Product Update - Valve
17. des., 2008
Updates to Sacred 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:
  • New area with 24 aboveground sectors and about 6 additional underground sectors
  • New textures and objects to create a snowy landscape
  • Additional sounds for the snowy landscape
  • 20 new creatures
  • New NPCs
  • New full quest chain
  • Additional armor set for each character
  • New armor items and weapons
  • It was not possible to load an old save after patching, if the character in the old save had an item in their hand (held by the mouse pointer) at the time the save occurred.
  • Characters over lvl 61 were unable to create game channels (only able to join them).
  • Sometimes after rebirth at a resurrection monolith, the character started at an incorrect position on the map leading to a dead end.
  • The fourth Guardian of the Big Machine could sometimes be killed while it still idled. This skipped the end boss fight.
  • Crystal Monster: The lightbeam adjustment didn't rotate which led to confusion about why the hero was stunned When tabbing out of the game then going back, the position of the mounted hero had changed.
  • Temple Guardian's "Amplifying Discharge" with Mods 1b & 2b " Ricochet": Rebounding projectiles did not cause further damage after the first rebound.
  • Temple Guardian's "Combat Alert" with Mod 1a "Assault": The increase in attack value was not shown on the tooltip.
  • Temple Guardian's "Dedicated Blow": The damage conversion for 'prone to ice' for fire elementals converted damage into poison.
  • High Elf's "Blazing Tempest" dealt too much damage.
  • High Elf's "Fire Demon" with just achieved mod "Enliven": The increased damage was only visible after changing the CA slots. New damage is now instantly shown.
  • High Elf's "Glacial Thorns" dealt too much damage and caused massive frame rate fall off when used on bosses.
  • The "Fire Demon" and "Moribund Animus" buffs restarted automatically. Now you need to reactivate them again manually.
  • Inquisitor‘s "Ruthless Mutilation" didn't work properly with ranged weapons.
  • Shadow Warrior's "Rallied Souls" with Mod 1a "Armament" resistance values were too high.
  • Seraphim's "Archangel's Wrath" with Mod 1b "Salve": Additional fireball was added but damage didn't decrease.
  • At the end of a combat-art move the Dryad erroneously shot another round of shuriken/knifes.
  • Dryad's Hireling "Moribund Animus" no longer lies down every few seconds.
  • It was possible to forge high-level items into low-level weapons and armor. This could lead to overpowered items. Now the highest level of the forged items will be the new level of the item.
  • Slot boni on forged items didn't work properly. Now silver slots give 7 % bonus and gold slots give 15 % bonus.
  • Item bonus "+x to all CA's" didn't work correctly.
  • Monster attacks had a motionblur-effect that lasted too long.
  • The audio option "Character Effects on Center" had no effect on playback in 5.1 surround sound.
  • Several sound issues fixed for boss music, deathsplatter-effect and unique items.
  • Missing sound profiles added for T-mutant Human and High Elves as well as for new mini-bosses.
  • All sounds were initiated with a short snapping sound.
  • Singleplayer CoOp: When you started an SP game and opened the game as MP, the server started without a name. Now the name is CharacternameXXXX where XXXX stands for a random 4 digit number.
  • Rivers had dust clouds instead of water splashes.
  • Inventory picture for "Celdrahil's Gloves" was missing.

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