Hagatha in the Wolf Woods
November 29, 2015 @ 9:59am
Hot fix will be available 1 of December!
November 29, 2015 @ 9:46am

Hot fix, that had to be released today is delayed a little - we're testing new first person controller, that will change some in-game mechanics - first of all - combats will be much better, with no annoying camera glitches. Also, update will include some bug fixes and features, that were added these days (eg dialogs with settlers if you're leader of the village etc.)

Hot fix will available 1 of December!

Oreol team
Online Co-op Beta - Voice Chat
November 29, 2015 @ 9:35am
Hi everyone, the latest patch for the Online Co-op beta test is now out. Here's the change log:
  • Added Steam Voice Chat (hold ALT to talk, by default)
  • Changed quest marker to be settable per-player in online co-op instead of the same for all players
  • Upgraded to Steamworks SDK 1.34
  • Possible fix for Out of Sync error
  • Fixed footstep sound not playing sometimes
  • Fixed issue where characters in your community would dislike you for
  • threatening looters
  • Fixed some errors when two players join or leave at the same time
  • Fixed bug where 'There's too many of them out there' awardment was not awarded if you abandoned then re-occupied your bunker.
  • Incomplete German translation

If you haven't tried the beta test yet, you can test it by doing the following:
  • Right-click on Survivalist in your Steam library and click Properties
  • Go to the Betas tab
  • Select publicbeta on the drop-down where it asks you what beta you want to opt in to
  • PLEASE NOTE: any savegames you make with this branch will not be compatible if you switch back to the main branch. So don't overwrite anything that's important to you!
If you find any problems, let me know! You can post a reply to this news post or email me or post in the forums.
Rocket League gets free Portal clobber next month
November 29, 2015 @ 9:00am

Portal's companion cubes, cake, and other memes that have been thoroughly run into the ground are coming to Rocket League next month, as bits of free car clobber you can win at random at the end of every match. They're officially licensed by Valve, and comprise cubes, cores, cake and various types of gel—all good things to slather all over your car.

Here's the full list:

  • Cake (Topper)
  • Conversion Gel (Rocket Trail)
  • Propulsion Gel (Rocket Trail)
  • Repulsion Gel (Rocket Trail)
  • Aperture Laboratories (Antenna)
  • Cake Sticker (Antenna)
  • Companion Cube (Antenna)
  • Personality Core (Antenna)
  • PotatOS (Antenna)

The customisation items are coming to Rocket League on December 1, and are "potentially rewarded at the end of every match, win or lose". It's a nice incentive to keep playing, regardless of how your team is doing—so no more quitting mid-match like a big baby.

That's not the only update coming to Rocket League next month. On December 14 it's getting a particularly Christmassy game mode that replaces the giant football with that most festive of sporting paraphernalia: the hockey puck.

The Lost Island Update 1.1.2_alpha_early_access
November 29, 2015 @ 9:16am
The Lost Island Update 1.1.2_alpha_early_access

  • Basic Hostille AI.
  • Map, press M to open/close.
  • New crafting system added, press C to open/close.
  • New player ui.
  • Player status (Health,Hunger,Hydration and Stamina)
    is shown in the inventory ui.
  • Save system. Player´s location, stats and buildings are being saved automatically.
  • New tab in the options "Game" with two options:
    -Delete Character Save
    -Delete Building Save
    (you have to be in the Main Menu to delete your saves.)
  • Workbench.
  • More place in the player inventory.
  • A few (working) ladders in the Pirate Outpost.

    New Locations Added
  • Crash Site

    Map changes
  • The menu got reworked.
  • Minecart track added to the Whispering Mountain.
  • Minor terrain changes
  • Doctors House has been reworked (again)


  • No more duplicating items with the inventory bug.
  • Item icons have been resized.
  • The game does not crash after exiting.
  • Escape menu redesigned.
  • Trees have a collision model.
  • Death Menu.
  • Ingame Menu.
  • Stair collision.
  • New Playerspawn.
  • Logs are not consumed after using them.
  • Few post processing changes.


  • Sorting "A-Z" buttons in the Inventory
  • Drag and Drop crafting.

1st Note: You need Stamina to jump.To chop wood form a tree you actually need to hit it with the axe "head". You only can chop specific trees down.
2nd Note: When you are glitching while spawning ( falling out of map ) try to delete your character save in the menu.

Cheers ːsteamhappyː
-Finalspark Gamestudios - Development Team
What's your favourite unit?
November 29, 2015 @ 8:57am

What's your favourite unit in Call to Arms so far? Let us know why!

Also check out the Change-Log of the latest patch and try out the new unit!

Build 1.04.1129 on Beta branch
November 29, 2015 @ 8:50am
We've added another feature for testing - expedition preset on the Inventory screen. Pressing it saves your current Expedition setup (villagers with their equipment and cargo, including unused equipment). Loading will override anything that is currently in your right window.
This preset is saved during game save.

There was also a bug with achievements not being unlocked properly (Master Builder, Master Craftsman, Master Gatherer). We were able to successfully test and unlock, but if these still cause problems, please send us your savegame. This patch should also resolve a problem, where Research Requirement for Domination Victory was ticked before reaching the required threshold.
Play With Devs Testers Today 1:30 EST / 6:30 GMT
November 29, 2015 @ 7:31am

Join Devs & Testers Today 1:30 EST / 6:30 GMT

Happy (American) Thanksgiving, and a big thank you to all of those who have played PVKII!

Play with us on:
Official Server 1 Vanilla Rotation Hosted By Mr. Agent
SBP Servers (Slammin' Butt Pirates!)
AMCoders Server
More servers will be listed here.

Kill us with your PVKII skills, celebrate our latest update, or help us as we track down and squash bugs!

You're welcome to join us on Teamspeak at:

We'd ask that you please to adhere all server rules for the game and in teamspeak, and follow any rules enforced by server admins, developers, or testers throughout the event. Sounds easy, and we'll have fun!

See you there,
Octoshark Studios
Update 1.07
November 29, 2015 @ 7:25am
An update has been issued again. List of what has been fixed to this date from the last update:
- Fixed a bug regarding price.
- Minor bug fixes.
- Glitches fixed.
- Fixed bugs that involves stucking when going to different area in some places. Old save files that got affected by this can be saved upon loading, a.k.a. still compatible.
[Maintenance] 30.11.2015 @ 07:00am - 08:30am
November 29, 2015 @ 7:10am
Dear Survivors,

We're going to perform a server maintenance on 30.11.2015 from 07:00am to 08:30am CET (10:00pm - 11:30pm Pacific Time).

During the maintenance we will patch the client with Day 6 content of Tales of the Udead.

Kind Regards,
CSN:Z Team
Metal Gear Solid 5's secret nuclear disarmament event detailed by Konami
November 29, 2015 @ 7:00am

A couple of months ago, we told you about a secret event in The Phantom Pain, a secret event that has something to do with nuclear disarmament...and that's about all I know, as I haven't yet finished MGS5, and didn't want to read that article past the spoiler warning. Still: secret events are pretty cool, right? If you thought you'd exhausted MGS5, you're probably pretty keen to know how you unlock it.

After weeks of mystery, Konami has detailed exactly how to unlock it—look, here's a handy four-step guide. Unlike similar secret content, this one requires everyone to pitch in: the event will only unlock when all nuclear weapons on your regional server have been dismantled. (We could probably achieve real-world nuclear disarmament with Valve implementing a similar system to unlock Half-Life 3.)

Konami is keeping track of how many nuclear weapons players own worldwide, and the number has already decreased massively since November 1—the number of nukes owned by PC players has been reduced by over a half over the course of November.

Spectacular meteor storms modded into GTA 5
November 29, 2015 @ 7:00am

This week on Ye Olde Mod Roundup, massive meteors fall like rain thanks to GTA 5's finest mod-maker. Meanwhile, another clever modder uncovers a hidden harpoon gun in Fallout 4. Also, a popular Europa Universalis mod makes its way to Crusader Kings 2, and a Cities: Skylines mod lets you name all of your roads.

Here are the most promising mods we've seen this week.

Secret Harpoon Gun, for Fallout 4

This is interesting. Modder xxdeathknight72xx (I'm not sure how to pronounce that unless all the X's are silent) has uncovered a harpoon gun in Fallout 4 which looks to have been part of the game at some point, but was never officially implemented. The video above by Tyrannicon shows it off. The harpoon even trails bubbles, indicating it was intended for underwater use. Now you can have access to it.  Find the mod here.

Meteor Shower, for GTA 5

JulioNIB, maker of some of the best GTA mods, is back with a new script, one that summons a massive and deadly storm of flaming meteors into Los Santos. The video above is awesome, showing the burning space-rocks entering the atmosphere and exploding all over the place. You can find the download links and instructions at the GTA X Scripting site.

Road Namer, for Cities: Skylines

I don't know why this seems so incredibly exciting to me—perhaps it's that it could lend some much-needed personalization to my Skylines cities, which tend to wind up looking and feeling a bit same-y. At any rate, it's very cool. You can name your roads, and the text snaps right into them. Very cool, especially if it gets Cimtographer integration, which is planned. It's in the Steam Workshop.

Typus Orbis Terrarum, for Crusader Kings 2

This is the CK2 version of the mod of the same name for Europa Universalis IV. It presents a more accurate map of the world—in this case, it contains the entire world, not just the playable countries of CK2—while resizing certain areas and adjusting the relative positions of others. This will definitely be useful for other modders looking to expand the world's playable areas, but it might be cool to check out even if you're just a fan of the game or nice, accurate maps. It's in the Steam Workshop.

Have You Played Action Doom 2: Urban Brawl?
November 29, 2015 @ 7:00am

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game recommendations. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time.>

With an army of palleteswapped streetpunks, health-restoring food hidden in trash cans, fragile melee weapons, rare firearms, and cheery electronic music, Action Doom 2: Urban Brawl [official site] is the finest Streets of Rage homage beat ‘em up I’ve played in years. Even more impressive is that the free game does this from a first-person perspective in a modified version of the Doom engine.

… [visit site to read more]

Build Update #NOV29 (PC and Mac)
November 29, 2015 @ 6:37am

1- By feeding silk worm broccoli all its life cycle, we have.. Broccorm! Very effective against the burn.
Build 10023: 2 New Ships, enhanced Tradelane routing/handling, More Belts, Fixes
November 29, 2015 @ 5:35am
Hello Players, Build 10023 is going to hit this GMT+1 Evening, bringing you the Langley, a tier 4 Combat Ship, and the Endeavour, a tier 1 Mining ship, together with a bunch of new tradelanes, new belts, fixes and more.

New Stuff
- Langley, Tier 4 Combat Ship (Req 40Combat)
- Endeavour, Tier 1 Mining Ship (No Req)
- Fixed Location Belts. 8 Belts never changing Positions
- New Tradelane Connections
- New Icons for Tradelanes
- Ship Level Limit is now in effect.

- improved Tradelane handling. You should not fall out of it that often anymore.
- Death Message now displays the correct Name.
- You should be unable to buy ships when not having enough money.

- Reduced XP from Mining Low Level Ores
- Increased Amount of Rocks per Belt
Red Haze, semi-sequel story to Close Your Eyes, now on Greenlight
November 29, 2015 @ 5:13am

A twist on the tale of Red Riding Hood, Red Haze is now up for voting on Steam Greenlight. Delayed the release date again (and depending how it goes, may happen again) due to some things coming together a bit slower than expected, ideas forming, fleshing things out and playtesting, etc. I hope when it hits in the near future you guys enjoy! Will be available on several freeware game sites when it goes live, and will be available on Steam as a freebie if it gets through Greenlight (I'll also throw in a few extra scenes and secrets if it gets through Greenlight).

Appreciate anyone who checks out the page, and hope those who decide to play it enjoy it when it comes out! Since the first game to properly release since CYE, I'm interested in seeing how response to the title goes. I hope you all enjoy it.

If you want to ask any questions or talk, there's a small discussion on the game going on in the CYE forums here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/377330/discussions/0/492378806378138312/
Heresy 0.13 Update Notes
November 29, 2015 @ 4:34am
- fixed tree chopping bug where trees would stay up after completion
- added "heart beat" system that avoids not responding on load
(may still have this pop up for a short time between menu and scene transition if you're clicking off the window/hitting alt tab)
- fixed flag bug that would cause buildings to not load
- fixed equipment bug showing tainted crown (lich) as massive
- fixed script timing causing null errors after reusing units
November 29, 2015 @ 3:54am
As the in-game Sales season is over take your chance and claim a steal deal available with the Black Friday Bundle!

Fix Cannibal 0.1
November 29, 2015 @ 3:27am
Fix Cannibal 0.1

Patch notes 0.1
• Save option added (when sleeping in tents or completing quests);
• Considerable improvement in game performance;
• Fixed Instability problems during the game;
• Improved lighting effects for night time;
• Revised subtitles implemented.


This version (0.1) uses the CryEngine 3.6.10 EAAS. For the next game update (0.2) we are already using version 3.8.5 EAAS, allowing us to work with better quality lighting effects and improved textures, processing and overall performance.

What can you expect for the next update (version 0.2)?
• More traps, buildings and accessories;
• Freedom to carry out missions;
• Increased performance;
• More Cannibal infested areas;

Thanks for all feedback and a big hug to everyone!
The Sunday Papers
November 29, 2015 @ 3:00am

Sundays are for asking for feedback about the Sunday Papers. See the end of this post.

  • At Zam, Jody MacGregor spoke to be Morgan Jaffit, designer on Freedom Force, about his work at Irrational and his transition to indie and the creation of Hand of Fate.
  • Imagine this: you re a young game designer in the early 2000s and your first real job in the industry is at Irrational Games new Australian studio, answering to the Americans but given a surprising amount of leeway. You ve been entrusted with writing their new game s script, which you email over to the States, directly to studio head Ken Levine already kind of an intimidating legend for his work on System Shock 2 then wait an entire week for a reply. When it arrives, it s four words long and just says, Formatted wrong. Do again.

    … [visit site to read more]

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