Settings and Stability
February 06, 2016 @ 5:49pm
Patch has been put out featuring a new settings menu and a slew of bugfixes. Also added a few more tombstone phrases so you can laugh some more at people who died in the daily dungeons.

The new settings menu is a priliminary design and will be improved according to user feedback. Additional optional settings for the game have yet to find their way into the new interface, but that'll be adjusted. In the future there will be a networking setting that'll allow you to configure things such as your upstream connections to services like Steam and what you send to daily dungeon servers.

Color palettes have been moved into the settings pane instead of being a "hidden" feature along the number row. This means that the number row no longer changes the palette. Color palette settings are also now saved alongside every other setting, so when you start up the game again it'll be in the same palette that you last played in.

The general bugfixes include some odd ones with rather obscure execution requirements that'd cause crashing (one only happened if you were playing from save data instead of a new game), so overall the game should be more stable now.
Oculus Rift Support
February 06, 2016 @ 5:36pm
Fall of the Titanic now supports Oculus Rift! The game will work with Oculus Rift DK2 with version 0.7 and 0.8. Some features might be missing for now, but you are able to play Escape and Explore mode on the Oculus version. I will add some extra content for the Oculus version later, such as the sinking mode, and proper pause menu's (UI does not work with VR). Fall of the Titanic does support Direct mode, so running it should be very straight forward.

I am still working on improving the PC regular version, including fixing bugs and adding NPC's. The Oculus version includes renovated Turkish Baths, which will also be added alongside with additional content on the regular version next week.

I hope this also helps grow the relatively small amount of games that work on the Oculus, and again, thanks for keeping up!
Download our best XCOM 2 custom characters: Kylo Ren, Gaben, and more
February 06, 2016 @ 4:24pm
#UPDATE 0.23a - Cooking system!
February 06, 2016 @ 4:54pm
Hi future colonizers!

Here we come with another update with new content and features.
As you know we're adding features that are on a list until we reach beta stage, and then we'll keep adding but we'll focus on bug fixing / make the game stable.

This time is cooking turn.

Lets cook! Improving campfires
In a game where you need to survive campfires are one of the most important things that you can use at the beggining. In O.L.D campfires where just a source of light, but not anymore, because now campfires restores your energy and protects you from nearby enemies.

And now you are able to cook food! For now, you can only cook turnips, carrots and meat, and make some delicious Turnip Stew. Don't worry, we're adding more things to cook very soon! Take the time to cook something because it's worth it.

Campfires will need fuel in order to burn. Until now they were infinite, but not anymore, you'll need to use fuel to keep the fire alive. You can use sticks, cloth, raw wood or coal, being sticks the worst fuel (but the easiest to get) and coal the best one.

You can get coal by "cooking" (burning) raw wood as ingredient. Also every single cooked ingredient will be turned into coal if they stay on the fire for a while after they are ready.

Also, note that there's only one recipe for campfires now

Those 15 sticks you need will be used as fuel when you place your crafted campfires, so you can recover them if you want.

In the other hand, you can't recover a campfire once is placed, as instead, you can salvage it, recovering some of the materials and anything that in inside in that moment.

Is that everything?
Not even close. This new system opens a new way to new more systems, advanced crafting and weapon customization.

We're going to start to implement the infinite map system, but we've talked and we're pulling another update before doing that with new additions like a new enemy (static enemy) and maybe the weapon customization system (attach accesories) along with some improvements to the UI that a lot of you asked us!

And as always, here you have the most important patch notes!
- You can now bind your mouse keys (left click, right click, and wheel click)
- All controls can be reseted to defaults with the "Defaults" button now
- Bug fix, activating default dynamic object behaviour even if you kept use button pressed
- Bug fix, placing indicator won't explode mines anymore
- Bug fix, mines will explode again agaisnt enemies and wild life
- Bug fix, broken boxes pieces will now collide each other avoiding clipping
- Bug fix, hands stuck while jumping and attacking solved
- Bug fix, door item was referencing another item instead of itself
- Bug fix, some recipes where causing problems locking items in your inventory
- Added cooking system!
- Turnips, carrots and hard meat can now be cooked at campfires
- Sticks, raw wood, clothes and coal can now be used as fuel for campfires
- New items added: cooked turnip, cooked carrot, steak, turnip stew
- Raw wood can be "cooked" (burnt) at campfires as ingredient to get coal
- Every fuel item have now efficiency, sticks burn for a few seconds while coal last for a long time
- Campfires now need any kind of fuel to burn inside the cooking menu
- Cooking progress and fuel consumption will only happen if your campfire is burning
- Added a sound when you are cooking
- There's only one recipe to make campfires now: Wood (3) + Stone (2) + Stick (15)
- Campfires cannot be picked up when placed anymore, instead they can be salvaged, getting some materials back on the ground
- When you place a campfire, it will use the 15 sticks you needed to craft it as fuel
- Item info text (when pointing a placed object) changed
- When dragging an item from a container to a shortcut slot it will be returned to the container's slot instead of dropping it
- If you try to put an item from a container slot into a shortcut slot you will be prompted that you need to drag it first to the inventory

Thank you all for your support!
v2.1.0.8 Hotfix
February 06, 2016 @ 3:10pm
Changes and Fixes:
- Finally found a way to fix the graphics for those that get white boxes around everything that's supposed to be transparent (like this: )
Steam Workshop Status Update, Discord Community, Muscle Car Challenge
February 06, 2016 @ 3:15pm
Steam Workshop Status Update

Hey everyone! We know everyone is excited about the new Steam Workshop coming online so you can share your awesome builds. We were hoping to get it out a test build (closed testing group) this weekend but there is still a couple of things that need to be ironed out.

It is important to us that we release farily bug free updates and it is especially important for the Steam Workshop. If we get it wrong it could result in you losing a vehicle that you spent many hours on...we don't want that!

However, we want to reassure you that this is our top priority and we are hoping to get a test build out very soon, test it, then release to the public. Here are some screen shots below showing some of our progress.

Community & Discord

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who in our HB Discord Community for being so positive and supportive of one another. Seeing what you are creating is simply amazing and we love the interaction.

We also want to thank Colin for volunteering to be a Moderator. He has been a long time supporter of the game and community.

Please join us in our Discord community by following the link below. It is the best interface for sharing information, media, getting support, and just having a good time with others.


As promised we will continue to share information with you and release more frequent (but high quality) updates as possible.

American Muscle Car Challenge

Okay to put it simply...."We are blown away!" We will be going through the vehicles next week (downloading and looking at them in game) and comparing notes. We know already it is going to very tough to decide on winners so we have been throwing around several ideas that may allow us to give out more recognition.

We are also considering opening it up to a community poll as well. What are your thoughts about that? Please let us know in the comments below.

Again, thank you everyone now we are going back to work!
Driveable Buggy added to Sandbox Mode Fix!
February 06, 2016 @ 3:08pm
Steam Build 73 - 06/02

*Fix for Saving Player Position in Sandbox Mode
*Added a 'Buggy' Driveable Vehicle to Sandbox Mode, Press F to enter/exit, C to change camera views and L for lights. (I will add a UI soon, so you can customise the Buggys settings... ie. Suspension, Mass, Speed, Drivemode.. etc) Its set to AWD Default. If you stay in the car it will auto right itself if you have an accident.
Flat Terrain map has Tarmac terrain Physics, Grimlock Island has Grass terrain Physics and Arid Wasteland has Sand terrain Physics.

Please Note! It wont save its position yet, I had issue where is was spawning inside itself, so kept it from this build.

I would love to hear your feedback!

Thank You ːDː ːss13okː
Early Access Update Tjugotre (23)
February 06, 2016 @ 3:06pm
Early Access Update Tjugotre (23)
build id: 56B6750D

Hello all! We are happy to announce a new update to Space Beast Terror Fright.

Bugfix Update
This update is mainly a stability and bugfix update.
  • Switched to dedicated screen rendertargets for each hero, in order to avoid GPU memory thrashing when using screen splits.
  • Added checks for reachability in all publicly deployed planners.
  • Switched from circular to hexagonal aim assist icon shape.
  • Added credits for third party composers (Billy Swartzel and Isaac Wingrove). Music from Isaac Wingrove is not yet implemented but is coming soon.
  • Plan::Cell.entity and Plan::Cell.tile are now merged to a single byte value with a floor bit. This removes data redundancy in preparation for a future level editor.
  • Airlock "outside door control index" is now implicitly based on flags. This removes data redundancy in preparation for a future level editor.
  • All tracker / map textures are now a single texture atlas, reducing draw calls.
  • Disabled mission menu when any player is dying; this means you can no longer "cheat" to avoid dying once the death animation sequence is active.
  • Fixed broken aim-assist positions in certain screen split permutations.
  • Bolts no longer collide with dead Beasts or Creeps. This fixes inaccurate kill statistics, often seen when using the shotgun.
As always, thank you for your support and patience,
/nornware AB c/o johno

nornware Dev Feed
nornware on Facebook
nornware on Twitter
nornware on YouTube
Trading Cards
February 06, 2016 @ 3:03pm
Macabre Trading Cards have been submitted for review to Steam. As long as there aren't any flags thrown, they should be available sometime next week.
Update #13 - New Character! Grimlock, The Crab Captain
February 06, 2016 @ 3:11pm

Dark sails have risen over the horizon, and with it the Crab Captain has emerged! Grimlock swings into battle today as the 5th playable character in Skyhook! You’ll have to unlock him in order to hook your friends with his big meaty claws!

You can now connect Skyhook with your twitch account and play against your viewers while streaming! Fight bots named after viewers and allow the chat to vote for what powerups everyone gets!

Here's a short video of what that looks like!

  • Camera will now track a player’s goal if they have the ball and are near their own goal.
  • Improvements to camera tracking, zooming, and shaking.
  • Improved most UI alerts and gameplay huds.
  • Added fancy new doodads to the main menu.
  • Added support to use the Space key when customizing input.
  • Added fx on melee kills
  • Melee button will now fire mounts if you don’t have a ball or other item held.

  • Fixed bug with team tokens not auto selecting previous teams when returning to menu.
  • Fixed bug with skyball not reappearing after falling off the stage.
  • Fixed bug with the wrong player getting the winner trophy.
  • Fixed bug with ball getting stuck when pass target dies.
  • Fixed bug with game over panels showing wrong player icon when match ends with mirror powerup activated.

I'm so excited to finally unveal the 5th character in Skyhook and give him to you guys! As always let me know what you think in the Steam Discussion boards, or tweet me @waseqazi!


P.S. If you don't know already, Grimlock was developed live during my daily twitch streams! I stream Mon-Fri at 2pm EST at Come join to see how Skyhook is made!
New Making History: The Great War review out!
February 06, 2016 @ 2:46pm gives The Great War 8/10 saying "this game is all about the game play and that is where it really shines" and "Overall Making History The Great War is a war game you should definitely add to your collection". Check it out at:
Kick Ass Commandos EARLY ACCESS (and DEMO) updated! (V0.0.30)
February 06, 2016 @ 2:16pm
What's new:

- Tweaked number formatting (added commas to numbers on various screens)
- Fixed bug where dismembered body parts were invisible.
- Improved ability to climb stairs
- Added new stairs icon to mini-map of levels containing stairs
What next?
February 06, 2016 @ 4:24pm
Here is what is coming next for Infinitrap:

- A online guide about the level editor and levels in workshop.
- Mobile and TV version (Android, iOS, Apple TV)
- Graphical overhaul, all the visual effects will be upscaled (twice) and all animations will be redone in Spine (skeleton-style animations). Some animations are already done.
- The campaign will be redone (divided in 4 chapters) with 4 mini-bosses and extra puzzle-like levels.
- Maybe, I say maybe, network coop / dm mode.

Have fun :)
Regarding The New Update.
February 06, 2016 @ 2:09pm
I am in the middle of fixing everything to make everything right.

I am going to make the game a lot better and please wait and see the next update (called 1.2) and then please give the game a review.

It should be released within the next two weeks. So please wait until that update arrives :)

[Update] Lets change resolution, direct input, chat! emotes! more!
February 06, 2016 @ 1:41pm
We have just updated the game with a long list of fixes.
We also added a new feature, Emotes and Text-Chat!

  • Graphics card settings resolution list fix.
  • Direct Input Gamepads now require you to enable the “Enable Direct Input Gamepads” In settings. This is because using two different Gamepad interfaces can cause issues for people who are already themselves emulating between the two.
  • Emotes added! Access emotes by press 1-4 on keyboard or use the digital pad direction on your gamepad!
  • Text-Chat added! Press T on keyboard to enable text chat.
  • Team-strike round timer is still 60 first round each half, every other round now has a 20 second buy-timer.
  • Improved Team-strike hud so that remote players are not rendered as significantly.
  • Private lobbies now work correctly.
  • Added invite-only lobby privacy setting.
  • Private slots no longer multiply uncontrollably.
  • Heat and Cold no longer bypasses invulnerability (spawn protection)
  • Startup crash fixed when config files are corrupted.
  • Red-Spark now has HUD-indicator so that you know you can shoot it!
  • Some story bugs!
Over One Thousand Copies Sold!
February 06, 2016 @ 1:35pm
We've sold over 1000 copies of Over The Hills And Far Away on Steam!

Thank you for supporting and playing this unique game of ours! We hope you enjoy it!
Weekly Update #27
February 06, 2016 @ 12:53pm
Massive update incoming!

This week I've been busy with expanding the world and making it a bit more interesting to explore. The underground has much more variety now. Additionally a good amount of work was put into fixing some existing issues and cleaning up the lighting.

This next week I'm going to be focusing on fixing any more existing issues including trying to get multiplayer as solid as possible.

Multiplayer Testing
Speaking of which, if you'd like to help with multiplayer testing then I invite you to do so by joining in on my livestream this weekend. I plan to host a world and let anyone join. If you do join all I ask is to report any issues you may have in as much detail as possible. I'll begin today's stream within the next hour or so.

Please report all issues you run into!
If you are unsure of how to report issues then please check out this post.

  • Added Magma chamber underground biome
  • Added a Mushroom themed underground forest biome
  • Added Underground forest biome
  • Completely reworked icy underground biome
  • Added snails to underground
  • Light is MUCH brighter! Rejoice!
  • Light penetrates through solid tiles a bit more now
  • Changed ground rendering to support more layers: Platforms are now behind the player and lava layered nicely
  • Icicles can now appear underneath snow and ice
  • Trees should appear underwater less often
  • Cleaned up graphics for Dirt, Torch, Vines and Research Desk
  • Tweaked how water looks
Bug Fixes
  • Resolved issue with tiles sometimes not rendering properly
  • Resolved issue with world generation not cleaning up properly which could result in a crash later
  • Resolved crash regarding fetching damaged tile
  • Resolved issue with dungeon generation locking up sometimes
  • Resolved issue with dungeon switch objective sometimes having no switches
  • Resolved crash crash in foliage system due to foliage attempting to grow out of world bounds
  • Resolved issue with foliage not rendering properly
  • Resolved a few issues with foliage not spreading properly
  • Resolved issue with world generation completely failing for some players
  • Fixed issue with icicle doodads not being placed properly in Icy dungeon
  • Fixed UI paths for mods
  • Fixed Uplift Boots
  • Fixed issue with getting incorrect stamina cost for skills
  • Fixed issue with lighting not rendering correctly
  • Fixed issue with lighting sometimes using darker colors than it should
  • Fixed issue with fish fleeing
Testing Build 1.19.1 Hotfix #1
February 06, 2016 @ 1:51pm
Evening everyone,

A hotfix has been released for Windows, Linux, and OSX fixing a couple issues with vehicle type demand. An OS X hotfix will be coming out in about 4-6 hours, I'll post in the comments when it's ready. (OSX patched as well)

Thanks again, and have a nice weekend!
Problem with starting Blackhole? Here's solution!
February 06, 2016 @ 12:32pm
Dear players,
we have new reported problem with BLACKHOLE and Intel HD Graphics / AMD chipsets. The newest Intel drivers unfortunately causing the problem with DirectX 9.0C and BLACKHOLE stop responding or doesn't working correctly.

The same problem also often triggers the message that the DRIVER has crashed and was restored.

Please, let me really apologize for this trouble. But on the other hand it's nothing we could prevent from. We have to update our code, and bring support for more laptop players. That said, we are working really hard for 2 months now to release brand new version of BLACKHOLE, which will solve like almost 300 bugs and adds new locations & puzzles for free.

But, here comes the sad part: we are not still ready to release stable version yet. For that reason, we created public beta branch for those, whose experiencing problems with starting the game. This public beta contains everything what we'd planned to release next week.

How to activate Public Beta of Blackhole:
  • Go into your Library in Steam
  • Find Blackhole
  • Open Blackhole Properties
  • There is section "Betas"
  • Select "beta - Public Beta Branch"
  • No need enter password
  • Download the update
  • Try to play game now! :)

Don't worry about your save-files or collector's content. Nothing in local data will be changed using this beta branch. Only "early access" game content will be updated.

We really hope this beta version will help those, who experiecing difficulties with running the game. When the final version of the update will be ready - we move version into the stable (default) channel. You can change from beta branch to default at any time - save files are backward compatible.

Thank you very much for your patience and support. If you need any special support, don't worry to contact us directly using - thank you!

PS: If you have problem with running the game, would you mind to tell us your CPU, GPU and OS? If you want to help us, leave them into comments below. It will give us the perspective, how large this problem is.

Have a great day,
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February 06, 2016 @ 12:25pm
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Don’t miss your chance to enjoy an immersive puzzle investigation game that uses the real world to create a true Alternate Reality Game experience! Already a player? Invite a friend and solve puzzles as part of a team while you explore the mysteries of The Black Watchmen world.

Full Game:
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