RainDesktop - Rainysoft
Add Battery Measure
RainDesktop - Rainysoft
Add Multi-Monitor Layout Support: Clone Single Theme, Stretch Single Theme
Fixed small bugs
RainDesktop - Rainysoft
Fixed the right click menu postion when uses multi-monitor. Thanks for "Angelovery" feedback and help test.
RainDesktop - Rainysoft
Fixed the multi-monitor display issue, Thanks RedJoy and V.Anille's help
RainDesktop - Rainysoft
Add AnimateImage Meter,Support PNG Serial Animation and PNG files Animation, CPU usage about 0%
RainDesktop - Rainysoft
  • Add curve line style for audio visualizer
  • Fixed the Text Postion issue of live theme in some kind of computer.
RainDesktop - Rainysoft
  • Add Rotate Animation Support
  • Add Russian Lang by Ivan Bay, for RainDesktop and Designer
  • Rotate Angle Support Bind Measure Value ,Can be used to make analog clocks
    How to uses: Click the Measure button at Angle property to select Measure Value, e.g. select the time measure's SecondPercent will make this meter as a second handle

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