Pew Dew Redemption - Enkî
Some critical achievement bugs still persist in the current version of the game.

The update will be released very soon.
All the achievement bugs have been fixed in the upcoming version "Ultimate Kars"
Don't attempt the levels for acquiring any achievements yet. Wait for the update!

Status: Awakened soon!
Pew Dew Redemption - Enkî
Greetings PewDew's,

We've reached 100,000 Downloads a while ago.
(100,000 Download Celebration incoming)

As fanatic fans of this game, I do realize that your insatiable need for new content has reached it's Peak.

The Ultimate Kars Update features content updates as well as a large number of bugfixes including:
  • Accessory Updates
  • Location overhauls
  • Fixed Achievements (100%ing the game will be possible)
  • Brand New Special Item (Pluck)
  • More references to known fictional Universes
  • General gameplay bugfixes.
There is not an exact date for the update release yet, but it is coming.

Thanks for the support.
This project will eventually turn into the true [Minecraft 2.0] X [Knack 3].

Benevolence from Abzû
Eternal Enki

Pew Dew Redemption - Enkî

The long-awaited sequel to the game of the year contester Pew Dew Redemption is out now!



I'm looking forward to seeing you at the Oscars next year
Yours Sincerely,

Eternal Enki

May 27
Pew Dew Redemption - Enkî
I've got some very sad news for you.. (or good news, depending on whether you like the game or not)

PewDew Redemption 1.. has come to an end. It will be deleted by the end of today.

It was a nice ride, but unfortunately, that's the end.

Rest in Peace, Pew Dew Redemption 1.
*1873, +1911

May 25
Pew Dew Redemption - Enkî
Achievements are not available in the current update.
You have to wait for a little longer.
Pew Dew Redemption - Enkî
Soon, an update will be released. One far better and more powerful than the previous one.
Pew Dew Redemption

The world has fallen into darkness, and only a 29-year-old who yells about memes and makes videos called "I Broke My Ass" can save it. The setup of Pew Dew Redemption is honestly pretty funny—this free Steam game turns Pewdiepie's competition with Indian music channel T-Series into a dark, rainy, apocalyptic battle for the freedom of the internet and the implied fate of all humanity. It's a bad game, a mealy beat-em-up in which you hit a bunch of robots with a large studded letter P (for Pewdiepie, see). In the 20 minutes or so it took me to finish it, I couldn't decide if I was more entertained by its absurdity or disturbed by Pewdiepie's cult of personality.

The existence of Pew Dew Redemption is not surprising. Pewdiepie's 96 million Youtube subscribers mean he has a massive fanbase, undeterred by the occasional racial slur or antisemitism. "Undeterred by" might be less accurate than "encouraged by"—he's gained something like 25 million subscribers in just the past few months as his "9-year-old army" fought to make sure he stayed the king of Youtube. T-Series was catching up fast—what perfect drama for a fan game to harness!

But boy, does it get weird. For starters, the game's developer, who goes by the handle Enki, immediately inserts himself into the game, laying out the backstory for Pewdiepie with some ethereal voiceover.

"The Great Subwar ended a long time ago. The struggle of the content creators however never came to an end. The company has taken over the whole world. Their new article that has been passed will result in full censorship. Felix! You're the last independent content creator! Will you watch how the world falls apart or will you fight?"

I thought this was just going to be a crappy Unity asset store beat-em-up. I wasn't really prepared for the game developer to insert himself into his own game in the first 10 seconds, much less cast himself as a godly figure explaining how only Pewds can save the world from a dictatorial Youtube channel.

For his part, my avatar of Pewdiepie responds with a brief voice clip, shouting "What!?" It's a fair reply.

And look, I know it's not good manners to go on a tangent before I even get into talking about this game, but you have to watch this video from the developer, Enki, titled "Day in Life of a Game Dev God," delivered in the same ethereal VO as his lines in Pew Dew Redemption.

I'm not sure if this video will help you understand more or less, but it's filled with some gems, like "I believe in fueling my body with a miniaturized star reactor" and "I've lost track of what my powerlevel is. Perhaps one decillion, perhaps nothing, power without boundaries." Then Enki's Dr. Manhattan-but-silver avatar stares at a Youtube subscriber award congratulating him on 1 billion subs (he currently has 132), right next to his Game of the Year 2021 award.

Moving on to Pew Dew Redemption: This is how the game loaded for me after the title screen. Not the most encouraging start.

After a few seconds of walking around Pewd's not-Youtube-accurate pad, I hit the "cutscene" I quoted above about being the last independent content creator. Emboldened by destiny, I head out into the rain, where I'm soon transported to the headquarters of TCRS, the evil video empire standing in for T-Series. Pewds seems worried he won't be able to take them on himself, but Enki offers this assurance:"Don't worry. I've designed this weapon of mass destruction in the forge of eternity. It has the power to kill a god."

This is the Infinity P.

From here on it's basically smacking around a bunch of robots, which you can tell are evil because they glow orange, and I'll admit that Enki has at least made a functional 3D videogame, which is not something I have ever done. It's not very fun, because the movement is stiff, it's hard to tell when hits register, and the robots mostly stand still and occasionally take a sad swipe at you. This is not quite Bayonetta-level combat.

Then again, pressing the E key unleashes my special move, which is a whirling gamer chair projectile attack. As soon as I realize I can throw a chair hadouken it's pretty much all I do for the rest of the game.

Some other strange things about Pew Dew Redemption: 

  • The item pickups scattered around the levels appear to be golden Lego pieces, though they do nothing.
  • It actually has some nice moody lighting
  • Enki chiming in with another zinger: "You are the vessel for the endless cosmos of entertainment"
  • I think the AI on these robots is broken

In the end, I wailed on a giant "Delete channel" button which apparently destroyed TCRS, aka T-Series, and saved the world. My victory feels hollow. I have no better understanding of why 95 million people love Pewdiepie, or why Enki likes him enough to waste his videogame-making skills on Pew Dew Redemption.

There's a lot of shovelware on Steam. Cash-in clickers, asset store flips, "[insert noun] simulator." So, so many hentai games. Pew Dew Redemption is certainly not the worst of them. It's even a little funny, if perhaps too desperate to hero worship a man who makes videos about memes and the drama of other Youtubers. He's not worth breaking your ass over. 

Pew Dew Redemption - Enkî
Fixed some more things along the line,

  • The rain shader bug in the second stage of the game is fixed.
  • I reduced the blocky controls and movement, tried to smooth by various interpolations, should look better now.
  • No more post process bugs on the second floor. The room should stay lit all the time. Brightness adjusted as well
  • Ad Memes removed
  • Pewds voice was unregular, loud and messed up sometimes, I tackled this issue

Hope you enjoy, have fun!
Pew Dew Redemption - Enkî

Patch 1.01 fixed many of the bugs and imbalances in the game that were reported by you. It should be live any minute.

  • Chair cannot be spammed anymore, has a small cooldown
  • Hit detection rate improved
  • Falling through the level bug fixed, you will now respawn at the start of the level
  • HP Regen Rate for Pew reduced, even though this was initially made to make it easy for everyone.
  • TCRS Robot UI Bug that displayed false HP information is fixed.
  • No more bugging through roofs (reduced jump velocity)
  • Animation is smoother, walk transition added
  • Hero Brainy added
  • Some players criticized the camera movement so it will be different now.
  • Player Movement improved, Some of the buggy collisions in Level 2 are fixed. Might have missed one.

Please report back if you find any more problems and feel free to post suggestions!

Pew Dew Redemption - Enkî
Hey Everybody,

So far, the game is perceived well amongst most of you.
I'll release an update to eliminate as many bugs and errors as possible. (probably by tomorrow morning)

Have you noticed any other major bug apart from the door collision in the second larger level, the jump intensity, and the level design error allowing you to fall out of the map between the connecting floors?

Please post them in the hub so I can have an overview!

Thanks to all the people who played this so far!



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