Product Update - Valve
Super MNC Rule Changes: 30

Your Super MNC version should be 33505. We are experiencing some issues with updating. If you do not have this version try verifying local content through Steam.
Yee hoo, I hope you got a hankerin' for a good ol' fashioned... oh just go to Rule Changes 30, I can't read this anymore.
Early update this week as we try to pace things out before our big PAX East showing. Thus the smaller update this week. Next update will be our normal, and maybe even greater, chock-full update with lots of new content.
Rule Change 31 won't happen until early April, just before PAX. If you make it to PAX feel free to come talk to us in booth 1062. (PAX East Expo Map) We'll have lots of computers to play Super MNC and will be running tournaments every day!
As always, feel free to leave us feedback at! If you have issues please email

New Rules
• Free Pro Rotation: Assassin, Assault, Cheston, Karl, Gunner, Support
• Teams will now match against other teams with a size of +/- 1.
• Selecting cosmetic items in your locker room inventory will now update the pro preview.
• Pros are now in the player's inventory screen.
• Metabolightning Vending Machines: Speed Duration 20 -> 15
• Metabolightning Vending Machines: Cost 150 -> 250
• Money for leveling up to level 15 now in line with previous levels: 9100 -> 9220
• Added in Skill Picking VO
Bug Fixes
• Fixed players getting comeback rewards after fewer than 3 straight deaths.
• Fixed header string for boost unlocking.
• Can't Slow This: Fixed description
• Can't Stun This: Fixed description
Bullet Gorge Arena
• Fixed an area that allowed players to get stuck in floor.
Downtown Spunky Arena
• Updated Bot spawner barriers.
• Optimization to Bot's visual effects
• Knee Cap: Range 2048/2048/2560/2560 -> 1792/2048/2304/2560
• Handler Alt Fire: Damage 150 -> 125
• Added new voice
• Fireball Uniform: Added new head.
• MNC Vet Uniform: Updated the face to match the Tank's default face.
• Outland Uniform: Updated lips.
• Added new voice
Product Update - Valve
Super MNC Rule Changes: 29

Rule Changes 29! You said it wouldn't hurt but it does...
You gave us feedback, we listened! You didn't like Uber Points, we removed them! All former Uber Point unlocks are shown via a dollar amount. Foreign currencies will be calculated when the purchase is made through Steam. Any Uber Points you have left over can be used as store credit. The conversion rate gives the best dollar value for players based on the old Uber Points scheme. What better way to check out the new, straightforward unlocking than with our new bundles?
Along with several balance changes and new weapons, another big change this week is "Classic" weapons. We are introducing rarity to our items by making some of the weapons that were purchasable last week "Classic" and removing them from the store. They are still currently available through the Prize system... for now.
As always, feel free to leave us feedback at! If you have issues please email
New Rules
• Free Pro Rotation: Assault, Captain Spark, Combat Girl, Megabeth, Tank, Veteran
• Removed Uber Points, all money unlocks are now unlocked with a dollar amount. Any owned Uber Points can now be used as store credit.
• Added bundle support.
• Added multi-region support to Matchmaking Test. Selecting multiple regions will result in a faster match.
• Flagged some weapons to be "Classic" versions that are no longer purchasable in the store.
• Starting to match in Quick Match or Matchmaking Test will now cancel you out of the other queue.
• Added new pre-game character selection screen.
• Matchmaking status message now flashes when the game is about to begin.
• Build Team matchmaking will now only match against teams of the same size.
• Added new sound when a match from "Matchmaking Test" is now ready for accepting or declining.
• Added game info panel to the landing page.
• Increased the amount of experience and combat credits you earn in a match based on your rank in the scoreboard.
• Metabolightning Vending Machines: Speed Duration: 10 -> 20
• Metabolightning Vending Machines: Cost: 250 -> 150
Bug Fixes
• Fixed some instances of players getting incorrect weapons on Pros.
• Fixed extra back buttons on several main menu screens.
• Fixed "Matchmaking Test" from not showing proper amounts of players in the queue.
• Fixed several navigation issues with the store.
• Fixed missing labels in the options menu.
• Fixed rare case where a player could issue multiple purchases of the same item.
• Fixed clicking on the matchmaking status while in a practice game not taking you to the practice game screen.
• Fixed a rare instance where you can become unable to unlock anything.
• Fixed header string for boost unlocking.
• Fixed not being able to rejoin practice games if your client crashed.
• New bundle: MNC Pros
• New bundle: Outland
• New bundle: The Founding Fraggers
• New bundle: Combat Girl Starter Pack
• New bundle: Cheston Starter Pack
• New bundle: Assault Starter Pack
• Can't Slow This: Cooldown: 30 -> 60
• Can't Stun This: Cooldown: 30 -> 60
• Can't Stun This: Fixed missing HUD icon
• All Magnet: Fixed missing HUD icon
• Bot Buster: Fixed missing HUD icon
• Massive Air: Fixed missing HUD icon
• Asbest-O's: Fixed missing HUD icon
• Skill Recovery: Max effect: 25% -> 15%, All skill recovery endorsements adjusted to reflect this change.
Bullet Gorge Arena
• Continued art performance improvements.
Downtown Spunky Arena
• Fixed certain Pros from being able to stand on Spunky signs.
Loco Moco Arena
• Fixed some areas that could cause Captain Spark to get stuck.
• Slashing Seraph: Fixed typo in description.
• Dagger/Sword: Front Grapple Damage: 200 -> 250
• New Weapon: Black & Tan Assault Rifle
• New Weapon: Dusk Till Dawn Rifle
• New Weapon: Fireball Rifle
• New Weapon: Home Team Rifle
• Classic Assault Rifle: Renamed to "Throwback Assault Rifle".
Captain Spark
• Voltage Spike: Alt Fire Damage: 65 -> 50
• New Weapon: Black & Tan Tommy Gun
• New Weapon: Dusk Till Dawn Tommy Gun
• New Weapon: Home Team Tommy Gun
• Teamspirit Steel Tommy Gun: Set to Classic
• Teamspirit Blush Tommy Gun: Set to Classic
• Merry Metal Tommy Gun: Set to Classic
• Rosebud Tommy Gun: Set to Classic
Combat Girl
• New Weapon: Black & Tan Combat Healer
• New Weapon: Dusk Till Dawn Combat Healer
• New Weapon: Home Team Combat Healer
• Teamspirit Steel Combat Healer: Set to Classic
• Teamspirit Blush Combat Healer: Set to Classic
• Green Sheen Combat Healer: Set to Classic
• Rose Pearl Combat Healer: Set to Classic
• Teamspirit Steel Nailgun: Set to Classic
• Teamspirit Blush Nailgun: Set to Classic
• Green Sheen Nailgun: Set to Classic
• Rose Pearl Nailgun: Set to Classic
• Fortify: Enemy Speed Multiplier: 0.7 -> 0.75
• Ground Slam: Enemy speed multiplier: 0.75 -> 0.5
• Ground Slam: Slow duration: 5 -> 3
• New Weapon: Sunburst Lucinda
• New Weapon: Twilight Lucinda
• New Weapon: Black & Tan Lucinda
• New Weapon: Dusk Till Dawn Lucinda
• New Weapon: Home Team Lucinda
• New Weapon: Sunburst Love Pistol
• New Weapon: Twilight Love Pistol
• New Classic Weapon: Rose Pearl Love Pistol
• Knee Cap: Enemy speed multiplier: 0.7/0.6/0.55/0.5 -> 0.7/0.5/0.5/0.5
• Handler: Alt Fire Damage: 105 -> 150
• Handler: Alt Fire Recovery: 1.5 -> 6
• Teamspirit Steel Rocket Ma'am: Set to Classic
• Teamspirit Blush Rocket Ma'am: Set to Classic
• Merry Metal Rocket Ma'am: Set to Classic
• Berry Blush Steel Rocket Ma'am: Set to Classic
• Teamspirit Steel Bearing Hates: Set to Classic
• Teamspirit Blush Bearing Hates: Set to Classic
• Merry Metal Bearing Hates: Set to Classic
• Berry Blush Bearing Hates: Set to Classic
• New Weapon: Black & Tan Healer
• New Weapon: Dusk Till Dawn Healer
• New Weapon: Home Team Healer
• Teamspirit Steel Shotgun: Set to Classic
• Teamspirit Blush Shotgun: Set to Classic
• Green Sheen Shotgun: Set to Classic
• Health: 900 -> 925
• Shotgun: Damage: 117 -> 120
• Shotgun: Damage Fall Off Range: 768 -> 1024
• Support Strike: Strike Fall Time: 2 -> 1.5
• Firebase: Fire Interval: 0.1/0.1/0.1/0.1 -> 0.2/0.1/0.1/0.1
• Firebase: Damage: 8/17/17/17 -> 17/17/21/21
• Firebase: Healing aura now stops burning.
• New Weapon: Lucky Charmer
• Teamspirit Steel Hot Seat: Set to Classic
• Teamspirit Blush Hot Seat: Set to Classic
• Merry Metal Hot Seat: Set to Classic
• Berry Blush Hot Seat: Set to Classic
• Abyss Taunt: Fixed typo in description
• Ka-Klaw: Fixed Ka-Klaw from going into the enemy player spawner.
• Flying Falcons: Alt Fire enemy speed multiplier: 0.75 -> 0.5
• Teamspirit Steel Heart Breaker: Set to Classic
• Teamspirit Blush Heart Breaker: Set to Classic
• Merry Metal Heart Breaker: Set to Classic
• Berry Blush Heart Breaker: Set to Classic
• Crook Hook: Fixed Crook Hook from going into the enemy player spawner
Product Update - Valve
Super MNC Rule Change 27

It's a monster, huge, amazing update this week. We have taken all the uniforms and split them up into head gear, torso gear and leg gear! You can now mix and match parts of uniforms to your liking. These gear parts are also added to the Prize tables so you might get a gear piece for a post game Prize! Check out the system with an awesome new Assassin uniform called "Stab Demon". This tech also allows us to finally grant the "Throwback MNC Veteran" uniforms to anyone who owned Steam MNC before Feb 29th, 2012. Don't worry, this isn't the final cut off, but this lets us flex the system before setting the final date.

We are also introducing a new test version of our matchmaking system! In the "Play" menu you can click on "Matchmaking Test". It does not currently support teams. You can opt-in to multiple regions. Matches might take a little longer to find due to the complex nature of trying to get you a well matched game. Feel free to give it a test run and leave us feedback!

Finally we fixed up large group of annoying bugs, improved performance in several areas and started using a new patching system that should reduce future update sizes.

As always, feel free to leave us feedback at! If you have issues please

New Rules
Free Pro Rotation: Assassin, Assault, Combat Girl, Sniper, Tank, Veteran
Added new Gear system. A big shift in how we do uniforms!
Added Gear to Prizes.
Added Matchmaking Test system.
Added new announcement VO for various game play related information. Includes 30 and 15 second Annihilator warnings.
Added new region: Australia
All players that own Steam MNC before Feb 29th will get the "Throwback MNC Veteran" uniform. This is not the final cutoff date.
Optimized some of the Pro models.
Improved main menu flow for store and locker room.
Leveled up the Pro level up visual effect.
Links in the main menu will now launch a browser when clicked.
Added page numbers and buttons to inventory screen.
Added new visual effects for bots that are stunned. It's a shocking new look.
Added idle detection system. If detected player will not recieve Combat Credits, XP or a Prize.
Reload button lunges: Recovery time: 1.5 -> 2

Bug Fixes
Fixed instances of demo replays not working properly.
Fixed several instances where damage numbers would not be shown when doing damage.
Fixed level up visual effects playing when you respawn.
Fixed players name plates being visible when the player is not in Team Vision
Fixed instances where a player should be visible in Team Vision but is not.
Fixed players being in Team Vision when they spawn.
Fixed clicking through certain main menu screens and getting to buttons underneath.

Can't Stun This: Fixed product from not rejecting all effects of stun.
Parting Gift: Parted this product from the Prize list since it's free and default anyway.
Asbest-O's: Fixed not putting out fires caused by Hot Hands. Hot!

New base Endorsements for all classes: Placeb-O's which is an endorsement that you think does something but actually does nothing.
Achille's Bacon: Tertiary effect changed to accuracy.
Dr. Trigger Bacon: Tertiary effect changed to max health.
Ammo Mule Bacon: Tertiary effect changed to health recovery.
Iturba Bacon: Tertiary effect changed to reload speed.

Downtown Spunky Arena
Continued Art Revisions
Fixed Jackbots unable to path through the blue building.
Fixed being able to stand on shrouded buildings.
Fixed Chickey from not walking around and doing his fowl things.

Loco Moco Arena
Improved jump pad behavior.

Bullet Gorge Arena
Optimized art to hopefully increase performance... making it faster than a speeding bullet but just as gorge-ous.

New Taunt: Tea Time
New Uniform: Stab Demon
Cloak: Fixed cloak not hiding her from Team Vision.
Dagger: Updated shader so that it looks sharper.
Sword: Updated shader so that it looks sharper.
Shuriken Launcher: Launched an updated shader for the model.

Assault Rifle: Updated shader on the model, adding team color
Assault Rifle: Fixed oldest bug in the game, tiny 2 pixel switch on the side of the weapon now has the proper shader.
Grenade Launcher: Fixed the visual hole in the weapon when reloading.

Captain Spark
New Taunt: Tea Time
Voltage Spike: Reworked the alt fire so that it's an alt fire skill that uses the crosshair recharge. Recovery happens every time you use a skill or do damage with the primary fire of the Voltage Spike. This fixes the alt fire from sometimes getting stuck and not working.
Arc Flash: Greatly improved the reliability of a successful teleport.
Arc Flash: No longer plays the screen warp effect on an unsuccessful telepot.
Arc Flash: Will now credit the skill back if the teleport is unsuccessful.

Combat Girl
Combat Healer: Fixed being able to hurt or heal through walls.

New Taunt: Tea Time

New Taunt: Tea Time
Handler: Alt Fire reworked to be an alt fire skill using a cooldown instead of ammo.
Prop Hop: Radius: 768/768/768/768 -> 512/512/512/512
Prop Hop: Force: 100000/120000/130000/150000 -> 130000/150000/150000/150000

Derby Disku: Now does knockback on enemies it hits.
Derby Disku: New visual effect.
Derby Disku: Updated description to be a little less ambiguous.
Whirling Derbish: Minor performance improvement to the visual effect.
Whirling Derbish: Damage and push pulse time: 0.35 -> 0.3
Whirling Derbish: Damage: 56/84/112/140 -> 48/72/96/120
Rocket Ma'am: Alt Fire Laser: Recovery Time: 12 -> 15
Rocket Ma'am: Alt Fire Laser: Now uses 1/4 of skill per rocket instead of 1/2

New Taunt: Tea Time

Shotgun: Full Damage Range: 384 -> 640
Shotgun: Damage Fall Off Range: 1024 -> 768

Product Grenade: Fixed incorrect information about the Ad Splash happening at upgrade level 3.

Ka-Klaw: Being Ka-Klawed now limits air control.
Ka-Klaw: When the pull would normaly fail, the skill now throws the player towards the Veteran using physics.
Ka-Klaw: Removed the 1/2 usage mechanic. Now works like a regular skill.

New Taunt: Tea Time
Product Update - Valve
Super MNC Rule Changes: 25

Lots of big changes this week! We have a revamped main menu. Greatly improving the ease of finding what you want.
Next, we'd like to introduce our new Post Game Prize system! At the end of every game you have an opportunity to win a random Prize. Prizes currently consist of endorsements, taunts, base products, and even some powerful new products!
In other big news, the Juice Bot makes his triumphant entrance into Super MNC!
As always, feel free to leave us feedback at!

New Rules
• Free Pro Rotation: Gunslinger, Captain Spark, Gunner, Cheston, Megabeth, Support
• Added new Post Game Prize system.
• Added new landing page.
• Split Locker Room into 'Store' and 'Locker Room'
• Add the ability to text chat during opening and closing cinematics.
• Added key binding for high resolution screen shot.
• Added idle player kicking.
• Improved the performance and look of all health bars.
• Added new pickup effect when players pickup items on the battlefield.
• Juice Reload Modifier: 0.5 -> 0.75
Bug Fixes
• Fixed Juice Bot from never spawning in game.
• Fixed crash caused by VO playing when the game ends.
• Fixed alternate fire refresh timers showing offset from the crosshair.
• Fixed enemies not showing up in 'team vision' in certain circumstances.
• Fixed getting melee damage if you grappled right after starting a melee weapon attack.
• Fixed slight leveling discrepancies between bot rating and turret rating.
• Added All Magnet: Gathers all nearby pickups. Smaller range then Money Magnet
• Added Bot Buster: Increases bot rating on every bot kill, resets when you die.
• Added Massive Air: Grants full air control whenever you are in the air.
• Added Can't Stun This: Rejects one stun every 30 seconds after level 5.
• Added Asbest-O's: Removes fire effects shortly after you catch fire.
• Hot Hands: Fixed more damage being done if you were the grappler and half when you were the grapple target.
• Money Magnet: Now pulls 1 coin at a time every 0.25 seconds.
Downtown Spunky Arena
• Continued Art Revisions
• Added description in Pro Chooser screen.
Bullet Gorge Arena
• New opening music
• Added description in Pro Chooser screen.
Loco Moco Arena
• New opening music
• Added description in Pro Chooser screen.
• Health: 755->750
• Turned on begin and end cloak sounds for the owning player.
• Health: 915 -> 900
• New Taunt: Tea Time
Captain Spark
• Health: 770 -> 750
• Health: 1110 -> 1200
• Tommy Gun: Spread Max: 0.175 -> 0.275
• Family Jewel: Damage: 76 -> 88
• New Taunt: Tea Time
• Bananas: Fixed sometimes showing up black.
• Exploding Barrel: New art and effects
Combat Girl
• Health: 915 -> 900
• New Taunt: Tea Time
• New Uniform: Hippy
• Health: 1305 -> 1300
• New Taunt: Tea Time
• Health: 705 -> 725
• Lucinda: Damage: 50 -> 54
• Lucinda: Headshot Multiplier: 4 -> 3
• New Uniform: Hippy
• Health: 915 -> 900
• Health: 915 -> 900
• Added new Jackbot grapple animation.
• Rocket Ma'am: Reload Time: 1.25 -> 1.35
• Rocket Ma'am: Removed enemy knock back
• Rocket Ma'am: Alt Fire Laser: Recovery Time: 6 -> 12
• Rocket Ma'am: Each rocket explosion now drains 1/2 skill rather than 1/4
• Shoot the Moon: Velocity: 2048 -> 1536
• Shoot the Moon: Removed knock back from initial damage
• Shoot the Moon: Damage no longer lights enemies on fire
• Health: 680 -> 700
• Sniper Rifle: Damage: 60 -> 67
• Sniper Rifle: Ammo: 6 -> 5
• Sniper Rifle: Headshot Multiplier: 4 -> 3
• Fixed juice and fire effects partially covering the screen while scoped.
• Health: 915 -> 900
• New Taunt: Tea Time
• Shotgun: Fixed enemies taking full damage when they aren't hit by the full area
• New Taunt: Tea Time
• Health: 1550 -> 1400
• Hot Seat: Damage: 76 -> 88
• New Taunt: Tea Time
• Freight Train: Recovery Time: 20/14/10/7.5 -> 15/10/7.5/6
• Freight Train: 50/150/200/250 -> 100/200/250/300
• Health: 755 -> 750
Product Update - Valve
Super MNC Rule Changes: 22

You are my rule changes... you are my rule cha-ha-ha-hangess. You are the one... in my life! (+2 points if you get the reference!)

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at Uber Entertainment! We have released an entire set of Valentine's Day uniforms and taunts. Awesome taunts that come complete with props and effects. Show off the love you have for your own skill level to the person you just fragged!

We have some amazing, new, large systems we're working on internally so the balance and feature changes are slightly lighter this week than most weeks. The Tank underwent some weapon rework, somewhat returning both weapons to previous functionality. ProTip: Get up close and personal with the Tank! We also did some adjustments to Assassin grappling, improved sharpshooter rifles and continued the range normalizations we've been doing for a few updates now.

As always, feel free to leave us feedback on!

New Rules
• Free Pro Rotation: Gunslinger, Assassin, Tank, Assault, Support
• Added "Faster Character Select" option to speed up class choosing performance by reducing how often animations are updated.
• Old chat room text is now cleared out when you return from a match.
• Boost time is now always shown as ::
• Team mates are now always shown through walls like "Team Vision" enemies are.
• Renamed "melee" in the key bindings screen to "High Five".
• Bullseye's colors updated to be more festive this time of year.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed product sets not editing properly if you have the maximum number.
• Fixed all melee weapon lunges from being shorter than intended.
• Fixed double clicking on regions in the play menu resulting in undesired behavior.
• Fixed the rejoin dialog from sometimes failing.
• Fixed the resulting behavior of a build team leader leaving the queue.
• Fixed suicide denying a kill from the other team.
• Fixed Practice Game UI from disapearing when flipping through other menu items.
• Added various new sounds to product activations.
• Hot Hands: Recharge Time: 1 -> 10

Bullet Gorge Arena
• Continued art revisions.
• Fixed Pros from standing on high areas on the Hotshots side.
• Added new death cams so you can get a better view of the evil person who scored a kill on you.

Downtown Spunky Arena
• Continued art revisions.
• Adjusted the center ring's Regenitol locations.
• Added in blocking glass to high walls overlooking bot spawners.
• Adjusted some interior space in some of the buildings.
• Fixed some spots where Pros could stand on areas where they shouldn't be able to stand.

• New Uniform: Heartbreaker
• New Taunt: Valentine
• Cloak: Each attack while cloaked will now drain a little bit of the skill.
• Dagger Grapple: Front: 300 -> 200
• Sword Grapple: Front: 300 -> 200
• Shuriken Grapple: Front/Back: 300/300 -> 250/250

• New Uniform: Heartbreaker
• New Taunt: Valentine

Captain Spark
• New Uniform: Heartbreaker
• New Taunt: Valentine
• New Uniform: Heartbreaker
• New Taunt: Valentine
• Base Health: 1305 -> 1110

Combat Girl
• New Uniform: Heartbreaker
• New Taunt: Valentine

• New Uniform: Heartbreaker
• New Taunt: Valentine
• Rocket: Lock On Range: 2560/2560/3072/3584 -> 3072/3072/3072/3072

• New Uniform: Heartbreaker
• New Taunt: Valentine
• Adjusted pain VO.
• Lucinda: Can now score a headshot when not zoomed in.

• New Uniform: Heartbreaker
• New Taunt: Valentine (Disabled due to issues we found with Bouncing Buddies)
• Junior: Fixed detecting enemies through walls.

• New Uniform: Heartbreaker
• New Taunt: Valentine
• Sniper Rifle: Can now score a headshot without being zoomed in.
• Flak: Fixed being able to fire your weapon while it's being thrown out.

• New Uniform: Heartbreaker
• New Taunt: Valentine
• Firebase: Can now be healed while deploying.
• Firebase: Now starts off at 5% health and regenerates while deploying.
• Firebase: Deploy Time: 3 -> 5

• New Uniform: Heartbreaker
• New Taunt: Valentine
• Base Health: 1550 -> 1500
• Jet Gun: Range: 704 -> 896
• Jet Gun: Full Damage Range: 704 -> 256 (Once again does more damage the closer to the muzzle)
• Rail Gun: Damage: 66 -> 75
• Product Grenade: Changed to a throw animation so that it's more consitent with other skills.
• Product Grenade: Now does stun and "ad splash" at every level.
• Product Grenade: Damage: 80/160/200/240 -> 75/150/225/225
• Tank Shield: Can now target base turrets, Firebases and Combat Kitties.
• Tank Shield: Activation Range: 2048/2048/2048/2048 -> 2560/2560/2560/2560
• Tank Shield: Health: 700/900/1200/2000 -> 750/900/1000/1200

• New Uniform: Heartbreaker.
• New Taunt: Valentine

• New Uniform: Heartbreaker
• New Taunt: Valentine
• Fixed talking like the Sniper when he destroyed a turret.
Product Update - Valve
SMNC Rule Changes: 20

Hiyoo! Rule Change 20 here. We're lookin' live at Downtown Spunky Arena!

New map week! Downtown Spunky Arena has been added to the map rotation. In keeping with history we're releasing this map in an unfinished art state. It will go through continued art revisions just as Bullet Gorge has. The Downtown Spunky layout was inspired by the layout of Monday Night Combat's Spunky Cola Arena and updated to fit Super MNC's game mechanics.

Products! The Product System is now unlocked. To set your products go to locker room, click on the "Products" tab and create a product set. After building a product set you can use that set in a custom class or during Pro choosing before a game. What Products are and how they work are described below.

As always, feel free to leave us feedback on

New Rules
• New Free Pro Rotation: Sniper, Captain Spark, Karl, Combat Girl, Cheston
• Greatly changed the calculation to determine if you earn a 'leave' in a game. Should happen less often.
• New message HUD UI. Now shows an icon along with descriptive text.
• Improved in-game VOIP chat.
• Added new audio to the end game scoreboard.
• New position icons for Strikers, Commandos, Enforcers, Sharpshooters, and Defenders

• Added full Products system
• Products add new game play, as opposed to Endorsments that just alter statistics.
• Products are used when an in-game event occurs. There are products that use when you juice, die, respawn, make a kill, and more.
• Products have an in-game Pro Level requirement. This means you have to get enough XP, in game, to attain the level that turns that product on. Once you reach that level it will start working. Products that don't list it's Pro Level requirement are unlocked all the time and will work immediately at the start of the game.
• Products can be unlocked for you, the Agent, via combat credits.

Bullet Gorge Arena
• Continued art revisions.

Downtown Spunky Arena
• Added new arena!

• Spawned Black Jacks and Bouncers no longer give money when they die and will no longer drop loot.
• Fixed neutral Black Jacks from never timing out and sometimes ending up with multiples hanging around.
• Jackbot: Slam now has an inner radius that can not be jumped over.
• Jackbot: Health: 27000 -> 30000
• Bouncer: Speed: 770 -> 670

• Fly: Skill Drain: -15/-9/-6.5/-5 -> -13.75/-8.25/-6/-4.5 (Compensates for use cost introduced last update)
• Hippy Uniform: Fixed Ice Men version showing up as Hot Shots
• Assault Bomb: Radius: 256/384/512/512 -> 512/512/512/512

Captain Spark
• New Taunt: Tap Dance

• New Taunt: Vision
• New Uniform: Beach Leech
• Rampage: Fixed rare case where client would get stuck running forward until he charged or rampaged again.
• Hippy Uniform: Fixed some texture alignment issues.
• Fixed some graphical issues with Cheston's models.
• Tommy Gun: Spread: 0.02 -> 0.025
• Tommy Gun: Spread Return Per Shot/Not shooting: 0.02/0.05 -> 0.023/0.04
• Exploding Barrel: Damage Radius: 512/512/512/512 -> 384/384/384/384
• Rampage: Damage: 80/120/160/200 -> 80/110/130/150
• Rampage: Damage Radius: 384/384/384/384 -> 320/320/320/320

Combat Girl
• Combat Laser: Radius: 32/64/96/112 -> 96/96/96/96

• Ground Slam: Now has an inner radius that players can not jump over.
• Ground Slam: Fixed Assault's Fly jets not turning off properly if he is slammed while flying.
• Rocket: Life Span: 30 -> 10
• Rocket: Damage: 100/200/250/300 -> 80/160/200/240
• Rocket: Turn Rate: 120/360/720/1080 -> 720/720/720/720
• Rocket: Tightened up the view angle to keep a target locked

• Junior: Fixed damaging allied Combat Kittens in certain situations.
• Junior: Damage Radius: 128/256/384/512 -> 384/384/384/384
• Handler: Alt Fire projectile life span: 2 -> 6
• Prop Hop: Radius: 256/512/768/1024 -> 768/768/768/768

• Updated his pose in the locker room.

• Heal/Hurt Gun: Heal: 18 -> 16
• Heal/Hurt Gun: Hurt Reload Time: 1 -> 1.2

• New Taunt: Hi Boys
• Hot Seat: Fixed lunge used in conjuntion with his jump jets to gain massive distance.

• Base Health: 770 -> 755
• Coin Launcher: Updated reload animation
• New jump animation
• Crook Hook: Will now play proper impact sound.
• Party Pooper: Will now play sounds on affected Pros.
• Shifty Shuffle: New shifty effect.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed Bullet Gorge replays showing up as untitled.
• Fixed end game scoreboard showing an XP discrepancy between what was actually earned and what is displayed.
• Fixed the client and server disagreeing on a Pro's speed when they are slowed via the Support's Heal/Hurt Gun.
• Fixed skill sounds being played twice on certain clients.
• Fixed head crabs and ground zeroes from playing the same sound twice.
• Fixed replays not showing money ball messages and friendly/hostile players based on the Pro you were following.
• Fixed mouse wheel not working properly in Pro selection.
• Fixed allied name plates drawing in the middle of the screen when they are actually behind you.
• Fixed a crash caused by rotating the main menu Pro when a game starts.
• Fixed and added feedback for empty friends lists.
• Fixed some instances of games starting without having a full ten players.
• Fixed log in UI's buttons being misaligned by 1.1 pixel.
• Fixed an instance of players not getting a Pro until they die and respawn caused by simultaneous lock of the same Pro.
• Fixed taunt drop down behavior from displaying incorrect information.
• Fixed dragging endorsements in the locker room from sometimes not showing the endorsement.
• Fixed getting the scoreboard on top of the Pro select screen.

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