Product Update - Valve
8. Dez. 2010
New Stuff:

-Added Ironman achievements for all darkworld worlds. If you previously ironmaned an entire darkworld chapter (we've seen a few videos), sorry but you'll have to iron man them again to get the achievement. This should only affect 2 or 3 people...and we apologize to you...but if you do it again you get a neat that's something!

-Updated a few levels with some troublesome areas


- buttonmap.cfg was misnamed, so users were not able to change control configurations without renaming the file. My bad. The file is now named correctly.

-Save Files are now corrected fixing a bug where FlyWrench's unlock levels would overwrite Jills and vicea versa. This save file patch now awards Flywrench if you found the Flywrench warpzone and have jill unlocked. This was the only way to guarentee that Players did not lose their unlocks. In the event that you only found Flywrench's warp and didn't unlock him, but have Jill unlocked...congrats you got a free Flywrench.

-Save file will back up with the first run of the game just in case the save file patch corrupts the current game. It is saved in userdata/savedata.dat.bak

-Some users were not able to get certain achievements, or missed achievements because they weren't online. Now, on load all achievements that can be should be awarded according to the save file will be awarded. These include all of the warp zone and character unlock achievements.

-Fixed a problem with screen resolutions being forced to fullscreen even when windowed was selected.

-Fixed a problem with Retro Rampage achievement.

-Fixed a problem with the Start menu character select screen being ordered incorrectly

-Fixed a problem (maybe, it was very difficult to reproduce) with full screen builds loading VERY slow on some computers. The one computer we could replicate it loaded as fast as windowed mode after some window code adjustment.

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