Now Available on Steam - 0RBITALIS, 25% off!
May 28, 2015 @ 9:28am
0RBITALIS is Now Available on Steam and is 25% off!*

0RBITALIS is a satellite launching simulator with a retro-puzzle style. Launch your satellite into orbit and go head to head with the dominant force that formed the entire universe: Gravity.

*Offer ends June 4 at 10AM Pacific Time
Announcing the Highlight GIF contest
May 28, 2015 @ 9:26am
I just added a new feature that lets you capture replay GIFs and now I want to see your most amazing, ridiculous, jaw-dropping highlight clips.

So I'm running a contest where you submit your clips and I'll pick the best 3 who will each win:

- Any Steam game of your choice (<= $60 USD)
- A unique Disco Dodgeball in-game trophy that can't otherwise be found or crafted
- Any Disco Dodgeball cosmetic item of your choice
- a 4-pack of Disco Dodgeball keys

To enter:

- Use the new GIF Replay Capture feature to record a highlight clip
- Share it on the game's Artwork page
- Contest ends Friday, June 5th at midnight Eastern Time

If you need instructions on capturing and uploading GIFs, here's a guide for capturing and sharing GIFs:

Other details / rule clarifications:

- You can enter multiple gifs, but I will select three different players as winners
- Any game mode is fine
- My criteria for picking winners is basically whichever clips show off the most skillful, lucky, or cool-looking gameplay sequence
- You can collaborate with other players, but the prizes will only go to the account that uploaded the GIF
- If you've already uploaded some gifs to the Artwork page, I will consider those as well if you ask them to be entered
- Ideally, you would capture in highest quality and then upload to the Steam workshop in a reduced file size (has to be under 10 MB). But, I know not all computers can handle high quality capture settings so I will allow and consider gifs of any quality
- If you win you'll provide me with the source gif so I can share it around or add to the Steam Store page

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
Watch a Dishonored player make short work of Daud's assassins
May 28, 2015 @ 9:17am

This video is almost enough to make me regret doing a (mostly) non-violent playthrough of Dishonored. The only thing that gives me solace is that I'm nowhere near good enough to do any of this.

It's an spectacular playthrough of a section of Dishonored's Flooded District mission. The video is marked as High Chaos, although Highest Chaos might be a more accurate way of putting it. Aside from an absolutely beautiful trickshot, we're also treated to frenetic combat and some pretty convoluted traps. It's an impressive five minutes of work.

Ta, Dan.

Dev Blog 15 - Patterns of Play
May 28, 2015 @ 9:09am
Available here

Another week's gone by and there's been another series of design refinements from us to report. Some of these gifs are from old game builds but they help to illustrate what we've been wrestling with.

Much like the subject of the previous post, play-tests have been such a crucial component in getting this update right. Aside from fixing the placement of assets in our level block-outs, issues with spacial awareness and line of sight, it has also helped us to understand the various play patterns present in the game.

An interesting thing to report on is the length of this update. Initially we thought it would take about 30 minutes to complete, however what we found is that players new to Glitchspace were taking on average over 2 hours to finish it. Users that know what they're doing (either excellent problem solvers or those with experience in programming) take around 1hr 20mins to finish it. So it's quite a meaty update for our users :3. This will very likely mean that the finished release of Glitchspace's story mode will clock in at more than our 2-3 hour aim we had last year.

However, one of the biggest cruxes we've been wrestling with is in trying to fix this behaviour, especially with new players:

Whilst we've been doing some hardcore iteration over the past several weeks, Like a whack-a-mole it keeps popping up at every play-testing session we have done with 2.0 and it's proving to be very difficult to fix. In fact it's been a problem with the game since day one (that's over two years ago!) and we have to get it resolved before we go any further

When speaking with players about why they were doing it, what we realised is that the problem was actually the way connectors were being presented. Whilst players were usually associating connectors of the same type with each other (though usually isn't good enough...), many were also then trying to connect outputs to outputs, as opposed to outputs to inputs. This would result in players then trying to overlap nodes on top of each other, thinking that the solution was then this:

We then realized that this would also be completely game-breaking as you'd have layering problems with being unable to access the node that you just let go of. Overall, watching people do this every time has been incredibly soul-destroying as it just feels like a personal failure on our end. It also causes people to just turn off from the game in the first 10 minutes.

So we've been hard at work at coming up with solutions. Initially we thought that using glows like this would fix it. Nope! Not only was it difficult to make them look visually in keeping with the rest of the game, players just weren't getting it...

Robin then had a better solution. What she produced below is the closest that we have ever been in getting this problem resolved:

Players have responded well to it, but sometimes the meaning of these short animations (there's quite a few) gets lost in translation and misconstrued. We also thought that our tutorial was going to be too long at 10 puzzles but we're likely going to have to either increase the count for a more gradual difficulty ramp or alternatively restructure to allow players more time in getting used to connecting & dragging functions. We'll be investigating these two possibilities for after 2.0 as we're behind where we wanted to be in getting this finished.

There's certainly been other challenges with the UI and level designs that we're fixing but on this problem, we're all ears from our readers and would love to hear from you either in the comments below or by sending us an email on any ideas you've got in how to solve this. Once we've got this problem out of the way, we'll be ready to start shipping 2.0 out (so please let us know your thoughts!).

I'll leave you with another gif to gaze at until the next update:

Update 01.084 - DirectX 11, Station rotation
May 28, 2015 @ 9:07am
DirectX 11 renderer has been added to the game. It is available as an option in Graphics settings and players can choose between the old DX9 and the new DX11. The main advantages of the DX11 renderer are better game performance and visual look of the models. The renderer is still in early stages of development, so some bugs and visual issues may be present.
The DX11 renderer of the game uses physically based rendering (PBR), which helps to achieve a more realistic look, especially for metallic surfaces. For modders, it means that they will have to create a new set of textures for DX11. We will be slowly replacing old placeholder models with reworked assets. Five updated blocks are released in this update (Beacon, Gyroscope, Warhead, Projector, Spotlight).

Additionally, players will now have the option to rotate a static station by switching to rotating mode (via pressing the 'B' button). The station created in the Station rotation mode will not allow blocks separated from it to be merged again.

Full list of new features and fixes:

DX11 modding guide:
Patch Notes - v0.8/0.45
May 28, 2015 @ 9:01am
Update#3 is now live!

This content patch adds the following features:
  • x2 new race tracks - Dead Zone Theta & Möbius Theta
  • Fancy new VR-y track selection menus
  • Steam Offline mode
  • Direct-to-Rift mirroring controls
  • Code overhaul and refresh ready for Single Player Career mode
  • Many bug fixes and tweaks to make it a smoother, more enjoyable experience!

Let us know what you think in the comments ^_^

The Tammeka Team
May 28, 2015 @ 9:00am

a nice sit down

My favourite era of game-playing:

City of Heroes and World of Warcraft, circa 2005. They were all I cared about for months or maybe years, games whose systems I suspect I understood more than any other, due to sheer time spent with them, and talking about them with friends and allies. I couldn t realistically play an MMO now, as my affection has been dulled by a time-shortage and by ennui for their grand-scale Skinner boxes, but I am nostalgic for a time where they were my everything. Well-worn records I played over and over, and it felt special every time.

… [visit site to read more]

Now Available on Steam - Homesick
May 28, 2015 @ 9:00am
Homesick is Now Available on Steam!

Explore an abandoned building, encountering puzzles and clues to discover what happened, as you try to escape in both your nightmares and the waking world. Be immersed in the hauntingly beautiful 3D atmosphere in this puzzle exploration mystery game.
It's ready ahead of time
May 28, 2015 @ 9:00am
Just finished implementing achievements and local friends' leaderboards.

It's at a stable point where any stuff I add would be done in updates.

I plan to step up the launch date to Monday June 1st, 2015 instead of August 5th, 2015 so I can be around all week to deal with any technical issues that arise during launch.

This is my first commercial release and everything that happens afterwards is going to hinge upon the success of stratO.

I greatly appreciate people spreading the word about stratO and especially those who've hung around to see it develop and offer emotional support and advice.

Special thanks go to mom, who practically bankrolled all of my crazy dreams.
Fallen London comes to iOS in 2015
May 28, 2015 @ 8:59am
You’ll know Fallen London as the browser game which spawned Sunless Sea, and the whole universe of the Neath.

Fallen London now contains over 1.2 million words of stories - five times as much content as Sunless Sea - described by Rock, Paper, Shotgun as 'the best words in all of gaming'.

And now, we’re bringing it to iOS.

We've been working on this in the background for many months, and will continue working on it alongside Zubmariner, the forthcoming Sunless Sea expansion.

We’re excited to have a behemoth of the industry acting as design consultant: Jason Kapalka, creator of Bejeweled and co-founder of Popcap, who is a big fan of Fallen London.

We're developing for iOS first, and we're hopeful that Android will follow if the iOS version is a success.

Like the browser experience, the app will be free to play, using in-app purchases for premium stories, more actions and other perks. It will sync with players’ existing Fallen London characters, and support offline play.

Meanwhile, if you want to whet your appetite for undersea adventure, there’s a whole bunch of Zubmariner concept art on art director Paul Arendt’s tumblr...

Your friends,
May 28th Game Update
May 28, 2015 @ 8:56am
Hey wizards and witches! More bugfixes coming in! Thanks for helping us find and resolve these issues.

May 28 2015 - Patch Notes

  • Explosive Powder's AoE damage now scales based on how close the affected enemy is to the center of the explosion
  • Fixed several typos
  • Harpy Feather spells now damage enemies flung into walls properly
  • Fixed a machine-specific crash on the final boss
  • Fixed an issue where you could teleport into a quest vault in the temple
  • The final boss now properly scales into New Game+
  • Adjusted Magic Boomerang tooltip
  • Disabled Ninja Sword on Robe's ability to dash during cutscenes
  • Recipe delete prompt will now inform you which recipe you are removing
  • Deleting recipes from the recipe list no longer sometimes deletes the wrong recipe
  • Ice Gargoyles now properly animate on low graphic settings
  • Keys no longer get stuck deciding between two locks an equal distance from the key
  • Adjusted buff stacking behavior
  • Adjusted criteria for Magic Boomerang achievement
  • Menus now display properly on smaller resolutions
  • Fixed a crash related to Magic Boomerang's robe effect
  • Fixed an issue that would cause endless cutscenes in the desert zone
  • Players can no longer escape the tutorial, seriously, for real this time.
  • Lasers now properly interact with objects during the final boss fight
  • Charming ice no longer causes graphical issues
  • Ghosts and Ice Gargoyles now play nice with stealth effects
  • Giant Snowball's collision now more accurately reflects its appearence
  • Treasure chests are now guaranteed to spawn in missions that require them
  • Lasers now play nice with map illumination and vacuum cleaner spells
  • Effects that require the player to stand still now work more consistently when standing on one-way platforms
  • Improved performance of laser and light-affecting spells and effects
Lenovo's Concept Phone Turns Your Tabletop into a Keyboard
May 28, 2015 @ 8:47am

Advancing the smartphone

Remember when telephones were used for making actual phone calls? They used to have cords and a rotary dial, and they weren't very smart. Not like today's devices, anyway. The modern day smartphone is used for all kinds of tasks, even occasionally making voice calls, and models continue to get smarter. Enter Lenovo's concept phone called Smart Cast, which among other things can project a virtual keyboard onto whatever surface you're working on.

This isn't the first time we've seen a projected keyboard. Laser projection planks already exist, like the one Brookstone sells for $120. But unless someone wants to set us straight, Lenovo's Smart Cast would be the first phone to integrate a projected keyboard.

To use it, you'd flip the kickstand in the back and prop the device up in portrait mode. On top is a swiveling projector that you turn so that it can beam the keyboard onto your table, counter, or whatever surface you have in front of you.

What's neat about this is that you're not limited to just a keyboard -- it can project a virtual piano, games like Fruit Ninja, and whatever else developers conceive. Check it out:

"Whereas today smartphones are limited to consuming content, Smart Cast changes the paradigm by giving users a smart phone with built-in laser projector, infrared motion detector and high-performance algorithms," Lenovo explains. "This first ever technology combination opens a new world of interaction: Users can project a large virtual touch screen onto a table to type with a virtual keyboard and work with specific productivity apps (calculator, drawing, note-taking and even edit in Microsoft PowerPoint)."

As shown in the video, you can also use the built-in projector to show movies and video clips on a wall or give presentations.

Pretty neat, though whether it ever evolves from concept to shipping product remains to be seen.

[Weekly] Time to say hello again. 56.13
May 28, 2015 @ 8:32am
Not many updates this week. There isn't a current
changelog for the new 56.13 of synergy.

There have been some new added features which are still a Work in progress.

For instance the shell casings update not many have noticed yet but if you shoot the smg1 or shotgun you will see that actual physics shell casings come out and hit the floor just as a normal shell casing should. They can be stepped on and moved around (client side)

Also donators have a new addition to their playermodel selection

Come back next week for the next news post
Dev Team Streaming today @ 3pm ET
May 28, 2015 @ 8:22am
Today we'll be streaming Episode 4 of "Rustbucket Rumblings" on Twitch today at 3pm ET.

If you want to play a few games with us, hop on from 3-4pm ET and look for Custom Games hosted by Thesius.

We'll be talking about teamwork and other random bits of information.

See you there!
Van Helsing III Changelog - V1.0.2 - May 28
May 28, 2015 @ 8:24am
Updates to The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted.

Game Fixes
  • Fixed the black loading screen of the game.
  • Valley of Frost heightmap bug fixed.
  • Measuring Hardware Performance is now removed.
  • Fixed the pathing bug near the Rippling Crystal.
  • Skills can now properly bound to 4 or 5 button mice.
  • Fixed the missing string of the Seekermatons.
  • Fixed the missing string of the Dreamer Artifact.
  • Removed obsolete perks, abilities, tooltips regarding potions.
  • 3440*1440 resulution no longer has a bugged letterbox.
  • DirectX 11 shaders are now available in Video Options.
  • The game should no longer freeze on exit on some configurations.
  • Hide Hat option should properly work now (except for the Umbralist for obvious reasons).
  • Numerous issues got fixed with the final bossfight.
  • Many players thought they are stuck on cutsenes because they had to choose from dialog options. Therefore, we made them more flashy :3
  • Fixed the cutscene and the quest entitled Battle In the Ink.
  • Count The Cogs: There are 32 cogs, the dialog option is now fixed to represent this.
  • Gun Platform now deals correct damage in PvP.
  • Katarina's Skills can now properly get maxed out.
  • Sniper Shot now correctly marks the second target if its button is still pressed.
  • Players are now unable to teleport over obstacles.
  • Gun Platform no longer "forgets" to shoot rockets after map changes.
  • Rampage Aura now levels up properly.
  • Mirage monster affix is now nerfed a bit as it made elite packs unbeatable.
  • Ink Leap can no longer be exploited - teleporting now has a base manacost of 10.
  • Viper Leap can no longer be abused by LoSing enemies and still causing damage.
  • Destroy Seekermatons can now only be cast when there are seekermatons active.
  • The Defense Glory bonus now gives armor.
  • Scenarios now award more glory.
  • Chimera Candles' values will no longer change upon map change.
  • Gadget Master Discharger is now a Set item.
  • You can now enchant %defense to items.
  • Armor pieces now receive the correct kinds of bonuses from essence.
  • Bounty Hunter's Armor Vest is no longer available to other classes
  • Chocolate Finger Necklace no longer stays in the player's inventory.
  • Dead players are no longer invisible when joining a co-op game.
  • Fixed bossfight cutscenes in multiplayer.
  • Players can now create Nightmare Scenario games in Multiplayer.
  • The floating platforms now properly appear to all players at the final bossfight.
  • Kicked players' models no longer get stuck on the map.
  • Fixed cutscene triggers on Ink maps.
  • Centaurs no longer knock out the players from the map.
  • Fixed some achievement triggers and previously achieved ones should retroactively upload to Steam as well.
  • The Just a Sip achievement is now fixed.
  • The Grimm Truth achievement now has an icon.
  • The Defying Death achievement now has an icon.
  • The Mirage skills of Mantiswyrms have a larger cooldown now.
  • Loot from chests is now a lot higher level.
  • Shadow Borgova Scenario now has elites as well.
  • Dark Carneval Clue Hunt now has elites as well.
  • Players no longer need to reroll after doing Temple of Lost Hope.
  • Katarina no longer has the obsolete Break Down Items order in scenarios.
Known Issues
  • Sphere of Timelessness glitches in Multiplayer
  • Some users might experience minor shader issues in DX11 mode (not default)
Cyberpunk 2077 A While Away Whilst Witcher Bewitches
May 28, 2015 @ 8:00am

If you hadn’t guessed from the fact that developers CD Projekt RED have just released one of the finest, biggest, and prettiest open-world RPGs I’ve seen in a jolly long time, their other big RPG won’t be along any time soon. But how soon is not-soon, and how soon is now? When can we play, or at least see, Cyberpunk 2077 [official site]?

I wouldn’t expect to hear anything substantial about the game this year and maybe next, going by recent comments. We live in the time of The Witcher, you see.

… [visit site to read more]

We are live on Steam!
May 28, 2015 @ 8:00am
After seven years of developing the Airport Madness series, we are so excited to finally offer the latest version here on Steam! We promise to bring you regular updates with new airports.

The next big update will be on July 1st, and will include Barcelona Airport, Spain.

Thank you for buying!
Boost your character to rank up faster and get your hands on new equipment!
May 28, 2015 @ 8:00am

Training and real combat situations are quite different as you will feel more stressed in the action due to many unknown factors. Facing a bunch of enemies can be deadly if you are not well prepared or if you don’t have a proper loadout. If you want to make sure you have luck on your side, you might be interested in boosters that can provide you with additional rewards each time you complete a mission or a match, meaning that you’ll be able to rank up faster, get your hands on better equipment and assure yourself a longer life on the battlefield.

As a matter of fact, Warface HQ decided to issue a special sale on boosters that will help you to overcome the challenges you will have to face on the frontline. To see the prices please click here

1. Start Warface from the Warface Launcher (Beta)
2. Go to the shop
3. Go in the “Misc." tab and click the Booster you want: you will find multiple offers for different prices, so you can find what fits you the best.
"Antisquad 4 Pack" is available now!
May 28, 2015 @ 7:58am
Includes four copies of Antisquad - send the extras to your friends!
Buy with discount - link
FIFA 16 will feature women's national teams
May 28, 2015 @ 7:56am

In what will likely be the only bit of positive news to feature the word "FIFA" this week, EA has announced that the upcoming FIFA 16 will, for the first time in the series' long history, feature women's teams.

Twelve women's national teams will be available to play, fulfilling what the studio calls "one of the most requested features in recent years." The full roster includes England, Germany, USA, France, Sweden, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Spain, China, Italy and Mexico.

The teams will be available to play in Kick Off, Offline Tournament, and Online Friendly Matches. Women's teams will, however, only be able to play against other women's teams. "Keeping in line with how women s football is played in real life at this level," is how EA puts it in a Q&A. That does somewhat ignore the fact that the FIFA series has always been happy to deviate from how football is played in real life—for instance, letting players pit a lowly League Two challenger against the world's best national teams.

Nevertheless, it's a good step, and an effective way for EA to demonstrate a meaningful new feature for the ongoing annual series.

Bringing some of the best women s players and teams in the world to our franchise is a massive event for EA Sports, and we are equally excited about bringing millions of fans a new way to play, said David Rutter, VP and GM of EA Sports FIFA, in a press release. We re making sure fans get an authentic experience when playing with Women s National Teams thanks to our innovative player capture and reference tools, as well as the sophisticated gameplay platform which we will continue to innovate on in FIFA 16.

FIFA 16 is due out in September. For more details, head over to the EA Sports website.

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