Hard Light Vector - Actually A Game Company

We have leaderboards now to compete against your friends and other players around the world. The game was designed to accommodate for sequence breaks and speed runs. Now you can track your speed run times and compete against others.

  • Added pylon indicator actor
  • Leaderboards added
  • Pylon highlight logic added
  • Updated collision on tower launcher
  • Weakpoint collision edits

  • Audio bug fixes
  • Boss fights properly restarts on death
  • Collision fixes
  • Fixed a collision bug in the climbing section in the onboarding
  • Fixed alignment bug in pylon indicator
  • Fixed cannon pylon compile bug
  • Fixed energy crystal SFX bug
  • Fixed gate playing sound after being closed
  • Fixed glitches allowing the player to get to the Riven before the fight
  • Fixed graves not displaying interaction text
  • Fixed Riven death SFX doubling bug
  • Fixed Riven health bar not hiding in end cimematic
  • Fixed Riven jump land event dispatch timing
  • Fixed thruster sound doubling over
  • Fixed voiceover lines being cut off after the first cinematic
  • Moved planetoid that was in the middle of a rail
  • Steam VR no longer loads on game start
  • Turned off collision for a piece of the launchpad so players stop getting stuck

  • Added a light to the starting tunnel to increase readability
  • Added a speedrunning easter egg
  • Added extra wall to protect player from first drone spawn
  • Adjusted drone spawners on floor 2 of the tower to decrease wait time
  • Arena: Cannons highlighted for player with new system
  • Energy pickups before dagger removed
  • Fences added to level
  • Graves moved
  • Improved readability on floor 2 of the tower
  • Pylon changes
  • Pylon critical path highlights added
  • Rails on floor 2 of the tower tweaked
  • Secret pylon changed for readability
  • Various other tweaks

  • Added visor static effect on Riven stomp
  • Dagger throw animation improved
  • Jump animation improved
  • Playing visor static effect on Riven's jump during fight

  • Added OnStompAttack event dispatcher for Riven
  • Dispatch on Riven stomp event through game instance interface
  • Riven pathing changes
  • Slight changes to AOE missile behavior
  • Wrecking ball animations updated and improved
  • Wrecking ball speed increased
  • Wrecking ball tweaks

  • Added several ambient sounds to environment objects
  • Added sound for being knocked off of moving objects
  • Ambiance music mixed with ambient SFX
  • Changes to the end cinematic
  • New voiceover lines added
  • Re-added voice line for after Riven intro cinematic

  • Added dark glass material under emissive area for columns
  • Crystal shader optimizations
  • Edited static effect curve for visor effect on Riven stomp
  • Enlarge Riven in death cinematic
  • Drone colors tweaked
  • Fence meshes, textures, and materials created
  • Halved resolution of diffuse and MREA textures for performance
  • Lighting tweaks
  • Modified wrecking ball beam particle effect
  • New drone material tweaks
  • New drone textures and materials added
  • New grave texture added
  • Optimized all the environment textures
  • Optimized basic material for better performance on broken pieces
  • Optimized crystal particle effects
  • Optimized energy pickup particle effects
  • Optimized shield material
  • Pylons now have god rays
  • Tower textures, materials, meshes updated
  • Updated launcher effect
  • Various shader optimizations to improve framerate

  • HUD timer uses GameTimer singleton. Changed format of HUD timer to 00:00:00.00
  • Leaderboards can now be accessed from the main menu
  • The top 3 times in the world and among your friends are given Gold, Silver, and Bronze ranks to show off a bit
  • You can view the ten times surrounding your best time in the world or among your Steam friends, as well as see the top ten times in the world or among your Steam friends
  • Your top 9 times will be displayed on the left side of the leaderboard screen, along with your most recent time
  • Your username is highlighted for visibility
Hard Light Vector - Actually A Game Company
  • Fixed tower launcher bug
  • Fixed tower level 2 Riven bug
Hard Light Vector - Actually A Game Company
  • Added achievement for starting the boss fight
  • Added cannon laser sight
  • Checkpoint priority tweaks
  • Created new BP to place energy pickups along a spline
  • Graves now display message when nearby instead of on spear
  • Grave spear icon removed
  • Increased energy pick up radius by 50%
  • Mouse sensitivity changes
  • Mouse sensitivity 0 is no longer actually 0
  • Rails adjusted to be more accessible
  • Added achievement for reaching the tower
  • Updated analytics
  • Updated tutorial stones

  • Field of view no longer affects LODs
  • Fixed AOE missiles destroying weakpoints when they weren’t thrown back
  • Fixed a game crashing bug in the behavior tree
  • Fixed bug that caused Riven to jump away when it shouldn’t
  • Fixed bug that displayed “Checkpoint Activated” before activating the checkpoint
  • Fixed bug that periodically caused the player to sink into the ground
  • Fixed cinematic bugs
  • Fixed collision issues causing boss attacks to go through walls
  • Fixed multiple bugs that would cause drone bullets to destroy in midair
  • Fixed Riven head look bug
  • Fixed Riven health bar bug
  • Intro voiceover now properly plays on game start
  • Turned off motion blur that was on the player’s camera by accident
  • Updated cannon beam effect to appear even when offscreen
  • Weakpoints and wrecking ball should disappear when the Riven dies

  • Arena: Added a drone path to boss platform 3
  • Arena: Added crystals to the boss platforms
  • Arena: Added more jump pads to the boss platforms
  • Arena: Added teleport points in the arena depending on boss health
  • Arena: Disable the launch gate until the first cannon is fired
  • Arena: Increased jump pad launch velocity
  • Increased breadcrumb visibility
  • Level updates
  • Made the tower more accessible
  • Modified checkpoint priority order
  • Reduced difficulty in the tower
  • Removed floating text
  • Secrets added
  • Updated level readability
  • Updated readability in the tower

  • Shortened respawn time
  • Updated spawn handler

  • Added bail-out timer to Riven for canceling attacks if stuck for too long
  • Added lifetime to AOE missiles
  • Added long range attack for Wrecking ball
  • Added Riven death cinematic
  • Added weakpoint explosion
  • Added 4-6 second delay for Riven reactivation on player death
  • Drone collision sphere made slightly bigger
  • Drone spawner now respawns drones on player death
  • Drone spawner max range increased
  • Made catching and throwing missiles easier
  • Made collision changes to weakpoints
  • Missiles no longer collide with drones
  • Now allow the player to stab through the Riven’s shield

  • Added crystal ambiance SFX
  • Added drone spawner ambiance SFX
  • Added SFX to the player being knocked off their grapple
  • Removed the sound for when the player lets go of a grapple without launching
  • Rough dialogue system created
  • Tweaked voiceover blueprints
  • Voiceover updates

  • Added new landing animation in cutscene
  • Cinematics tweaked
  • Crystal shader and material optimizations
  • Depth Fade added to particles
  • New textures and materials for the pickup pedestal
  • Reworked how field of view is calculated behind the scenes
  • Updated chest mesh UVs and materials
  • Updated pylon material
  • Updated tower assets, textures, materials, and LODs

  • Added background box around interaction text from graves
  • Added visor static effect on taking damage
  • Created data curves for visor static effect
  • Field of view slider added to general menu (70 by default)
  • Motion Blur option added to graphics menu (off by default)
  • Mouse sensitivity option now goes from 0 to 20 (default is 8)
  • New box for Interaction text
  • New health bar animation
  • New UI Arrow asset added
  • Respawn button added to pause menu
  • Setting visor static effect intensity as a multiple of a stored value
  • Shortened fading out death UI on respawn
  • Text color for interaction box changed
  • Updated UI for information popups
Hard Light Vector - projectjerichogame
Thank you everyone for downloading and supporting the game! We are going to keep updating the game and bug fixing it. This is the list of things we fixed and improved for our first patch.

  • Added Radial Edge Blur on riding Rails
  • Adding Particle LODs
  • Analytics added
  • Asset collisions tweaked
  • Asset tweaks
  • Collision updates
  • Disabled multiple animation ticks when out of player range
  • Disabled multiple object ticks
  • Editing LODs for assets
  • Material Optimizations
  • New assets added
  • Pillar Lights BP updated
  • Pylon animation and timeline optimizations
  • Pylons no longer animate when the player is out of range
  • Pylon optimizations
  • Rail BP updates
  • Removed unused blueprint code
  • Speed gates have new meshes and materials
  • Various other BP tweaks
  • Various other bug fixes


  • Added a stop velocity box above the arena in case the player is launched too far upward
  • Credits now displayed 10 seconds after the boss is defeated instead of 15
  • Fade distance on lights changed
  • Kill volumes moved and edited
  • Lights in level tweaked
  • Map updates
  • New debris blueprint created and added throughout level
  • Siloam tower center ring strut split into playable and deco collision versions

  • Added functionality to ignore look input when using anim camera
  • Added functionality to switch between Gameplay & Anim cameras
  • Adding invulnerability for a short period after respawn
  • Airtime variable added to grapple component
  • Animation improvements
  • Camera bugs fixed
  • CameraController tweaks
  • Character optimizations
  • Energy now given to player when attacking weakpoints with the dagger
  • Healing Energy bug fixed
  • Heal time tweaked
  • Inputs now disabled when respawning
  • New respawn animation added
  • Player can now properly stand on the Goliath
  • Pushback function added to grapple component

  • Added new material for Riven weakpoints
  • Changes to wrecking ball, different collider for movement, increased damage radius, randomize velocity on hit
  • Drone behavior tweaked
  • Drone optimizations
  • Editing collision so the player can’t get stuck under the Riven’s legs
  • Fixed animation bugs
  • Fixed bug that caused the Cannon pylon to not activate when the Goliath shield goes up
  • Fixed bug that caused the Riven to dance endlessly
  • Fixed bug that caused the Riven to not reset when the player dies
  • Fixed bug that caused the Riven to reset intermittently
  • Fix laser interrupt bug
  • Fixed Riven collision after shield break
  • Hit anim montages tweaked
  • Jericho meshes now randomized
  • Laser attack can now be interrupted
  • Laser behavior tweaked
  • Modified Riven respawn behavior when player dies
  • Other wrecking ball updates
  • Riven attack ranges tweaked
  • Riven behavior tweaked
  • Riven hit animations randomized
  • Weakpoint BP updates
  • Wrecking ball damage system tweaked

  • Added pylon activation sounds
  • Character damage sound effects changed
  • Fixed Thruster doubling SFX bug
  • Footsteps volume lowered
  • Healing sound effect added
  • New voiceovers added
  • New sounds attached to animations
  • Remixed coin pickups and footsteps to make it so they are quiet but not changed by dynamic mix
  • Riven footstep sounds tweaked
  • Sound prioritization changes
  • Various other sound mixing tweaks
  • Various other volume tweaks

  • Checkpoint activation text now displaying on HUD
  • HUD hidden when respawning
  • Menu tweaks
  • Riven health bar hidden when pausing game
  • Riven health replaced with new UI assets
  • Subtitle option disabled until subtitles work
  • UI optimization
  • Visor effects added

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