Product Update - Valve
17 FEB 2012
-Fixed an exploit that could allow you to drop items from illusions and sell them
-Fixed Illusions not giving proper kill credit
-Fixed ingame match ready sound not working
-Fixed each Astral Imprisonment instance refreshing the duration instead of stacking independently
-Fixed subsequent Astral Imprisonment casts on the same target not increasing your mana pool (as a result of bonus int, only your damage was increasing)
-Fixed Astral Imprisonment bonus intelligence disappearing once the target dies
-Fixed Speed Burst canceling Transfer Items
-Fixed Picking and Randoming not having different gold penalties when using Repick
-Fixed Astral Imprisonment counter from being dispelled/forgotten
-Fixed Voodoo Restoration toggle proccing Essense Aura (could exploit to go to full mana)
-Fixed Fatal Bonds hitting invis or fogged units
-Fixed Mekansm not healing you if it activated right after you come out of Astral Imprisonment
-Fixed issue where playing an AP game after a SD game could not refresh the hero picker and would cause only 3 heroes to look available.
-Fixed some spectator bugs
-Fixed join chat channel UI being unclickable
-Fixed lobby server region settings getting cut off and not showing all the available locations
-Fixed Sanity's eclipse not hitting a unit that is affected by Astral Imprisonment
-Fixed alt- not unbinding correctly and causing problems
-Fixed dragging an item from the courier to a hero's inventory not combining an item properly

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