Product Update - Valve
11 okt, 2011
CHANGELOG for 1.0.6:
FIXED: Map zoom is now saved between gameplay sessions
FIXED: a broken room defintion that would always lead to a gargoyle trap spawning behind a food dispenser.
FIXED: Items held in the player’s hand are no longer lost on save/load.
FIXED: Rod charging no longer prevents priming items after use.
FIXED: The game now realizes that you are in a shop after you load the game… and are in a shop.
FIXED: Food vending machines now have correct tooltips.
FIXED: Items from the ground can no longer be used as active skills.
FIXED: Overridden equipment during the start of the character creation process will give you permanent Mystery Bonuses.
FIXED: Monsters will now check to make sure the player isn’t standing on a corpse before they bring it back to life.
FIXED: After you steal things from Brax, you can now use them as items.
FIXED: The DIGEST button will now halt if you see an enemy or get attacked by one.
FIXED: Uberchest lock state no longer resets after save and load.
FIXED: Blink Batties now Blink. (So does Lord D.)
FIXED: Various broken Steam achievements (Monsters with Omelettes, The Critic, anything else with a counter)
FIXED: digging ray crash.
FIXED: misaligned close button in Quest window.
FIXED: Unarmed damage bonuses are no longer applied to range attacks, or thrown attacks.
FIXED: Unskilled weapon wielding penalties no longer affect thrown, or crossbow, attacks.
FIXED: Unarmed bonuses now apply even if you wield a crossbow.
FIXED: Vandalized Dredmor Statues now save their obstruction state correctly.
FIXED: WASD now breaks statues, lets you run into some other things and use them
GAMEPLAY: The resistance statistic now gives you a roll to block corruption attacks.
GAMEPLAY: Mace and Axe skill trees have been revamped and enhanced.
GAMEPLAY: Lord Dredmor can no longer be stunned or charmed.
GAMEPLAY: Reworked Necronomiconomics.
GAMEPLAY: Smithing is now a Warrior archetype.
GAMEPLAY: Sneakiness has a -20 modifier.
GAMEPLAY: Elemental Weapons now have some Elemental Resistances. Or something.
GAMEPLAY: Added a bunch more items, including a keytar.
GAMEPLAY: Some crafts are now unhidden by default.
GAMEPLAY: Added the Mosolov Cocktail! Don’t drink it all at once.
GAMEPLAY: The 2X bottom bar is now implemented. We’ll do the rest next patch.
COSMETIC: Monster spellcasting now shows up on the text ticker.
COSMETIC: More minimap icons!
INTERNAL: Hidden Fun Stuff to make it so we can turn on the mod support without breaking everybody’s save games. (That said, we have to put it in the patch before the mod support so that… well, so that it doesn’t break everybody’s save games.)
INTERNAL: Hidden Fun Stuff, related to the Other Hidden Fun Stuff.

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