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While the link is not displayed on Steam, here is a direct link to the archive:
Open Wheel Manager - PaprikashWorks

Editor is avalible now! You can download it here: Steam Library / Tools (view screenshot)
Using the editor you can create your own mods for OWM: add / edit teams, drivers, staff, etc.

If you find some bugs there, please, report us in discussions or in our Discord-channel!
Open Wheel Manager - PaprikashWorks

  • Added new system of negotiations with drivers, engine suppliers and key staff. Negotiations have progress-bar now and their speed depends on negotiating staff (from commercial facility) and interest marker.

Up to the end of June there will be added negotiations with sponsors on negotiations section (v.0.9.0)
Besides, on this week editor will be released , where you can create your own mod by editing teams, drivers, engines and staff.

On this moment Patch 0.8.9 is the most global change in the game since release in early access. But the final July update dedicated to the race screen will be even more significant.

The demo-version update to v.0.8.9 will be later.
Open Wheel Manager - PaprikashWorks

We activated steam auto-cloud for the game. Your saves will be automatically synchronized with the cloud while entering and quitting the game. Thus all your saves will be available for your steam account regardless of computer you playing on.
Open Wheel Manager - PaprikashWorks

We plan to release 2 big updates before the game will be v.1.0
1 - New contract system. The update will be on June 7.
Negotiations of any contracts will be in separate section where you will be able to distribute commerce staff (similarly with designers and engineers). The current team results will also affect the negotiation progress.
For sponsor negotiations new page will appear.
2 - The race screen update. The date will be later.
The weather change will be released and wet and intermediate tires will appear.
Update of race screen UI.
Random events will appear in race (crashes, driver's mistakes)

Except big updates there smaller updates are planning. Music, new features for team finances control (staff and drivers dismissing and etc.), test session screen update.
Game editor will be released before June 6.
We plan to release v.1.0 in the end of July and get started to develop OWM 2020 at once which have quite a few ideas for already.
Open Wheel Manager - PaprikashWorks

  • Hotkeys added.
    In "office": Space is Continue button;
    In race-screen: Space is Pause, 1,2,3 buttons - race speed switching

  • Key staff can finish the career now
  • 3 new young drivers are generated in every off- season.
  • The new key staff will generated only if current one is not enough for all teams.
  • Pay drivers added now. The chance to be a "pay driver" for new young drivers is 30%, for current drivers is 10% on start of new game (only for non-top drivers).
  • A new hidden parameter for drivers is talent. The talent is influence on skill improvement speed. If there no talent parameter in the game database in the drivers table, it will generated automatically

Welcome feedback!
Open Wheel Manager - PaprikashWorks

We've updated Demo to the current version of OWM (, because it was outdated in content.
And we want to pay your attention, that Demo is cutted down to 27 weeks now.
Open Wheel Manager - PaprikashWorks

  • Fixed bug in AI-teams race strategy (they made one more pit-stop than needed)
  • The navigation over interface using left and right arrows on keyboard is added
  • The gap from the leader is displayed in qualification results now
  • FPS of race screen is enhanced
  • The automatic pitstop because of high tire wear turned off. When tires have less then 10% the car can lose in speed up to 2 seconds.
  • The tires wear influence on lap time is increased

The roadmap of key updates will be soon!

Welcome feedback!
Open Wheel Manager - PaprikashWorks

  • tooltips for UI elements are added
  • fixed the size of background image on the wide screens (more than 2k)
  • small fix on the mod selection screen
  • fixed bug in race results news, when the 2nd and the 3d drivers were placed into a wrong team
  • bug in signing contracts with drivers when one driver take two slots for next season have already fixed.
    In old saves with this bug the contract duplicates will be deleted and you will be able to continue playing
  • the second race speed is faster a bit now
  • the fuel is measured in liters now (not in laps)
  • there added new buttons in race screen : Save fuel and Engine power increase.
  • the concentration parameter have a bit more influence in qualification now
  • AI teams sign contracts a little bit longer now

Welcome feedback!
Open Wheel Manager - design
The memorable date is today! 9 months of the game development are in the past and now the early access on Steam is open!

In Monday we've understood, that our chek-list for the early access became so tiny, so there no sens to pull with release up to the May17th.

So, we've come to the exciting next stage of the game balancing (based on your feedbacks),of adding new features and creating the finished product till the August 2019 (hope we'll manage to add all the faetures we planed in time, because their number is growing up)

Welcome feedback!

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