Product Update - Valve
27. Apr. 2012
Pole Position 2012 Patch 4.2

- Overtaking chance increased
- When a car is taking a Pit Stop, there shouldn't be a traffic jam anymore
- Player cars should not encounter random car failures anymore
- Fixed a bug that allowed too many fan merchandise to be sold
- When a save file is overwritten, the previous save name will be updated
- When you save a game, the time of the save is now included
- The weather doesn't change quite so often anymore
- Requirements of junior pilot is not 0 anymore
- Fixed a bug that allowed time to pass too quickly during Training and Qualifications
- Race speed can now be set twice higher
- You may now deactivate the Tutorial messages in the Options Menu
- You may now order up to 3000 fan merchandise
- Fixed a bug that could crash the game when you would delete emails from the trash basket
- Some issues in the Race monitor display were fixed
- A button was added in the Vehicle Setup menu to dismount all equipped components
- A button was added in the Vehicle Setup menu to dismount and recycle all equipped components
- Hockenheim now has a Full throttle ratio of 64%
- Chances to see new available employees in the Job Market are now 33% higher
- Fixed a bug that would not use the correct Engine settings & Maximum revolutions settings during the race
- Lap times increased
- Fixed a bug that would allow access to Vehicle Setup on a Race day
- On Training day, you may use as many tire setups as you want, to try and find the best Setup for the track
- Widgets are now sorted by active & "game loaded"
- Improved AI behavior in Training & Qualifications
- During a race, you may now see the tires used by the AI in the Pit Stop
- A warning will start blinking right over the Driver info when there are less than 20 liters left in the gas tank
- During the race, "Dropped out" will also indicate the reason of the drop out
- A warning will start blinking right over the Driver info when the tires condition is less than 20%
- You may now access High Scores in the Main Menu
- Performances improved during Training, Qualifications & during races
- Fixed a bug that would incorrectly take cars into account during a race, if the race would start too quickly
- Added fuel GFX to „Pit Stop“ menu
- Players can now see the currently equipped items in the production, autosetup and supplier menus
- Lighting in races is now adjusted to the weather
- Players can now set an order quantity in the supplier menu
- Fixed a critical bug
- Players can now set a production quantity in the production menu
- Fixed minor localization bugs in all languages
- Added window mode (accessible via the options menu)
- Various minor improvements

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