Winter Fury: The Longest Road - Sgabermonk

Winter Fury: The Longest Road is coming to PAX West. We are going to Seattle, Washington for PAX West on AUG 30 - SEP 2, 2019. At PAX, we are going to showcase upcoming features and the new game modes under development.

We have also started streaming development on twitch at Spidermonkgames. This week, during our live stream, we showcased some upcoming weapons and changes to the arcade mode. Including the powerful Webley revolver, the PPSH41 bullet hose, and the versatile StG44. Follow us on twitter or join our discord server to be the first to catch updates.
Winter Fury: The Longest Road - Sgabermonk

Thank you for the feedback everyone has given for the game's initial early access release. The next major milestone we are working on is a bundle of new weapons to use in the arcade mode of Winter Fury. This includes advanced german small arms and some classic allied firearms.

In addition to this, the AI of the game is being overhauled to allow for more complex and reactive behaviour. To keep track of updates join our discord where we will get into more detail about development and long term roadmaps. Thank you again for the great feedback. We look forward to sharing with you some of the more exciting elements of Winter Fury that we are working on.

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