Product Update - Valve
Version 1.12

  • A brand new Cooperative game mode:
    • Allies can donate sectors to the team partner.
    • Allies can send resources and goods to the team partner.
    • Allies share technologies with the team partner.
    • Allies share tradeposts with the team partner.
    • Allies share victory points and all calculations, that count towards gaining victory points.
  • Allies can mark locations on the map by holding CTRL while pressing the left mouse button. Marking a neutral or hostile sector this way will increase the likeliness that an allied AI will attack that sector. This effect can be increased by setting more markers.
  • New AI Player: Fieldmarshal Ludowig (Military/Church/Trade).
  • Slight performance improvements for multi-player matches.
  • More reliable ranking in empire mode.
  • Sound notification before an empire game starts.
  • Recently started multi-player games are now displayed in the multi-player game list for a while.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an UI bug were 2 Generals blocked each other.
  • Fixed a bug on Eternal city where the player is captured in the middle sector if he chooses to play after victory.
  • Fixed a bug where the maps for two and three players were incorrectly displayed as unlocked if the players filter is changed.
  • Fixed a bug with the camera barrier at the map border on the skirmish map Monhaim Valley.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the teammates didn't see the "Free Pass" sign.

New Content
  • Enjoy the tenth and twelfth campaign map, optimized for skirmish and multiplayer
    • On the icy coast of Seenbach, three rulers fight for domination. It may be beneficial to choose your strategy wisely depending on your starting position. Ports and a marketplace offer rich trades to complement your economy. Utilize the Cannon Foundries to supply your armies. The ruler who conquers the central town sector will be awarded with a victory point. Visit the White Castle on the coastal cliffs or the Laboratory inside the meteorite crater to gain an advantage over your competitors.
    • Four Kings fight for domination. Once upon a time Drakenau was a fertile and friendly realm. But now it is a devastated land, dominated by numerous volcanoes surrounding the barren plains and hills. There are no fish and only limited fertile soil. Adapt your strategy. To overcome your opponents it may be helpful to visit the gigantic Volcano, the Field of Mandrakes, the Ancient Library, the Dark Fortress or the Enchanted Tower. There are two large towns which offer a victory point each when conquered. Expand to the Cannon Foundry to support your army. Several marketplaces can be found, which may help to complement your economy with trading.

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