Product Update - Valve
Jul 16, 2013
• When deciding what to eat/drink, gnomes account for nourishment value of food/drink along with distance.
• Added Gameplay option to adjust how much food/drink nourishment effects a gnome's decision. Moving the slider to 0 will cause gnomes to always pick the closest food/drink. When multiple options are equidistant, they will choose the best. Moving the slider to 100 will allow gnomes to travel much farther for the best food/drink. Default is 50.
• Allow grass to grow up or down 1 level
• Gnomes no longer try to maintain distance from squad members while training
• Crash when completing Fill Hole and items are inside the hole.
• Performance issue with lots of unreachable jobs
• Sometimes falling down a 1 tile deep hole and immediately moving back out, ie enemies falling down a hatch and immediately teleporting back up to the top
• Liquids not updating properly when a tile is dug down that has liquid on it
• Ramps not properly being if trees or constructions were diagonally adjacent. This left invisible ramps causing tiles to not accept constructions, designations, etc.
• Tinker Benches not respecting assigned worker
• Being able to replace the floor underneath a sapling
• Food/drink HUD text not initializing red when a game is loaded with 0 food or drink
• Displaying a negative amount of gnomads arriving. Now it correctly displays 0

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