version 1.05 is live with a couple fixes and improvements.

  • Fixed issue with inspiration.
  • Fixed issue with equipment notes sometimes not saving.
  • Improved touch support.

More updates coming soon.

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Critical Compendium - Whimsy & Wizardry
Hi everyone, just a few quick bug fixes:

  • Added backup roll method and error reporting to calculator (rolling would sometimes fail for some users).
  • Replaced calculator delete button with a clear button (requested by several people).
  • Fixed data issue in the default compendium.

More updates and features coming soon!

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Critical Compendium - Whimsy & Wizardry
Another day, another round of updates and fixes. Version 1.03 includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed issue with feats and features not refreshing after leveling up.
  • Fixed AC being auto-calculated when it shouldn't.
  • Minor updates to UI/UX.
  • Improved character PDF export.
  • Fixed inconsistency in the order of character information and additions.
  • Fixed encounter copy issue.

Thanks to everyone who reported these issues!

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Critical Compendium - Whimsy & Wizardry
I know what you're thinking,

"Whoa! Two updates in one day? You must've found some moderately embarrassing bugs and wanted to fix that junk right away!"

And you'd be exactly right. Fixes include:

  • Long rest was crashing when you have a spellbook based on race.
  • Attempting to add an invocation to your spellbook would cause a crash.
  • Fixed an issue with downloading steam cloud saves between computers.

Sorry about these issues guys! Hopefully this unblocks some of you so you can get back to adventuring.

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Critical Compendium - Whimsy & Wizardry
Version 1.01 is now live! This version includes the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • UI/UX improvements to for alerts and dialogs.
  • Improved default import behavior.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to import invalid files.
  • Fixed a couple bugs when restoring the default compendium.
  • Updates to the default SRD compendium.
  • Fixed an issue with movement speed changes not saving.

Thanks for using Critical Compendium and I hope you enjoy the latest version!

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Critical Compendium - Whimsy & Wizardry
Everything was actually finished ahead of schedule - so I decided to go ahead and release the latest build.

Critical Compendium is now available for download!

I’m really excited to get this first version in everyone’s hands and can’t wait to start getting feedback from the community. Please check it out and let me know if you like it!

Whimsy & Wizardry
Critical Compendium - Whimsy & Wizardry
It was a lot of work getting here - tens of thousands of lines of code, at least that many cups of coffee, a splash of conjuration and transmutation magic, a little smoke, few mirrors - and it’s finally ready!

Critical Compendium is coming out on Friday, June 14.

I really think this first version is awesome and packed with features; even in an early dev state I found it useful in our home games. It’s free, so please give it a try next week and let me know what you think!

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