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Dear Players,

As you might have noticed we haven`t updated Kingdom Wars in a while. And while we still update KW2B regularly, the team is working on our next big title, a grand strategy game Medieval Kingdom Wars.

I`m afraid I can`t give you any good news with regards to Kingdom Wars... as you might have read before - we hit a roadblock with all the updates to the engine that we had since we started working on Kingdom Wars several years ago, that made us unable to retain player progress if we were to continue updating the game.

We are not sure about future plans for Kingdom Wars - perhaps one day we`ll re-release it as a new F2P experience using the updated engine, who knows, but one thing for sure - we`ll keep on running the original KW game servers indefinitely while there`s still any interest in the game.

With several free expansions, and nearly a hundred updates we had a lot of great times working and updating Kingdom Wars. And at this point we look to the future, and hope to see some of you try our upcoming Medieval Kingdom Wars title.

MKW Pre-Alpha Testing Invites
As we`ve mentioned - the new title we are working on is singleplayer Grand Campaign, with competitive multiplayer component - Medieval Kingdom Wars. We can`t reveal any details just yet, but we are looking forward to giving free access to this title to our top KW and KW2B players.

Later this April, the 14th, we`ll send out first round of email invites.

We have selected quite a few players who we`ll be emailing the invite, and we expect to have additional rounds that will cover majority of our top player population from Kingdom Wars 1 and Kingdom Wars 2: Battles.

Few things to mention - the requirements for the first invite are really high up, we are only inviting our top players. We looked at players with close to 100 hours of gameplay time, and lots of progress.

In addition please keep in mind that we can only send invites via the email that you entered when running KW2B or KW1 for the first time.

If you didn`t make it in this time - don`t worry, chances are if you are one of our veterans you`ll get invited in one of the following rounds.

We also have to mention that installation will come with an NDA agreement, as we have to keep the game a secret for now from the larger community and want to try and avoid leaking screenshot and video of the game this early in production.

And finally - this might be a deal breaker for some of you... But, for the first couple of rounds the pre-alpha build will require a pretty good video card. We are in progress of adding additional LODs to make it playable on all systems, but we are still couple of months away from that. I think from round 3 we`ll finally have game accessible for all ranges of hardware, so requirements will become same as KW2B.
Community Announcements - OddConfection
Dear Players,

It saddens me to say so, but looks like once again we have to let our Kingdom Wars community down. After spending countless hours on trying to port the KW2B engine update into KW1, we have to admit that we have failed, and there`s no good way to go on. We tried... and tried and tried, several time we patched the new updates in, just to revert it hours later.

Due to lowering player population, and not being able to release the big updates we always planned - there`s only this much we can do for Kingdom Wars moving forward.

We do hope to release couple of smaller updates, but to be honest - they will not be adding any major content and will be mainly cosmetic.

Meanwhile - we will continue running the game servers for KW1, and our moderators will continue working with the game. Hopefully down the road - we might come up with some solution, for example - as been proposed by our players, porting the game to a new engine, updating the content and graphics, and re-releasing it down the road...

We do have some very good news for our Kingdom Wars 1 fans - to be announced in January 2017... With that announcement we will make it up to all of our veteran players.
Community Announcements - Dev Konstantin

Dear Players,

As we continue to attract new players to the game to allow our team to spend more time working on Kingdom Wars updates and expansions we have released the second planed DLC.

Please rest assured that we are not making our veteran KW players pay for any new content - these DLCs are meant mostly for new players or for these who want to support our small indie company.

Also we took precautions not to turn KW into a pay-to-win game, these DLCs were designed not to cause any balance issues, and are limited in their benefits.

And so introducing the second DLC - the "Starter" pack.

Enter the world of Kingdom Wars with an amazing starter pack including everything you need to bypass the grind of the early game and start building an empire with an army of Dwarven Mercenaries and a powerful Dragon under your command.

Start Pack DLC includes:

-Two extra city slots
-20,000 resources
-Ice Dragon
-20 Dwarven Units
-24 Hour Attack Protection
Community Announcements - Dev Konstantin

Dear Players,

Many of you have experienced issues logging into the game world this past weekend. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, and greatly regret that we weren`t able to address this problem on Friday.

I`m happy to say that this morning we have performed a server upgrade, and after a quick downtime the game servers are back online - and login problem will not happen again.

Thanks for your understanding, and once again - I hope you can forgive us for the delay, this bug came out of nowhere when relative specialists already left office for the weekend, and we couldn`t figure out what was going on. First thing on Monday we addressed the problem and performed needed server upgrades.
Community Announcements - Dev Konstantin

Dear Players,

In order to attract new players to the game and allow our team to spend more time working on Kingdom Wars updates and expansions we`ve decided to release a couple of DLCs.

Please rest assured that we are not making our veteran KW players pay for any new content - these DLCs are meant mostly for new players or for these who want to support our small indie company.

Also we took precautions not to turn KW into a pay-to-win game, these DLCs were designed not to cause any balance issues, and are limited in their benefits.

And so introducing our first DLC - the "All Access" pack.

Enter the world of Kingdom Wars as a veteran VIP. All Access Key comes with 90% of what the game store has to offer, including the highly priced singleplayer campaign, 24 city slots and over 50$ in other features and benefits.

Enter the world of Kingdom Wars with an amazing starter pack including:

-Twenty Four city slots
-30 Days Premium
-40,000 resources
-Two Ice Dragon
-Gunpowder Army of Rifleman and Cannons - 24 battalions
-48 Hour Attack Protection
-Singleplayer Campaign
-Lay Siege Singleplayer Skirmish
-Castle Defense Singleplayer Skirmish
-Player Hero Customization Pack
-Hometown Flag Customization Pack
-Hometown Architecture Pack
-Wall Banners, Building Flags and City Colors Pack
Community Announcements - Dev Konstantin

Dear Players,

We are happy to say that we are back to Kingdom Wars 1, with what we hope will be small but regular updates for months to come.

As we continue work on the main game engine update, that we hope to figure out by mid September, we have plans for the next three smaller updates that will introduce a lot of art updates, gameplay balancing, fixing exploits, and introducing minor new features.

In addition we`ll be running few promotions during the next 30 days aiming to increase the player population. We`ll also be releasing couple of DLCs - Starter Pack and All Access DLC, that will help us bring more players, as well as allow us to dedicate more resources to KW1.

And so introducing update 1.3. This is the update that you`ll "see" right away as you load your homeland. Here`s detailed list of features:

-Greatly increased visual quality of terrain textures
-If player on purpose disconnects during the battle it`ll count as a loss
-Reworked all summer and winter terrain textures
-New look for in-game trees with higher quality textures
-New art for grass, cliffs and other vegetation
-Updated main menu to show News, Invite, KW2B promo
-Added swear words filter, swear words replaced with funny words
-Expanded Moderator Tools to manage Chat Bans and Player Bans
-Worker units are up to 40% better at fighting and surviving attacks

Moving forward we`ll be creating couple of new posts to get more feedback from you regarding what you think we should concentrate on for the upcoming updates...
Aug 8, 2016
Community Announcements - Dev Konstantin

Dear Players,

After continuous delays we have finally made some progress and getting ready to release update 1.3 next week.

Update will come in two parts, one updating the game content with balancing changes, fixing exploits - like disconnecting to avoid losses, and improving game visuals by including some new textures - specifically the game terrain. We expect update 1.3 A to be live by Tuesday the 16th.

On Wednesday the 17th we plan to release networking update for the engine (same update that caused some problems in the past). This update will come with a 24 hour testing period on live, during which we might be rolling back progress, if we encounter any issues with the update. If successful update 1.3 B will greatly improve multiplayer performance and overall stability of the game.

We`ll keep you update with more details as we conclude work on this update.
Community Announcements - Dev Konstantin

Hey Guys and Girls,

It`s such an amazing feeling to continue work on Kingdom Wars 1. The team and I are looking forward to fulfilling all the promises we made with regards to Kingdom Wars future, and albeit delayed by a few months, we hope that today`s update will be a great first step in that direction.

Today we take another swing at releasing update 1.2. Following the problems with the original patch we broke it down into two parts, and done a lot of of additional debugging and polishing.
We have taken all the precautions to make sure nothing gets broken, and if it does, nobody will loose any progress (at most 60 minutes of progress will be lost if worst comes to worst)

This Part 1 will include 90% of changes from our original update 1.2, however we will not be forcing players to update (can keep on playing on older patch), and it will now include few core fixes, like: better performance, no multiplayer lag, steam overlay and store working for everyone, stability and crash fixes.

Updated on the new update 1.3 could be found here:

After we have finally updated to 1.3 we`ll easily be able to patch the game in the future, and our priorities will continue to be getting Kingdom Wars stable but free by early-mid summer, followed by release the Lords and Vassals expansion. From that point on we`ll be working on copying various cool features to KW1 - from pathfinding and turn times to Russian localization, and smooth & stable multiplayer games.

And so presenting 1.2 "First Step"

-Fixed crash in the Orc regions view
-The Bank is now global shared between player towns
-Fixed but with Bank losing player units on game reload
-Fixed vast majority of out of sync bugs
-Fixed World Map bug with armies stuck in the mountains
-Fixed several visual glitches on the world map
-List of player online updates much better now
-New items in the Store: Small Treasure, and Epic Treasure
-Fixed various bug with workers not dropping off resources
-Player referral window is back
-Quest, Siege, and PvP rewards reduced by 30%
-Crown exchange price changed to 2500
-All the crown costs of buildings, either eliminated, or made much lower.
-Updated social options in the main menu
-Limit of 32 horse carts per army
-Fixed workers that wouldn't gather or quit gathering.
-Fixed sale pricing resulting in very low or negative prices

And here`s a small preview of what will be included in Part 2, in May.

-Eliminated almost all multiplayer lag
-Fixed Steam Overlay not working on Windows 10 and 8.1
-Fixed launch crash for some players after Windows 10 upgrade
-Fixed Market transactions not working for some players
-Fixed majority of bugs with losing units or armies due to connection issues
-New way to treat players losing connecting to server
Community Announcements - Dev Konstantin

Dear Players,

After vacation week for our core team, we are back to work on Update 1.2, and after resolving a few issues - we are now working on good way to release 1.2 next week. You know... without any of these tiny... town erasing bugs.

The plan right now is to update in several patches. We`ll release a small start-up patch 1.2A on Tuesday, and then follow up by releasing several mini updates B, and C later in the week.

The big part of the update 1.2 C will come on Thursday/Friday as a Beta update, that players will be able to opt-in to try over the weekend. If everything goes well there we`ll complete the patching progress by the following Monday.

Once we finally complete upgrading the game to 1.2 things will go much better down the road, as updating Kingdom Wars will be a breeze compared to hell we are going through with 1.2

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the patch. I do have to mention that this time around e`ll be taking all the precautions, to make sure nobody will loose any progress due to patching.
Community Announcements - Dev Konstantin

Ladies and Gentleman,

We regret to inform you that today we had to make a decision to remove patch 1.2. We are sincerely sorry about all the grief we brought you in the past few days. As we remove this cursed update 1.2, we also have to roll back the servers to last Friday's saved games. This is all due to the patch 1.2 breaking a few players cities.

This is the last time that we plan to do a roll-back, or that something will break due to the patch 1.2

What does this roll back mean?

*If you have played since last Friday, all your progress will be erased back to that day.
*If you crashed or could not access a city since last Friday, you will now be able to.

If you have lost progress because of this rollback, please contact us either in the game by whispering a Moderator or email us at, you could also make a post in the new Rollback compensation forum -

Thank you for being such a great community, and we will continue to work harder to better serve you.

Moving forward, our plan is to take our time with Update 1.2, expand it by adding more cool features from KW2B, but mainly - to go through entire game engine - line by line, testing everything, and making sure it`s 100% safe. At that point we`ll offer a live opt-in trial for the update. This process will take us at least two weeks, but from now on we`ll take the long road, as we can`t repeat this disaster.

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