Client Update - Valve
The bug from yesterday's release has been fixed, so a new version of the release is going out tonight.

This update is for all of the games currently on Steam. The specific changes are:

  • Changed HTTP download behavior to retry connections using old trickle download method if it can't download all files.

  • Fixed a crash bug when connecting to a dedicated server with an empty mapcycle.

  • Fixed a bug where MP3 volume wasn't working properly.

  • Fixed "STEAM UserID 0:0:1 is already in use on this server" message when connecting to LAN servers in offline mode.

  • Fixed memory leak in HLTV.

We've also fixed some issues in Steam:

  • Fixed bug where the Internet connection speed ("rate") was being improperly set to the default value of 1500, causing poor network performance for many users.

  • Games are now marked as ready for offline play when they reach 99.99% of cache loaded rather than 100% (fixed offline play not working for some people)

  • Added a "Do you want to restart now?" dialog when language settings are changed

Server admins should restart their servers to get updated.

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