Product Update - Valve
17 maja 2011
Updates to APOX have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

New Features:
- Campaign, Skirmish and Tutorial games are now offline.
- Map Editor. You can now make your own maps. New map once selected by host is auto downloaded for the rest of the players.
- 2 Campaign Missions (from APOX: Legend DLC).
- 15 new Achievements.
- Campaign games can be saved and reloaded.

Details as follows:
- You can now assign and select control group units from the HUD.
- You can now select and view health of Super weapons in the HUD.
- Improved Help dialogue in missions. Objectives are better displayed for that mission.

Fixes and Improvements:
- Sound and Music polish.
- Improved shadow.
- Number of fixes with localization issues.
- Better cover system in campaign.
- Salvage, Ammo, Gas and Metallium drops now have a glow around it to make it easy to identify them on the map.
- Improved glow around weapon drops. Green glow for excellent condition, orange for good condition and red for bad condition.
- Improved camera movement over mountains.
- Fixed couple of out of sync errors.
- Fixed crash when remote viewing with multiple prisoners.
- Fixed a bug where sometimes unit has twice the resources after death.
- Fixed slope bug for certain maps.

- Improved general combat for foot units.
- Fixed a combat bug for Super Tank.
- Improved patrolling of units.
- Fixed a bug where sometimes HMGs and Snipers are forced prone and then don't use their weapons.

Known Issues:
- Replays from older versions will not function in this version.

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