Product Update - Valve
Super MNC Update #24

Free Pro Rotation: Assault, Cheston, Combat Girl, Leo, Tank, Wascot

Chip: Are you pumped? I just did 24 Rule Changes, I'm totally jacked!

New Pro Week! Robo Hobo is now available for play! Check out his bio page for skill and weapon descriptions.

As always, feel free to leave us feedback at! If you have issues please email

New Rules
• Made Robo Hobo playable and purchasable.
• Bouncing on a non-standable wall now disables air control for a short time.
• Added the ability to purchase turrets via hotkeys.
• Moneyballs will no longer take damage from any source if there are two base turrets nearby.
• Disconnecting and reconnecting no longer resets your respawn timer.
• Added over 100 new GG Stack and Chip Valvano lines.
• Added new voice of GG Stack's Question and Answer with the fans via our Twitter feed.
• Added more music to the main menu music rotation.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed some instances of skills not replicating properly upon spawn, forcing the player to die before they would work.
• Fixed some instances of Jackbots getting permanently stuck.
• Fixed the Endorsements list getting clipped.
• Fixed the level up effect being brighter than intended.
• Fixed the Annihilator from sometimes going off for much longer than intended.
• Fixed Buzzers damaging players after they are shot and destroyed.

Downtown Spunky
• Fixed a glass wall that allowed players to stand on it when they should not be able to.

• Skewer: Fixed sometimes getting multiple full power zoomed shots in one charge.

• Assault Rifle: Damage done via ADS (Aim Down Sights) is now listed as "Assault Rifle ADS" in the death recap screen.

• Gun Flurry: Damage: 12/17/22/27 -> 14/19/24/29

Robo Hobo
• Robo Hobo made available
• Fixed typo in Robo Hobo's Bio
• New Uniform: Blitz
• New Weapon: Blitz Sound Wave I
• New Weapon: Blitz Bass Blaster I
• New Taunt: Well Attended
• New Taunt: Flare
• New Taunt: Transform
• New Taunt: Action Hero
• New Taunt: Head Spin
• New Taunt: Monday Night Fever
• New Taunt: Say Something

• Shotgun: Min Damage: 30 -> 90

• Combat Credit cost reduced.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Nathan Grayson)

This doesn't even begin to do it justice. Go watch the video. Seriously.

That headline may seem obvious, but wow>. So Total Annihilation (and, more recently, Supreme Commander) were big, but Planetary Annihilation is shooting for the stars. And potentially shooting at them, as well. It’s all the absurdly large-scale mechanized warfare you’ve (probably) known and loved since the late ’90s, but now you can zoom out into space, build a fort on an asteroid, and then crash it into an enemy planet>. So basically, total insanity. After the break, you’ll find a video from Super Monday Night Combat maestros Uber Entertainment explaining their ambitious RTS (ambitiouRTS, for short) and – yes – asking for money.


Product Update - Valve
Super MNC Rule Changes 8:

Free Pro Rotation: Captain Spark, Cheston, Megabeth, Sniper, Support, Tank
We at Uber Entertainment hope everyone in the United States had an enjoyable, safe, and restful Memorial Day! We did, which results in a shorter week and a slightly smaller update.

This week we are taking aim at improving our match quality. The big step we're taking is that teams of five are only going to matched with other teams of five. Teams of two or solo players will be matched together. This means that we've removed the ability to group up in teams of three or four. If you only have a team of three or four, what better way to get to know your fellow players than to invite them into your team?

As always, feel free to leave us feedback at! If you have issues please

New Rules
• Only teams of two and five can be built. If you have three or four, ask in chat for someone to play!
• Only solos and duo groups are now match made with each other.
• Teams of five are now only matched with other teams of five.
• Custom games can now be started with only four players.
• Pro store menu updated to match the style of the items menu.
• Death UI now shows the flair equipped by the person who did the damage.
• Removed confirmation for quitting out of a replay.
• When a replay download completes, button will now change to "PLAY" when that replay is selected.
• Added the XP bar back to the old location next to chat.
• Added new effect for speed boosts.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed GG Stack and Chip Valvano talking about turrets that can't be rebuilt when they can.
• Fixed returning to the wrong game mode UI after a match.
• Fixed login screen hangup when there is no connection to UberNet.
• Fixed controls breaking if you taunt at the exact moment of spawn.
• Fixed some instances of the game hanging when creating a custom game.
• Fixed several minor UI alignment issues.
• Fixed various typos and incorrect characters in Pro bios.
• Fixed GG and Chip from talking about the wrong team when a player lands a Head Crab or Ground Zero.
• Fixed changing parts of your loadout in Training Camp from not working properly.

Gun Mountain
• Fixed some turrets being stuck into the ground.
• Fixed bot lanes on the HUD from being reversed.
• Fixed Shelly being able to be stunned.
• Continued art improvements.
• Added bot lane holograms.
• Fixed typo in the spelling of "New Sydney"
• Shelly: Activation Time: 0.25 -> 2
• Jumping on or near Shelly will now kill Pros.
• Trails on Shelly shells are more team colored.

• Turrets that are prebuilt on the map now have shields that once taken down, do not come back. Player built turrets do not have shields.
• Fixed turrets from sometimes doing no damage to bots.
• Turbocross Jackbot Health: 105000 -> 87500
• All throw and momentum push distances increased by 25%

• Long Shot Turrets: Will no longer fire at any of its previous 10 targets.
• Long Shot Turrets: Added radius damage falloff, which means you'll take more damage the closer you are to the epicenter of the explosion.
• Long Shot Turrets: Added radius momentum falloff, which means you'll only be moved if you're close to the epicenter of the explosion.
• Long Shot Turrets: Damage: Full/Min: 400/200 -> 300/150

• Dagger/Sword: Cloak drain per shot: -5 -> -4
• Shuriken Launcher: Cloak drain per shot: -1.8 -> -1.4

• Fly: Shooting now drains fly similar to Assassin Cloak
• Assault Rifle: Fly drain per shot: 0 -> -1
• Grenade Launcher: Fly drain per shot: 0 -> -5

Captain Spark
• Megahurtz: Armor damage: 500 -> 250

Combat Girl
• New Uniform: Pit Girl
• Combat Healer: Fixed not being able to heal turrets in Turbocross

• New Uniform: The Illusionist
• Fixed wings not displaying properly when wearing the Chickey head.
• Fixed mustache placement.

• Shifty Shuffle: Grappling as the Wascot will no longer cancel Shifty Shuffle.
• Shifty Shuffle: Grappling the Wascot while Shifty Shuffle is active will now use your entire cooldown.
• Party Pooper: Now affects turrets as well as Pros.
Product Update - Valve
Super MNC Update 7

It's time for Turbocross! Our first new game mode has arrived for all you who want to try much faster, less strategic gameplay. The Rules Have Changed! Turbocross features rebuildable turrets, faster movement, higher lethality, and no passive power improvement with level. The objective remains the same as Super Crossfire; push bots, destroy the Moneyball!

Free Pro Rotation: Assassin, Gunner, Karl, Leo, Support, Veteran

We're also introducing more fan inspired content! Mustaches are now available as flair. There is a new slot of flair that goes on Pro's heads so you can mix and match your staches with your chest flair. We'd love to see pictures of your Pro creations!

As always, feel free to leave us feedback at! If you have issues please email

The current version is: 36647. If you don't have this version, please restart your game.

New Rules
• Added new game mode: Turbocross
• Changed "Mute Players" menu option to "Action Menu"
• Added reporting of players to the Action Menu.
• Added new visual effect for health regeneration.
• When choosing item categories in the store, the camera will now focus on the area of the Pro the item represents.
• Flair can now be previewed in the inventory screen.
• Reduced the volume of the game ready horn.
• Selecting a Pro in the store now updates the item store filter.
• Custom games now allow the creator to choose the map.
• Added Long Shot Turrets for Turbocross
• Added Shave Ice Turrets for Turbocross
• Updated turret chooser UI.
• Long Shot turrets now have shells that do not collide with the world during their ascent.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed store filter drop down from appearing when you return to Pro selection from the cart.
• Fixed turrets from targeting enemy shielded turrets.
• Fixed being able to open the skill pick menu while using the Annihilator.
• Fixed music turning itself back on while looking through taunts.
• Fixed turrets being rebuildable when they shouldn't be in Super Crossfire.
• Fixed selecting a Pro in the custom class screen from resetting to default.
• Fixed navigation bar button text from reading "PLAY NOW" if you held the mouse button down over one for a short time.
• Fixed image size for endorsements in the Locker Room.
• Fixed small visual overlap in the bundles screen.
• Fixed the Annihilator ready message from sometimes showing a player's name under it.
• Fixed the "Exit" button from sometimes displaying "Play".

• New Bundle: The Stache Stash

• Added slot for head flair.
• New head flair: My Friend Lars
• New head flair: The Plumber
• New head flair: Dali
• New head flair: Captain Thompson
• New head flair: Motorhead

Fine. I'll Admit I'm Infatuated With The World Of Super Monday Night Combat. Super Monday Night Combat exists in a dystopia in which spectacle, corporate greed and marketing are the fundamental pillars that hold society together. The premise is this: there's a deadly organized sport—that'd be Monday Night Combat—where two opposing teams of corporate-sponsored clones duke it out for money and prizes by shooting each other in the face. Or, well, they shoot each other in the face while escorting robots to the enemy ‘Moneyball' in an attempt to destroy it. First team to destroy the Moneyball wins.

The thing about Super Monday Night Combat is that it's charming and personable, all while maintaining a playful tone. At first, there might not seem to be much to the class-based third person shooter beyond the mechanics—the way that Uber Entertainment develops the world is subtle. I like that about the game, too. It means that when Super Monday Night Combat delivers commentary that parodies serious subjects from real life, like politics or advertising, those who don't care aren't bashed over the head with messages or ideas they're indifferent to. For the rest of us, the MOBA shooter offers an absurd but smart and self-aware world to dig into. Sometimes, it'll make you chuckle, too.

This all happens under the watchful eye of a camera and announcers, of course: murder and mayhem needs a cheering crowd, TV ratings and play-by-play commentary.

Super Monday Night Combat exists in a dystopia in which spectacle, corporate greed and marketing are the fundamental pillars that hold society together.

With the type of circus the American media is famous for, it shouldn't be surprising that the characters in Super Monday Night Combat feel like the cast of a futuristic reality TV show. Y'know, if we had cloning and genetic engineering and if our animals had human-like sentience.

What kind of a society would create a sport like Monday Night Combat? Ours, probably! That's what makes Super Monday Night Combat's world so provocative. What it presents the player isn't particularly far-fetched, in some ways the world of SMNC is one that we already inhabit.

We come to learn of SMNC's world primarily through its announcers, who occasionally make quips about the insane conditions beyond the stadium stands. Not that the ‘real world' will get in the way of the blood sport, mind...just like, say, any of the wars we're engaged in in real life won't interrupt the next American Idol broadcast. The first Monday Night Combat was slightly better for this: Mickey Cantor, the announcer, had endless lines musing over the societal climate and the police state that created it. Some of my favorite lines from the first game:

"Hi, everybody. This is Mickey Cantor reminding all the fans in the upper deck to check their ticket stub against the results of our population control lottery after the game tonight. Hey, good luck, everybody. We hope we see you tomorrow."

"To the lucky fan seated in Section 313, Row 7, Seat 8...CON-GA-RATS! You've been chosen to donate a kidney to the member of the elite overclass. Please stop by the press box to make your donation, pick up your voucher for a free stick of butter and some pre-war tomato seeds.

"Hehe. Hey everybody, it's Monday Night Combat's loveable mascot, Bullseye! Kill him. Kill him NOW!"

"Achilles! If the mind is your enemy's greatest weapon, that's all the more reason to shoot them in the head."

Super Monday Night Combat continues to build on this war-state where food, population and food scarcity are a problem. Despite the dire war situation, this is a society that loves violence so much, they're encouraged to bring personal snipers to shoot the mascot during gametime. Presidents are dictators-for-life. Violating copyright law results in entire generations of your family killed. It's all ridiculous and I adore that. The new announcers—Mickey Cantor is replaced in SMNC—similarly chat about their crazy world, though to a lesser extent, as the developers have prioritized banter that guides players toward game objectives.

Fine. I'll Admit I'm Infatuated With The World Of Super Monday Night Combat.

Still, it's not just disembodied voices occasionally telling the player about SMNC's society. The world-building and commentary happen through the mechanics of the game, as well. Players take the role of specialized clones that have been manufactured to be athletes. Beyond being food for thought when it comes to the future of genetic engineering and sports, it also sets up player's ability to equip "endorsements" in the game. Endorsements are attribute-influencing ‘items' that double as advertisements. "The eye. The hunger. The attraction. The shot placement. Iturba by Martell Pierre" is a personal favorite, an endorsement that's meant to advertise a ‘classier' item to the player. There are also ‘products,' which function similarly to endorsements, but without any side-effects. Both of these can alter things like player accuracy, to bestowing the ability to drop bombs once dead.

SMNCembraces the possibilities of a future that's ludicrously overrun by advertisements. The announcers like to act as shills who will try to ‘sell' players on various products. Their ‘priming' works—if only because most of the products they talk about are kind of required purchases if a player wants to remain competitive in the battlefield. There's also special attacks, like "product grenades," that obscure the enemy's vision by overloading their screen with advertisements. These grenades are effective against bots, too.
Fine. I'll Admit I'm Infatuated With The World Of Super Monday Night Combat. When you take a look at any sport's playing field—or even the attire worn by players—this isn't really that crazy, is it? I mean, consider that the average person sees around 5,000 advertisements every day. All done to cover every possible base, as a company can't know where a possible consumer will be at any given time, so why not make sure there's no way one can avoid the advertisements?

There's subtle commentary in-game, too. All players start out on an equal playing field, and the only way to gain an advantage is to farm bots for money to purchase skill-upgrades. A player will live and die by the money available in her pocket. Without enough upgrades, the enemy team may become almost unkillable. Obviously, that's no good.

There's something poignant about having two teammates race each other for a small trove of gyrating coins left behind by enemy bots. Someone will bitch someone else out for hogging all the coins, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. The coins will be mine by any means necessary—even if it means walking in the middle of an active turret that may tear me up. I can't tell you how many times I've died because I felt I really needed that single spare coin, regardless of how dangerous the situation is. I never really need the dang coins. Compulsion gets the better of all of us, though.

SMNC knows how significant that coin is. The marketing copy for the game reads "Why fight for 'honor' or 'duty' when you can fight for the real American dream: cash, fame and endorsements?" It's not just just that you need in-game money to upgrade and win matches. Money is important, period. Games reflect this. There's a reason coins are so ubiquitous in games. Players aren't the only ones who live and die by what can be found in their pockets. This reality is what makes the idea of playing a possibly lethal game just for a shot at some cash so incisive and thought-provoking. And it's the American dream to boot!

Fine. I'll Admit I'm Infatuated With The World Of Super Monday Night Combat.

If there's one thing I bemoan in Super Monday Night Combat that doesn't work as well with the type world that the first game created, it's the loss of the twitch-based gameplay. There's something about the quick speed at which the first game operated that lends itself better to the idea of a society that functions too fast, and too indulgently for its own good.

Super Monday Night Combat
is a world that feels like it takes place a mere 10 minutes from now. That's scary, but it makes the game evocative, too.

Product Update - Valve
Super MNC Rule Changes: 6 (v36339)

Free Pro Rotation: Assault, Cheston, Combat Girl, Karl, Tank, and Wascot.
The Icemen have lost Rule Changes: 6. Oh that's too bad, it was really going places.
It's new map week in Super Monday Night Combat! Gun Mountain has been added to the map rotation. Gun Mountain features a new hazard: The Shelly Cannons. They are the giant guns of Gun Mountain. They cost $750, recharge every 2 1/2 minutes, and will shell the enemy half of the map.
We are also launching our first set of Flair! Flair are small pieces of... well... flair that you can place on your Pro. Currently only a chest slot is available but we will expand the system in future updates. Check it out!

As always, feel free to leave us feedback at! If you have issues please email
The current version is: v36339. If you don't have this version, please restart your game.

New Rules
• Moneyball: Damaging the Moneyball now adds 1 second to the current shield reset time with a maximum of 20 seconds, instead of automatically setting the shield reset to 20 seconds.
• Base Turrets: Damaging Base Turrets now adds 1 second to the current shield reset time with a maximum of 40 seconds, instead of automatically setting the shield reset to 40 seconds.
• Improved the store menu. Added larger icons. Added full uniform, head, torso, and leg filters for uniforms.
• Added "Match Found" sound will now play when the game window is not in the foreground. This can be turned off in the options menu.
• Added a button to hide chat in the minimized chat bar.
• Changed maximum custom classes from 15 total to 5 per Pro. If you currently have more than 5 for a Pro, you will keep what you have.
• Added the ability to delete custom Pros.
• Improved readability of highlighted item in UI drop down lists.
• Clicking on "Help" now takes into account what screen you are on.
• Uniform items are now broken out into full uniform, head, torso and legs.
• Player's Agent/Free Agent status is now displayed in your Profile. You are a Free Agent until you purchase something via real money. After that you become an Agent and can use Steam trading.
• Death Recap UI now shows only the last 12 seconds worth of damage, giving you a better idea of how you died.
• Added new effect for critical headshots.
Bug Fixes
• Fixed clicking on the game window when it does not have focus issuing a click at the last position the mouse was at when it last had focus.
• Fixed a failure to get Friends List with certain names.
• New Bundle: 15 Pieces of Flair
• New Bundle: Monday Night Fever
• Added Flair: Flair are small items you can place on your Pro. Currently there is only chest pieces but this will expand in the future.
• Added Flair to Post-Game Prizes
• New Flair: Bullseye
• New Flair: Franky
• New Flair: Gracie
• New Flair: Rainbow
• New Flair: Target
• New Flair: Magic Fart
• New Flair: Peace
• New Flair: Skull Haze
• New Flair: Skull Crack
• New Flair: Derpycorn
• New Flair: Tiki
• New Flair: Ammo and Bacon
• New Flair: Bacon Strips
• New Flair: Assassin Mudflap
• New Flair: Big Angry Beaver
• At'em Bomb: Removed from Post-Game Prizes because it's free.
• All Magnet: Now changes the priority of pulling churros based on your current health.
• Bot Buster: Fixed bonus from not resetting when the player respawned, making it so that only the first 100 bots ever added an effect.
Downtown Spunky Arena
• Continued art revisions.
• Optimized some of the art for better client performance.
Gun Mountain
• New map: Gun Mountain
• New hazard for Gun Mountain only: Shelly Cannons - $750 to use, 2 1/2 minute cooldown, shells the enemy side of the map.
Loco Moco Arena
• Fixed a hole in Icemen base at the outer edge of map where Pros could get stuck.
• New Taunt: Monday Night Fever
• Shuriken Launcher: Radius 8 -> 16 - Should fix some instances of the shurikens doing no damage.
• New Taunt: Monday Night Fever
Captain Spark
• New Taunt: Monday Night Fever
• New Uniform: Captain Romance
• New Taunt: Monday Night Fever
Combat Girl
• New Taunt: Monday Night Fever
• New Taunt: Monday Night Fever
• Gunner Deploy: Initial armor now increases with upgrade level: 125/250/300/400
• Gunner Deploy: Headshot protection now activates at the start of the deploy, and deactivates at the end of the deploy pack up animation.
• Minigun and Dual Minigun: Spin down time: 2 -> 4
• Minigun and Dual Minigun: No longer sets spin to 0 when using slam or juice. If you slam or juice with the weapon spun up, you will only lose a little spin.
• Minigun and Dual Minigun: Reloading now removes any spin up.
• New Taunt: Monday Night Fever
• Knee Cap: Range: 2304 -> 2048
• New Taunt: Monday Night Fever
• New Taunt: Monday Night Fever
• Venice Defense: Added death explosion and no longer stays on ground after its death.
• Mona Laser: Explosive damage: 40 -> 55
• Mona Laser: Damage: 55 -> 65
• Mona Laser: Range: 2048/3072 -> 1536/2560
• Mona Laser: Alt Fire recovery per damage: 0.075 -> 0.08
• Mona Laser: Alt Fire heal will now heal friendly Combat Kitties, Firebases, and Venice Defenses.
• New Taunt: Monday Night Fever
• Rocket Ma'am: Optimized the rocket trail.
• New Taunt: Monday Night Fever
• New Taunt: Monday Night Fever
• Firebase: Now has its own death effect.
• Firebase: Slightly improved the look.
• New Taunt: Monday Night Fever
• Tank Shield: No longer protects Tank from the Annihilator or Ejectors.
• New Taunt: Monday Night Fever
• New Taunt: Monday Night Fever

The update live now for Super Monday Night Combat introduces Steam Trading (among other upgrades and fixes), which means you can pickup crossover costume items in both this title and Team Fortress 2 for the super low price of nothing.

Four items kick off the "Friendship is Sharing" campaign for Uber Entertainment, two for each game. You unlock the hats and uniforms by reaching certain levels in Super Monday Night Combat. Here is the lowdown.

• The Gunslinger Hat, worn by Sniper in TF2, is unlocked when you get Agent Level 5 in SMNC.
• The Engineer Uniform, worn by Combatgirl in SMNC is yours when you get Agent Level 10.
• The Soldier Uniform and Rocket Launcher is Megabeth's in SMNC once you get Agent Level 15.
• Finally, Pyro will get the Assassin Helmet if you can reach Agent Level 20.

More details, plus full update notes, at the link.

Rule Changes: 5 - 5/10/12 [SMNC Forums]

Product Update - Valve
Super Monday Night Combat Rule Changes: 4 (v35641)

Free Pro Rotation: Assassin, Cheston, Karl, Megabeth, Leo, Veteran.
It's the Rule Changes 4 mark and it's going to hit the fan!
We got a big one for you this week. We're introducing our Training Camp! That's right, a whole map dedicated to exploring all the different aspects of Super Monday Night Combat. This includes checking out any of the Pros, even ones you don't own and are not currently free. No queuing, no waiting, you just jump in and try stuff out!
As always, feel free to leave us feedback at! If you have issues please email
The current version is: 35641. If you don't have this version, please restart your game.
New Rules
• Added Training Camp mode. Training Camp is found through the "Play" menu. You will just be placed in a server where you can try out all the gameplay elements of Super Monday Night Combat.
• Added dialog in Custom Games to prevent players from breaking their lobbies after hitting Start Game.
• Pros you cannot use are now shown grayed out in the Character Picker.
• Increased mouse sensitivity slider range.
• GG Stack & Chip Valvano: Character Specific call outs added.
• GG Stack & Chip Valvano: Streak VO changes.
• GG Stack & Chip Valvano: More Commercial VO added.
• Added blue-yellow nameplate option for those who have troubles seeing red-green.
• Locker Room customize menu redesigned for clarity and grouping customize slots under their associated Pros.
• Improved wording on Play menu buttons.
• Updated MP landing menu: separated out Super Crossfire options from Training options.
• First Blood, Multikills, Kill Streaks, now send a message to everyone.
• Annihilator Ready message now sent to everyone.
• Respawn times now increase after the 30 minute mark.
• Increased Post-Game Prize drop rate of Uniform parts.
• Updated resolution options adding 1366x768 and 1360x768.
• Improved descriptions for Pros.
• Improved the camera while dead. Especially when the taunter dies while they are taunting you.
• Juice Boxes now give 1/5 of the juice back rather than 1/4.
Bug Fixes
• Fixed store taunts not updating correctly.
• Fixed uniforms in the "Featured Items" area not being displayed correctly when first selected.
• Fixed reselecting a Pro in the store not displaying the Pro's details in the bottom pane.
• Fixed accepting an invite not always cancelling previous Match Making attempts.
• Fixed light shaft on item pick ups sometimes lingering.
• Fixed Play button being on some screens where it wasn't needed.
• Fixed some older Uniforms not previewing properly in the inventory screen.
• Fixed Chickey's egg effect from not always playing.
• Fixed rare issue with both Moneyballs being destroyed at the exact same time.
• New Bundle: Triple Threat: Commando Style - On sale for the first week!
• New Bundle: Action Heroes
• All Magnet: Range 768 -> 640
• Massive Air: Minimum level 6 -> 1
• Massive Air: Air Control: 1 -> 0.8
Downtown Spunky Arena
• Continued art improvements.
• Moved Fuji and Scrambler bot spawn buttons location closer to the player spawner.
• Modified bot spawner collision to prevent Spark from getting stuck inside.
• Fixed some collision issues on the Icemen's side.
• Fuji Bots: Now, once again, drops 2 juice boxes instead of 1 juice and 1 churro.
• Fuji Bots: Now drop an additional armor pick up.
• Jackbot XL: Projectiles now do knockback and turn off Assault's Fly.
• Jackbot XL: Speed 350 -> 400
• Black Jacks: No longer appear as turrets in the overhead camera.
• Jackbots: Post - 25 minute mark: Only spawn once 60 seconds instead of once every 40 seconds.
• Jackbots: Post - 25 minute mark: Now swap lanes every 5 minutes.
• Jackbots: Post - 25 minute mark: Now additionally spawn on the opposite lane when the Moneyball is down.
• Fuji Bots: Post - 25 minute mark: Now spawn more Fujis in between Jackbot spawns.
• Smoke Bomb: Bot Stun Duration: 4 -> 3
• Leap: 75% of the effect of a slow debuff is now applied to jump velocity.
• Normalized headshot detection radius with all other Pros.
• Assault Bomb: Headcrab bonus 250 -> 50
Captain Spark
• New Uniform: Captain Buzz
• New Uniform: Captain Sparkle
• New Weapon: Sparkle Voltage Spike
• Arc Flash: 75% of the effect of a slow debuff is now applied to Arc Flash distance.
• Voltage Spike: Alt fire: Now only gains charges from Voltage Spike hits.
• Voltage Spike: Alt fire: Damage: 50 -> 45
• Voltage Spike: Fixed selecting a Pro other than Captain Spark, then switching to Captain Spark breaking his Voltage Spike alt-fire skill.
• Normalized headshot detection radius with all other Pros.
• Bananas Monihan: Fixed typo in the description.
• Taunts: You may now choose a taunt for Dual Miniguns separate from the Minigun.
• Deploy: Armor Pulse Time: 1 -> 0.75
• Mr. Destructoid: Fixed a typo in his description.
• Short Circuit: Projectile Speed: 1000/2000/2500/3072 -> 3072/3072/3072/3072
• New Taunt: I Invented That Kick
• Mona Laser: Range: Full Damage/Min Damage 1536/2560 -> 2560/3072
• Venice Defense: Recall button now becomes active only after Venice Defense is fully deployed and teleport button charges.
• Venice Defense: Recall can no longer be used after Venice Defense is destroyed.
• Shoot the Moon: Cooldown: 40/27/20/15 -> 20/14/10/7.5
• Shoot the Moon: No longer starts cooldown until skill finishes.
• Shoot the Moon: Jump Velocity: 1024 -> 1300
• Trap: Upgrade level 4 no longer locks out skills for its victims.
• Trap: Max: 1/1/2/2 -> 1/1/1/2
• Trap: Freeze & Slow Duration: 1.5/1.5/1.5/1.5 -> 1/1/1.5/1.5
• Trap: No longer able to be destroyed by friendly damage.
• Trap: Fixed sometimes being partially embedded in the ground.
• Normalized headshot detection radius with all other Pros.
• Healing: money 0.1 -> 0.05
• Air Strike: Now does bonus damage when attached to players (Ground Zero), even under cover: 50
• Alt Fire Slam: Slow Duration 3 -> 1.5
• Alt Fire Slam: Fixed slam not affecting Jackbots
• Ka-Klaw: Targets can now use air control when grabbed, allowing them to 'struggle' against it. Air control for the target is reduced as the Ka-Klaw is upgraded.
• Coin Launcher: Coins now damage himself.
• Coin Launcher: Coins are now team colored only for allied players.
• Normalized headshot detection radius with all other Pros.
• Shifty Shuffle: Now ends upon a successful counter-grapple.

Product Update - Valve
Rule Changes: 3 (v35305)

Free Pros: Assault, Combat Girl, Karl, Gunner, Tank, Wascot

This is the last week for PAX East 2012 uniforms and TF2 throwback gear!

It's the Rule Changes of Iroquoi county. Once you've seen one Rule Changes, you haven't seen them all.

This week we really focused on the player experience of getting into a game. We've made the process of getting into a game by yourself or with friends much more clear. We've fixed some issues that caused certain players to queue much longer than they should. This should improve everyone's speed and chance of getting into a good game!

As always, feel free to leave us feedback at! If you have issues please email
The current version is: 35305. If you don't have this version, please restart your game.
New Rules
• Featured items are now listed on the main menu.
• Reworked the Accept/Confirm game dialog to display over top of everything. Fixing the issues of not getting that dialog when a game is ready.
• Quickmatch has been split into Solo, and Build Team for easier usability.
• When a player taunts after killing someone, the dead player now sees the entirety of the taunt with a special taunt camera.
• Custom Game menu now includes team-icon check boxes.
• Custom Games can now be started with only 5 players.
• Opposing player name plate level number is now orange if they are 2 levels higher than you.
• Improved the look of the skill upgrade menu.
• Added option to disable the control hints above the skill icons and on Juice.
• GG Stack & Chip Valvano: Added Bot Streak call outs.
• GG Stack now calls out some special events.
• Invites now show the type of invite: "Game" or "Custom".
• Selected Region UI is now more obvious.
• Added new icons for all taunts.
• Chickey Cantor now takes full damage while being grappled.
Bug Fixes
• Fixed some instances of network interruptions causing players to get disconnected from the matchmaker but leave them looking like they are still in queue.
• Fixed UI sometimes not resetting properly when leaving a Training game.
• Fixed custom uniforms not working properly in Custom Class and Character Select screens when they have no torso as part of the uniform.
• Fixed character select weapons list showing old data when you switch characters.
• Fixed the rename/clear/save buttons not being enabled when you unlock a new product set.
• Fixed "add to cart" sometimes not turning off on the boost screen.
• Fixed the "Find Game" button cancelling with the enter key.
• Fixed some rare instances of the Post-Game Prize screen from sometimes showing the incorrect item.
• Fixed Post-Game Prize from not dropping everything it should.
• New Bundle: "Spunky 6 Pack" Pro Bundle of 6 non-MNC Pros. On sale for the first week!
• New Bundle: Zombie Bundle. Includes all Zombie uniforms.
• Can't Stun This: Recharge time 60 -> 90.
• Can't Slow This: Recharge time 60 -> 90.
• Health Inverter: Vamp amount 0.1 -> 0.13
• Health Inverter: Fixed description to reflect current numbers.
• All Magnet: Check time 0.25 -> 0.5
• All Magnet: Radius 512 -> 768
• Massive Air: Minimum level 1 -> 6
Downtown Spunky Arena
• Continued art improvements.
Bullet Gorge Arena
• Fixed not being able to stand on certain curbs.
• Fuji Bots: Now spawn in between Jackbots after 25 minutes.
• Fuji Bots: Now drop a churro and a juice box instead of two juice boxes.
• New explosion effect on Bot projectiles.
• Bot lasers are now team colored.
• Leap: Improved visual effect
• Shuriken Launcher: Explosive radius reduced.
• New Uniform: Bananas Monihan.
• Shoot the Moon: Increased vertical height for improved escape utility.

Product Release - Valve
Free to Play - Super Monday Night Combat is now available on Steam.

Super Monday Night Combat is a free to play, strategic, multiplayer shooter… and the most popular lethal sport of the future! It blends intense tactical combat, a deep metagame, an ever-expanding roster of Pros, and an ever-growing amount of customizations. Why fight in bombed out cities or desert wastelands when you can have every kill streak judged by hilarious sportscasters and cheering, or jeering, fans?


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