Product Update - Valve
10 дек. 2003
An update for all Steam games has just been released. As always, Steam will update your games automatically -- you don't need to take any special action.

Dedicated server admins can get the update normally via the HLDS update tool, or the dedicated server update can be downloaded directly from this page.

Here's a complete list of the changes:

  • Fixed problem in Direct3D mode where the game would be unavailable for some users. Direct3D mode should work now, but note that OpenGL will provide a better play experience if your video card is capable

  • Fixed regression that was causing the 'load failed' crash to happen on level change

  • Optimized some of the particle drawing code

  • For mod makers - debugging mods no longer requires the steam.dll to be copied into the game directory

  • Added client side env_models for static prop type models

  • Random class now abides by class limits

  • No random class in clan matches

  • Added exit decal on gunshots

  • Restored door opening behavior to original style ( face the door and it opens away from you, face away and it opens towards you )

  • Fixed sniper rifle lowering when a sniper moved, even though he was still scoped

  • Fixed a bug where you would drop your weapon, pick it back up and it would have less ammo

  • Re-added weapon names to console death messages ( bob killed fred with garand )

  • Added "teamkill" text to the console death messages ( bob teamkilled chuck with kar )

  • Fixed being able to jumpshoot if the minimap was open fullscreen

  • Fixed a cut off label in scoreboard

  • Now cannot +use grenades while deployed

  • "hud_draw 0" now hides the spectator bar

  • Fixed player animation being 90 degrees off on mg sandbag deploy

  • Fixed spectator angles on minimap player icons

  • Fixed strange health numbers drawing in the spec bar

  • Fixed gunshot decal on subsequent bullet hits

  • Added control point name to log file cap messages

  • Fixed hud reset on stop demo recording

  • Fixed ammo on mg42 and 30cal view model not showing above 8 bullets

  • Fixed player models jittering because of animation blend

  • Fixed an evil evil hack that stopped the player from shooting when their mg42 overheated

  • Fixed some more empty cells in the scoreboard showing up as squares

  • Fixed client env_models drawing

  • Fixed brit sleeves

  • Draw objective icons on hud and in minimap

  • Draw grenades on the minimap for both teams

  • Fixed teams and playerclass in the scoreboard

  • Added timeleft and number of hltv spectators to the spec bar

  • Fixed weather effects not drawing

  • No vgui menus in hltv spec

  • Fixed shield exploit that involved dropping a weapon and buying a pistol in a specific order; you must restart your dedicated server to pick up this change

  • Fixed icon for ALT-TAB menu and window title bar not being displayed properly

  • Moved flaginfo to the chat text area so it will work properly

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