Product Update - Valve
1 nov 2011
Trine 2 Beta update 1 November 2011:

General improvements:

- online text chat now accepts longer sentences, displays client numbers properly, and works better in general
- game now uses/saves the settings from the Launcher during first startup (this was due to missing AppData/.../Trine2 folder)
- 4:3 displays now uses slightly different FOV that should make sure no unintended graphics are shown (outside of the the actual art)

Technical fixes:

- added Steam minidump information (map + position) for easier debugging
- fixed "invisible players" issue/crash
- fixed a crash related to firewall blocking
- fixed a user interface potential crash ("ButtonCatcher")
- fixed a crash related to Hail of Arrows Achievement
- fixed a myriad of potential crashes
- fixed multiple minor under-the-hood issues
- fixed Profile button in the menus
- fixed "Recently played with" list entries
- fixed Delete profile button
- fixed missing skull texture in Forlorn Wilderness
- fixed Hail of Arrows Achievement unlocking
- fixed multiplayer lobby list a bit
- fixed/added Wizard's introduction scene effects
- fixed a few grappling hook "helpers"
- fixed the snake's targeting a bit
- fixed "Report this to the programmers" error(s)

Usability fixes:

- added ping to lobby list
- added note about data corruption if detected
- added Esc to close the Upgrade Menu
- fixed tooltip for using the Inventory (default: I)
- fixed "Ready!" and "Press Start" buttons in local multiplayer menu (now they can't be clicked)
- fixed Windowed mode issues (icon, ignore Alt/F10 special key stuff)
- fixed videos/logo images on non-wide resolutions to be letter-boxed instead of stretched
- changed "Push to Talk" voice chat button to R (used to be Q)

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