Product Update - Valve
12 jul, 2012
- Added bot support for all classes and game modes.
- Added a new “Create a Game” page on the menu to easily create your own offline game or LAN server.
- Overhauled the Dedicated Server browser.
- Overhauled the Allied spawn area on dm_gela_trex (the T-Rex map). Allied spawn area is now significantly bigger with better cover at the exits. MG42s also added to this map to discourage spawn camping the Allies.
- Made changes to Hilltop to strengthen the Allied spawn and add some additional exits. In Deathmatch mode there are now two alternate spawns (one for each team) at the top of the hill. This changes the configuration dramatically and should discourage people from spawn camping at the top of the hill.
- Made a few minor adjustments to Canyon. Added an extra route past the train near the tunnel into the mountain.
- Added an extra route out of Axis spawn on Depot which gives them covered access to the tunnel beneath the map. Took away access to the windows through which snipers could camp from spawn.
- All 4 of these maps (Gela, Hilltop, Canyon, Depot) had a pass for player clips and other problem spots where you could get hung up on a wall or doorway.
- Added 9 new achievements most of which were suggested on the forums. See if yours made the list!
- Fixed a crash related to jack rabbits when a round changes.
- Fixed an MG42 camera bug.
- Fixed a bug where players could be knocked down by T-Rex roar while manning an MG42.
- Fixed a bug where players could be knocked down while already pounced by a raptor.
- Added stomp damage for the T-Rex to prevent people from blocking his path. You can now be crushed underfoot of the T-Rex!
- Added death icons for stomp damage and MG42 deaths.
- Fixed a bug where some classes had difficulty being healed by the medic’s area heal effect.

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