Product Update - Valve
22 May 2013
Update Notes - May 21st:

Ever wonder what's going on below Wilson's feet? Wonder no more! This is the first in a series of updates to create a new explorable game area underground. While there are plenty of fun things to find and experiment with down there, please keep in mind that this is just an early version of the overall vision for the caves. As such, it's a bit sparse, and you may encounter bugs. We'll be fixing things and adding new monsters, objects, and mechanics down there for 3-4 more updates.

-We've added the first pass of the new Caves biome. We won't spoil anything by telling you what's down there. You should be able to find one cave entrance somewhere on Survival maps generated post-launch but before this update. Newly generated maps will have a handful of different entrances, all leading to different caves.

-Shift-click moves items between open containers. Ctrl-Shift-click manipulates stacks in the same way
-Hammering is now a RMB action.
-Bush hat hide is now a RMB toolbar action.
-Minor UI revisions

-Abigail and Chester no longer trigger traps.
-Chester's Eyebone will now properly show whether he is alive.
-Saving the game now requires less system memory.
-Fixed "You have Died" screen becoming stuck.
-Customized world settings will remain set when re-entering the menu.
-Bird Trap will no longer be disappearing under certain circumstances.
-Krampus will no longer attack with weapons he picks up.
-Harvesting Bee Boxes in Winter will no longer cause Bees to resume harvesting.
-Fixed equipped item rendering when the Pan Flute breaks.
-Improvements to Birdcage functionality.
-Jerky will no longer be invisible on the Drying Rack.
-Pigmen will no longer attack Abigail unless they are damaged first.
-Linux language mods now working.
-Fixed some sliders not functioning properly for Default Plus preset.
-Background for Mod Confirmation screen now appearing again.
-Walking stick effects will no longer be active when it is on the tool-tip.
-Save/Load improvements to prevent loss of inventory after loading a new world.
-Improved build stability.
-Minor bug fixes.

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