Product Update - Valve
18 nov 2011

Critical fixes:
- fix crash when current formation is removed.
- Fixed a crash when you killed the system killer.
- Fixed random, occasional crash in the encyclopedia code.
- Removed nonsensical option to roll stations, which caused a crash.
- Fixed a crash with proteans.
- Fixed a potential crash issue in the battle manager.
- Added text box filtering for ", ', and ; to prevent known crash issues (e.g. when giving ships a name).
- Fixed circumstances under which canceling a mission might crash game.
- Fixed bug where fleets were getting forced to center of the sun.
- Fixed bug where fleets could be placed inside planets.
- Post combat dialog now shows information on destroyed ships and other useful things.
- Blastmissile technology now researchable.
- Fixed the issue where armor damage patterns were being swapped to different ship sections between combat rounds.

- Fixed drones firing while docked on carrier parent.
- Fixed spacing issue when adding a drone carrier to fleet.
- Adjusted base volley and weapon range deviation (note: shotgun deviation may be a little high).
- Fixed drones attachment points on some carrier sections.
- Fixed so non-tracking torpedos no longer able to damage own ship.
- Combat data will now be sent after determining victory status.
- Added power bonus to modules.
- Added default weapons to module banks.
- Fixed an issue with some music not looping.
- Updated the strat modifier cost when you acquire rapid prototyping.
- Fixed an issue that allowed humans to see and use zuul node lines.
- Fixed an issue that allowed players to do missions outside their sensor range.
- Changed the stations to use 'under construction' assets when being built.
- Made the first arrival of colonization missions apply the support factors from its fleet.
- Added fix to ensure that randoms and grand menaces don't spawn if all of them were disabled.
- Fixed missing suulka cannon beams.
- Fixed auto-picked targets by ship/fleet stance (function did not always pick a valid target to pursue, stand off, or retreat from).
- Ships without crew are now removed after Combat, counted as destroyed.
- Fixed inaccurate locations for applied damage patterns.
- Fixed a localized text thing in the empire management screen to accurately represent trade income.
- Added a fix to stop the Von Neumanns from continuously building stuff.
- Fixed beamers not doing damage.
- Added fading to various interface elements.
- Fixed bug where battleriders would show up in battle manager.
- Fixed bug where stations could be built around enemy colonies.
- Fleets without admirals no longer display "Defacto" as their admiral.
- Combat events now show names properly.

Other changes:
- Post-combat popup has been added.
- Added trade view slider display.
- Added in-game game and audio options.
- Added categories for the option screen for all effects.

Key known issues:
- The design screen must be re-entered before new Drone designs can be applied to ships.
- Biomissiles and boarding pods may not appear with ship designs.
- The post-combat dialog does not completely fit information for combats involving more than two players.
- Certain Battle Cruisers and Destroyers can carry riders, but these are not showing up in combat.

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