Product Update - Valve
16 Thg02, 2015
Year Beast Brawl
Normal and Ranked Matchmaking games can now be found while the Year Beast Brawl is active.
Increased the Year Beast Brawl matchmaking window from 10 minutes to 15 minutes.
The time of the next Year Beast Brawl event is always shown.
Fixed a rare issue causing Refresher, Resurrection, and True Sight auras to not always work correctly.
Fixed double-spending bug that would occur in the Year Beast Brawl if the Upgrade button was pressed multiple times in quick succession.
Fixed Year Beast icon being sometimes missing on the minimap.

Added an experimental directional move command on Alt+Right Click which moves with pathfinding disabled. This is enabled with the dota_unit_allow_moveto_direction convar.
Chasing around towers and turning to face a target will no longer cause stutter-stepping.
Fixed some cases where paths would contain excessive turning or would get stuck during movement.

Improved login and matchmaking servers to sustain higher concurrent player counts and bursts of match formation.
Fixed Crystal Maiden's arcana pet incorrectly interacting with bots.
Custom cursor images are now allowed in matchmaking.
Recipes and Previous TI Compendium Points will expire on May 1st.
Fixed Phantom Assassin's missing cape.
Fixed Lina's belt texture.

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