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Letters – A Written Adventure is, say the developers, “a heart warming coming of age story about finding the right words.” It’s part puzzle game, part adventure game, part platformer, but all words. I got to play an early demo of it, and talk to the devs, and it made me think about the joy of writing a letter — of physically putting pen to paper, crafting a long message instead of texting a short snippet.


Letters - a written adventure - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Jay Castello)

Gosh, I love words. Put things down in the right order and you can communicate with people all over the globe. You can even make a career of it if you do it enough, or so I ve heard. In upcoming puzzle game Letters A Written Adventure, protagonist Sarah is just learning the power of words by communicating with her pen pal across Europe. Break the seal on the trailer posted this week below.



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