Community Announcements - ◉Narcot1c◉

There will very limited amount of these. So this is more for the Steam collectors!

The Items you can get are listed below:

---------------------- Get your very own Item! --------------------

I am going to be doing Custom Items for 5 People!

- The Item will be a picture of you! - yup thats right
- Do you want your own tradable item up on steam?
- Comment ''Yes!'' Below. and if you get an add from me that means you have been chosen!

it will look like this:

- But with you in the picture and your Gamer Tag!

Community Announcements - ◉Jay◉
Just a heads up! you may want to read the tutorial (go to play game and click on the question mark)

The way you kill enemies is a bit different to how you might think.

You will enjoy the game allot more when you know what to do.

Community Announcements - ◉WeedSavesL1ves◉
I am pleased to announce that the final game-play trailer is up and ready to view.

Some things are still going to change in the final product but the trailer will show you what you can expect and how the game will look, I hope you guys like what you see. Thanks!

View the trailer on Youtube aswell here:

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