Product Update - Valve
Updates to Making History II have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Making History II 1.21 Release Notes

New Features
  • Change MPU growth system to take more factors into account
    • Now looks at Region Stability, Transportation Infrastructure, and Colony/Occupied Status in addition to population
  • Added mipmap support for textures and improved quality
  • Improved support for player mods
    • Created a folder for them to live in
    • Game updates will no longer delete mods
    • Launcher will look for mods in the mods folder and load them
Bug Fixes
  • Exclude occupied regions from national stability calculation
  • Remove restriction that transports need to be in port to load/unload air units
  • Fix bug that allowed air units to rebase from a carrier to a region without an airbase
  • MPUs are now returned to a nations stockpiles when units are disbanded
  • Fixed a number of UI errors with National Programs
  • Fixed bug where moving units would sometimes face the wrong direction
  • Fix bug that allowed units to upgrade when out of supply (such as ships at sea)
  • Fix sorting by turns remaining in research project list (was sorting by % complete)
  • Fixed bug that prevented units from repairing/resupplying/upgrading when they were on a carrier or transport
  • Fix bug that allowed region stability to go over 100
  • Fixed bug that prevented naval units from retreating
  • Fixed game stalling bug that occurred when a revolting region tried to join a human controlled nation
  • Fix bug that sometimes caused surface ship vs. submarine battles to end prematurely
  • Destroy air units at airbases that get dismantled
  • Change so that troops recruited in occupied territory retain their native nationality
  • Fix rare crash related to Interdiction
  • Fixed bug in reloading decision points from saved games
  • Allow nations to be liberated even if there is no city
  • Fix population calculation for nationalities
  • Fixed bug where units in regions when war is declared sometimes didn't capture the region
  • Fixed bug that allowed carrier air units to continue their missions even if the carrier moved out of range
  • Fixed bug that prevented stolen research points from being applied
  • Fixed bug that allowed one per region projects to be queued more than once
  • Filter out build options for region projects that are lower level than what already exists in the region
  • Fixed game stall when AI was using units in allied territory
  • Fixed bug that allowed invading units to fully resupply when in multi-turn combat
  • Fix bug that sometimes caused newly created nations to have white borders
  • Remove decision points when nation is destroyed (fixes save fail bug)
  • Fix bug that prevented historic capital data being used for newly created nations
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes cause nations to be at war with each other multiple times after alliance merges
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes cause AI units to get stuck in puppets
  • Fixed bug that prevented other planes from escorting Air Transports on paratrooper drops
  • Revised tooltips on group unit icons on tab
  • Revised some icons & buttons
  • Some initial modifications to the Treaty Panels
  • Fixed icons for Government programs
  • Fix display of combat powers in city unit panel
  • Improved notifications for National Programs to improve feedback
  • Cleaned up National Programs panel
  • Add missing Missile icon
  • Format Employed MPUs number on Gov panel tooltip
  • Swap the Up and Down sorting textures in list panels
  • Round turns remaining for research projects up rather than truncating
  • Added Region Stability to Region panel
  • Update Military Status panel to work with new flag icons
  • Fix display of Labor Efficiency in city panel
  • Added tool tips to Region Food Demand
  • Added National food demand to the food infobar icon
  • Changed Region Food Demand number to include Factory & Research MPUs
  • Showing Food Production Surplus on RegionTabInfo Panel
  • Added tool tips to Region Revolt risk on RegionTabData
  • "Fund Political Opposition" no longer lets you choose the ruling ideology
  • Added Ideology Balance numbers to Liberation & Fund Opposition
  • Fix label on Region Stability in Region panel
  • Treaty panel cleanup
  • Updated sea region panel
  • Small clean-up to Territory transfer panel
  • Clean-up on Production Queue bubbles, added time remaining to active projects and % complete to paused projects
  • Corrected problem preventing tool tips on Group bubbles during Merge order
  • Updated Region Project Queue bubbles to be consistent with style & operation of the city version
  • Added National Population number to Diplomatic Panel
  • Fixed issue where text in some popups didn't fit
  • Add name of Air group to Patrol RC menu option
  • Increase the width of the map RC menu items
  • Cleaned up orders UI on unit selection panel
  • Added tooltips to orders on unit selection panel
  • Fix arrow not updating when a unit has a "Load" order and the fleet is repositioned
  • Added list of nations embargoing selected nation to nation UI panel
  • Change to display the modified output of resource producers
  • Fixed sorting for nationality icons on Region & city list panels
  • Fixed clipping of 4 digit defense tool tip

  • Improve naval threat detection
  • Fixed bug in AI detecting where units were destroyed
  • Improved AI for trade interdiction
  • Improved AI for submarine detection
  • Improved invasion targeting
  • Improved sea unit refueling
  • Improved handling of enemy air unit situations
  • Improved Shore Bombardment behavior
  • Improved use of air units for defense
  • Improved build choices, especially arms and units
  • Fixed bug in computing market price of resources
  • Improved choice of aggression target nations
  • Improved alliance behavior
  • Added "The Brewing Storm" scenario
    • Played on a map of Europe and the Mediterranean
    • Starts 9/1/39
  • Added missing region claims for Ovamboland which prevented it's establishment
  • Remove the ability for BiPlane Fighters to upgrade to non-carrier fighters
  • Increase the arms and oil carrying capacity of units
  • Fix combat properties for BattleCruisers and Heavy Cruisers
  • Fix spelling of Main Battle Tank
  • Gave Japan the ability to make Early Tanks and Submarines in TGQ
  • When creating a new nation use the base nation display name if it is not in use
  • Fixed Pre-req error for National Laboratories
  • Added missing region claim for Azwadi Nationality
  • Tuned costs of city buildings
  • Tune costs of region projects
  • Increased initial arms stockpiles
  • Add starting research for dormant nations to all scenarios
  • Preserve the settings for Fogging and AI Difficulty across save and load
  • Added support for specifying a mods directory to installer
  • Added support for loading player mods
  • Added option to launch client and server in separate processes
    • Should reduce lag on most machines
    • Should eliminate "out of virtual memory" crashes
  • Added default flag icon for nation list
  • Improve display of long nation names in nation list

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