Product Update - Valve
14. dec 2011
Trine 2
v1.08 - December 14, 2011


- added framerate cap (Visual Settings -> FPS cap)
- fixed several crashes
- fixed Bonecrusher AI which couldn't hit the player in certain situations
- fixed swimming problems
- fixed Visual Settings menu reset to reset all options properly
- fixed some stuttering issues (e.g. on ATI CrossFire)
- fixed getting damage incorrectly when blocking falling rocks with the shield


- added full games to server list
- fixed chat messages disappearing when upgrade menu was opened
- fixed chat to support Russian (and other Unicode) characters properly
- fixed character change issues in online multiplayer when using keyboard + mouse
- fixed server list profile button problems (changes join logic to be mouse double click instead of single click)
- fixed framerate issue with the scrollbar (server list)
- fixed removing first player in the host game / game settings menu (not allowed anymore)


- added support to override binds
- added support to turn off USB HID and XInput device detection (options.txt)
- fixed Thief's jump/climb up on rope issues
- fixed user binds deletion (now only deletes actual user binds, not everything in UserBinds directory)
- fixed swimming up on gamepads (pressing jump to swim up now works)
- fixed mouse cursor not being in the right place after input reset (Controller Config menu issue mostly)


- added user interface hide toggle to F11
- hides the GUI (incl. menu & subtitles) for a few seconds for e.g.
screenshot purposes
- added a menu option to disable tooltips
- added a menu option to configure GUI size
- added a menu option to reduce the input lag (as opposed to options.txt)
- added Enter as menu navigation selection binding
- added user option HideAimIndicators which hides the players' aim indicators
- added a menu option to reset Control Settings menu

3D (NVIDIA 3D Vision):

- increased Stereo 3D Separation range in Visual Settings menu
- fixed player depth UI in Stereo 3D mode


- added resolution detection to Mac launcher (2560x1440 should work)
- added support for vibration/rumble on gamepads and Xbox 360 Controller (with Colin Munro's drivers)
- fixed (possibly) some lighting issues on some Macs

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