Client Update - Valve
30. okt., 2013
A new Steam Client update has been released and will be automatically downloaded. The specific changes are listed below.

  • Updated Downloads section, including download-queue management and quick links to throttling and app update settings
  • Added "High Priority" app update setting - Steam will prioritize automatic updates for that app
  • Added support for displaying default button text for default HTML controls in the Web control
  • Update notification indicator when opting into/out of notifications for an app
  • Updated SDL with the 2.0.1 release, improving game controller support
  • Moved server browser max pings /minute setting from "Downloads" to "In-Game" tab of Settings dialog
  • Improve in-game performance when enumerating community items for some users who have used a very large number (thousands) of workshop items in Portal 2 or hero builds in Dota 2
  • Fixed issue retrieving stale data for a Steam Workshop file, immediately after publishing a Steam Workshop file
  • Fixed failing to run a game if it had a very long optional command and triggered the warning dialog
  • Fixed crash on exit for the overlay
  • Fixed running some install script steps on 2nd game install
  • Fixed issue with ever-increasing playtime for games that aren't running
  • Fixed a crash on certain malformed friends messages (thanks Arnaud Dovi and HP's Zero Day Initiative)

Big Picture
  • Added Big Picture Offline Mode indicator / Go Online button in top row, visible when in offline mode
  • Added a RESET option when configuring a game controller
  • Added option to join Steam Client Beta's from the Settings page
  • Added button to check for Steam Client updates from the Settings page
  • Improved transition when launching a game
  • Fixed screensaver not enabling sometimes when a game controller was being used
  • Fixed errors when refreshing your Steam login
  • Fixed Javascript alerts and dialogs showing incorrectly when using the web browser
  • Fixed being unable to click Accept on the SSA dialog if running Steam for the first time
  • Fixed UI loop when using the History button of the Account settings page
  • Fixed custom categories not showing when selected in the All Games view
  • Fixed launching game while another game launch was already in progress

  • Fixed a bug where maximizing would lead to an incorrectly sized window if the Steam window was on a secondary monitor that has the primary taskbar positioned on it
  • Workaround to post fewer win32 message in the in-game overlay for games that don’t reliably drain the queue

  • Better track games that use an intermediate launcher
  • Fixed text incorrectly getting ellipses in some Big Picture controls
  • Fixed crash at startup with certain window managers

  • Fixed Microphone selection not updating when changed in the settings dialog

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