Dement - ParacytikEntertainment
Very small update.

  • Fixes sewer areas causing rendering both eye images in each eye.
  • Minor sewer area performance increase.
  • Re-enabled the colliders in the Lily Walk to prevent you from walking off of the path.
  • Added glowing eyes to the rest of the enemies that have eyes.
Dement - ParacytikEntertainment
A fairly minor update but a smooth running Wolfvale makes it worth it.

  • Wolfvale no longer hitches when loading and unloading areas.
  • Items have been added to Wolfvale.
  • Prologue walk with Lily has had a visual overhaul and massive performance improvements.
  • Buffed female sunken monster - they now switch between direct and predictive aiming, and account for gravity in their aim. Indoor versions no longer stagger to gunfire. They were meant to be a sort of support role monster but they just ended up being too weak, so this buff was much needed.
  • Fixed some enemy footstep sounds not playing.
  • Fixed enemy AI getting stuck in their attack animations get interrupted a certain way.
  • Switched back to deferred rendering - further testing found it to perform better in most situations.
Dement - ParacytikEntertainment
Whoops! I had to revert to the old version for a few hours, but now we are back up again!

  • Optimized the heck out of Wolfvale - runs twice as fast now, from 16-18 ms frame times (even with the improvements!) to 6-8 ms.
  • Fixed a bug where getting pelted in the face by enemy projectiles could permanently blind you.
  • Fixed an objective from Ch.4 not clearing properly.
  • Fixed dead enemy blood pools from glowing insanely bright sometimes.

The original notes are below:

Performance is important for VR games, and while Dement was playable, it could have been better. This update took a while to come out because I've been working on not just the performance boosts, but polishing some side areas a bit, making new ones, working on long side quest chains, and some enemies. Thank you for the patience and I hope you enjoy the new performance boosts to Dement! New areas and quests are getting close, but they're not quite ready yet.

Due to the nature of this update, it is possible some visual issues may arise. Text not appearing on signs, things rendering on top of fog, a particular square of ground not having consistent lighting - these are all things encountered during the beta process. Some of them may persist yet - please report them! :D

  • Changed rendering from deferred multi pass to forward single pass
  • Added 2x MSAA
  • Upgraded post processing stack
  • New gamma correction effect - more robust, less intrusive. It is actually adjusting the gamma now, not messing with color spaces and post exposure values to try to cover up the gamma issue.
  • Dynamic Resolution option added and enabled by default. You can adjust the lower-limit value, or disable entirely if you wish.
  • Removed old quality options, they didn't do much but make the game look worse.
  • Heavily optimized forest walk scene, removed the ugly bush and put in some new pretty ones.
  • Fixed the puzzle in Ch.4 that involves the posing mannequins
  • Fixed the park gate key not unlocking the park gate
  • Other minor bug fixes

Now that we have the tl;dr list out of the way, I thought maybe some of you might enjoy a peak behind the curtain. ;)

Previously, Dement was using two cameras - one that rendered most of the game, and one that rendered the hands / weapons, UI, and applied the post processing effects. The game was set to deferred rendering for some of the effects, and multi pass was necessary for the post processing to not force each eye to render that double-circle-both-eyes image... you know the one I'm talking about. In other words, single pass would break everything.

So, in order to increase performance, I upgraded the post processing stack to allow single pass (this will usually half the CPU requirements for rendering) and since deferred wasn't necessary any more, switched to forward rendering as well (which in some instances decreased draw calls by over 60%).

At this point, Dement's image quality was very nice, very clear. Supersampling to 150% produced a very crisp image that was running much faster than the previous build at 100% supersampling. Switching to forward rendering unlocked the use of MSAA, and at the lowest setting removed jaggies without introducing any blur, and only increased performance cost by something like half of a millisecond.

So at this point we're at a pretty good place, yeah? Well, some scenes are heavier than others. The forest walk scene in the prologue should come to mind...

As an aside, I went back and switched out that stringy awful looking bush for some new ones. I think the old bush had some rendering issues that increased draw calls a lot as well. New bushes are more efficient and look much nicer. I switched the trees from the desktop versions to the mobile versions. Overall, they look a bit more straight but you don't really get close enough to them to notice any change in quality. I made the LOD scaling on pieces of the terrain much more aggressive, but it isn't terribly noticeable. I changed the shadows a bit and they seem to be better now.

Back to the original point - some scenes are heavier than others. With such a taxing scene so early in the game with these optimizations still not necessarily cutting it, the last obvious option is to force lower resolution. So, an option for dynamic resolution was added that takes the average framerate of the last tenth of a second, compares it to your headset's refresh rate, and if the framerate isn't high enough will decrease resolution by 1%. I used a technique that doesn't blur the image, just makes it more pixelly... pixlier... (red squiggly line says these aren't words). ANYWAY, when your framerate gets better, it will do the opposite - increase resolution by 1%. Note that these values stack with your SteamVR supersampling value so I actually recommend turning that up to at least 120%. However, setting a dynamic resolution lower-limit-value of 80% will result in your lowest target resolution to still be 96%, so play with those numbers until you're satisfied with perfomance to visual quality.

Back to the aside, I actually had GPU frame timings of 8-11 ms in the forest walking scene with dynamic resolution set to 80% lower limit with 100% SteamVR supersample setting. Pretty good!

However, things were not all sunshine and rainbows. The previous ambient occlusion method did not play well with the dynamic resolution, and it rendered on top of fog now. After tinkering with it, the distance fade property fixed the fog issue, and it eventually rendered close to where it was supposed to be. Key word being close... it was jumping around a lot. It was also producing very noticeable full screen artifacts and would look pretty bad at lower resolution scales. Sad day.

With the new post processing stack upgrade, I added a new ambient occlusion method that still looks pretty good. Maybe not as good as the previous one did in some instances, but better in others - especially with dynamic resolution in play. The old ambient occlusion method would cost about 2-2.5 ms to render, the new one costs 1-1.5. It isn't effected by the dynamic resolution either. The choice was clear.

Remember when I said Dement was using two cameras to render things? Now, there was no need. The old ambient occlusion technique looked awful on hands and weapons, which meant it needed the second camera to render them to avoid having the effect applied on them. No longer the case, so the cameras were consolidated into one. I don't have the specifics for the performance increase on this, but it was noticeable.

Finally, after some testing, I found that lowering the texture resolutions was not doing much to increase performance - just potatoed the game. I removed the option to change those in game and have reset everyone's default to max.

Another fun fact - some headsets have higher gamma values than others, so that pesky ol' gamma correction option exists. Previously, I didn't have any control over the gamma. The gamma correction profile was just a mix of effects that darkened the game enough to make it look less washed out. Well, the new post processing stack has an actual gamma adjuster. Previously, I thought Dement looked noticeably worse in the Oculus Rift CV1 compared to the Vive. With the new gamma correction option though... I would probably rather play Dement in a Rift over the Vive these days. It looks fantastic.

Anyhow, thanks for the read, and thanks for supporting Dement. I hope everyone had a good holiday and is looking forward to new upcoming content in Dement!
Dec 10, 2019
Dement - ParacytikEntertainment
  • Added new stat boosting items (temporary effects)
    1. Adrenaline - Increases stamina regeneration by 50% for 10 minutes
    2. Painkiller - Decreases damage received by 25% for 10 minutes
    3. Black Asphodel - Increases melee damage by 25% for 10 minutes
  • Changed antidote's color to blue
  • Added gauges to the UI to show the remaining time of these new effects
  • Added all lockboxes that contain permanent stat boosting items into the game (at least the ones in areas currently available)
  • Added more enemies to Quiet Mountain
  • Increased the resolution of some textures using THE POWER OF AI TECHNOLOGY! ENHANCE!
  • Added inspections for suppressors to give more information about their durability
  • Added information to the tutorial regarding exhaustion - to be clear to everyone, DO NOT ATTACK WITH MELEE WHEN YOUR STAMINA BAR IS FLASHING RED. YOUR DAMAGE IS QUARTERED. ;)
  • Changed the scale of the bath tubs in the Twin Elms apartments, truly game changing!
  • Added "safety nets" to the Chapter 3 area to prevent players from getting stuck, or pushing themselves out of the map
  • Removed the "whoosh" sounds from fists since fists don't really do that IRL, and they would whoosh when climbing and stuff - just not worth the hassle.
  • Changed the "seen" and "heard" instincts to be 3D, so you can get an idea of which direction you're being detected in.
  • Various bug fixes - Chapter 4 area critical notes not spawning, Lily's old house not spawning being the big ones

The demo has also been updated to reflect the current game, including better non-vive controls, better gamma correction option, sneaking while standing, 3D stealth senses, and some other bug fixes. Sound effects have been added to the weapon pickups to make them a bit more obvious that they've appeared.

If you have previously played the demo and want to give it another shot with the new updates, the demo will now check for a previous version's save and will allow you to reset the timer once. This will also reset progress.

If you're having a good time in Dement, please recommend the demo to friends or strangers, and consider leaving a review on the store page <3

We're switching gears now from QOL to substantial content updates. New side quest chains and stories with new areas incoming!
Nov 30, 2019
Dement - ParacytikEntertainment
Greetings, honored guests. The menu for today's update:

  • Stealth updated - Sneaking is now possible while standing. To achieve this, you must walk slowly allowing at least one second to pass between footsteps. This information is also reflected in the tutorial now. Rejoice, for the achy breaky knees shall no longer taunt you.
  • Gamma Correction profile updated - Playing on an Oculus headset and suffering from wicked color banding? Enabling this option will make Dement appear closer to how it should within the headset. It will make streams unwatchably dark, however.
  • If you have never interacted with the gamma correction option, you will be prompted in the calibration phase to choose whether to enable it or not. I wholeheartedly do not recommend using it on headsets that do not require gamma correction.
  • Inspecting items in the inventory will now vibrate the main hand controller to let you know you're holding the object.
  • A grab inspect trigger has been added to the gun in 309 in addition to the traditional inspection trigger. It is broken. You cannot make it go.
  • Added barriers to the roads leading out of Wolfvale, excluding the one leading to Quiet Mountain.
  • The boss fight in the apartment will now have proper combat-movement stamina costs.
  • Various small bug fixes.

Happy holidays and please report any bugs or strange things you find in the official bug report thread on the Steam discussion forums.
Dement - ParacytikEntertainment
Hello everyone! Due to popular demand, an alternate control scheme for snap turning has been introduced. The old version is kept around for those of you who might not like snap turning, and would prefer to keep your controls centralized. Additionally, thumbstick interaction with the UI has been refined to not be so twitchy, and Index controllers can navigate the UI using either thumbstick or touchpad and get the expected results.

  • The option to move snap turning to the thumbstick has been added.
  • Reading notes and moving the map has been refined - slowed down, and will take the length of the document into consideration when determining scrolling speed.
  • Index controllers can now use either thumbstick or touchpad to navigate the UI comfortably, including scrolling maps and notes.* (Note 1)
  • Fixed a bug where going backwards in the very sunken upstairs of the police station would cause the building to seemingly unsink.* (Note 2)
  • Added save rooms to the Wolfvale gas station bathroom and grocery store backrooms.* (Note 3)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in Wolfvale involving Praesidium squads.
  • Changed it so if you attack a Praesidium member in a squad, it will cause the whole squad to become hostile.
  • Other various smaller bug fixes and environment revisions.

Note 1 - Do know, however, Dement doesn't know the difference between your thumbstick or your touchpad. It guesses based on initial touch position - if it is inhumanly centered, it assumes the joystick is in use. If you encounter any odd behavior once or twice while using the touchpad for example, just know that you are skilled in getting the middle of the touchpad touched first. Most people won't notice this problem, but I thought I'd get that out there.

Note 2 - If you encountered this issue and saved, know that you can fix it by entering and exiting the police station armory. Additionally, you can go out the front door to Wolfvale and back in, but that unlocks the front door. Know that you'll still need to escape the station in the expected way, even if you can go out the front. Sorry for the immersion breaking glitch.

Note 3 - Though save rooms were added to two new areas, these are still technically "preview" areas that don't have anything in them currently. Soon enough they will be populated with enemies, items, and quests. The save rooms were added just to decrease the distance between the currently available ones.

As usual, if anything seems bugged or wrong, please report it in the official bug reporting thread on the discussion forums here on Steam. DO NOT BE SHY. ;)
Dement - ParacytikEntertainment
A new shop has been added to the police station armory! Here you can buy more ammo if you're low, but the supply isn't infinite. Return later when you're low on ammo, I'm sure the police station will have resupplied by then. ;)

Items for sale are mostly ammo, but there is a new gun you can purchase - the High Capacity 9mm Handgun! It has stats similar to the normal handgun, but has a capacity of 15+1 instead of 8+1. However, this gun is not threaded for a suppressor like the normal handgun. Trade-offs!

Soon, you will be able to purchase frag and flash grenades from the store as well!

This update also brings a number of bug fixes. Highlights include UI input for rift, and a game breaking bug if you started the game without both controllers being on.

Please (PLEASE) report any bugs you find in the official bug report thread, and feel free to voice any suggestions, concerns, or ideas to improve the game in the discussion forums!
Nov 8, 2019
Dement - ParacytikEntertainment
  • Fixed those cosmetic issues in the Wolfvale parking structure mentioned in the part 1 notes.
  • Re-named the Graphics quality buttons to better represent what they're actually doing in regards to texture resolution. Ultra is now "Full," High is now "Halved," Medium is now "Quartered," and "Plzno" is now "Eighthed" which isn't a word but it really should be.
  • Player damage calculations are fixed. No more super easy mode for you easy mode players.
  • Made ambient occlusion on by default.
  • Added some feedback to all of the cupboards and drawers in the prologue, to make it clear that they are not meant to open.
  • Fixed some issues in Wolfvale that might've caused some unwanted physics shenanigans.
  • Index controller bindings should default to allow snap turning now.
Nov 7, 2019
Dement - ParacytikEntertainment
  • Fixes the issue where your foot starts spamming footstep sounds in the Twin Elms courtyard.
  • Fixed the stairs in the Wolfvale parking structure, which previously didn't allow you to walk back up them.
  • Fixed several broken doors in the Wolfvale parking structure.

Known issues: Parking structure has a couple of cosmetic issues that still need fixing.

Please report any bugs in the pinned bug report thread in the steam discussion forums. I wish to fix them as soon as possible.
Dement - ParacytikEntertainment
A fairly nice quality of life improvement, I'd say.

  • Slowed Lily down in the walk through the forest. She should match your walk speed now.
  • Made Lily's leash ignore the Y axis, so its should feel much more consistent and definitely longer now.
  • Increased the thiccness of the collider at the top of the climbing tutorial. There were reports of people falling through there, so hopefully this will prevent that in the future.
  • Gave the player body collider a max height so if Shaq ever plays this game, hopefully he won't be sticking through ceilings causing all sort of unhappy physics havoc.
  • Changed the "Floor fix" button in options to a more precise method, so no more jumping with it. To be clear, the floor fix button is for if you've somehow magically got your body through the floor and you're just a head on the ground, clicking this will prop you back up. Hasn't happened on our end in a long time, but... you know. If it's a possibility it would suck to have to quit to fix it.
  • Added an information panel at the beginning of the game regarding snap turning issues people might be having if you choose a relevant controller type. If SteamVR is telling Dement "I've pushed the grip button!" when pressing the A button... snap turning won't work. There are instructions on how to check your bindings listed.
  • Updated the positioning for the trigger collider when your hand is in the pinch pose to make it easier to pick up the coins and interact with other such items. A poster has been added next to the phone box puzzle to clarify where this trigger is as well.
  • Speaking of the phone box puzzle, a notification should now appear when all coins have been "used" and are present for the puzzle.
  • Praesidium members are no longer referred to as 'creatures' and 'it' when looting their corpses.
  • Can no longer commit suicide by shooting yourself in the body. Head is still fair game though.
  • Knuckledragger enemies (the ones who used to stagger every time you shot them) no longer stagger. They needed this buff.
  • Adjusted combat stance with guns to make it a little easier to enter, and harder to exit. The gun will no longer click incessantly when on that threshold of aiming down sights. Makes the dodge move while using a gun more reasonable to perform.
  • Fixed audio volumes not initializing properly at the beginning of the game.
  • Updated the hacking instructions in the first subway beacon room to include a little more useful information.
  • Updated the subway hacking puzzles to play a correct or incorrect chime based on input.
  • Fixed the labels for the return to title and exit game buttons in the options menu disappearing.
  • And here's the big one: Disconnected the inventory UI from the face. It now has a little bit of a buffer zone to move on.

It isn't out of the realm of possibility that changing the Inventory UI's hierarchy may have introduced some bugs. If you encounter anything odd, post it in the bug report thread in the discussion forums.

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