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Mayor Carol’s Holiday Quests
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Find your new favorite game in the Steam Labs Interactive Recommender, where you can view and filter our Robot Elves' Hand-Picked Selections just for you, based on the games you play.
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Add any three games to your Steam Wishlist.
Take a Steam Labs Deep Dive
Take a Steam Labs Deep Dive! Starting from a familiar favorite game, wade through the depths of Steam.
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New! Communicate with a friend or group using Stickers. Find the 🙂︎ icon in any chat window to access your Stickers.
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Get cozy ’round the fire when you tune into the Steam Yule Log Broadcast.
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Is this thing on? Call a friend and connect using voice chat. Right-click on any Friend in your list and select Start Voice Chat. Or, select the voice chat button in any chat window.
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Communicate with a friend or group using special slash commands. Try typing / in chat and select among the options listed to give slash commands a whirl.
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Watch a friend play a game right in chat! Right-click on someone playing a game in your Friends List and select Watch Game to get started.
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Launch any multiplayer game and then visit the Steam Overlay (Shift + Tab). Then, open the Friends List and right-click on a friend to Invite to Lobby.
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Visit your Steam Library and create a new Collection of games.
Share a Screenshot - Right from your Library!
Take a screenshot while playing a game (by pressing F12), then Share it using the Post-Game Summary displayed right in your library.
Use Chat Effects
Celebrate New Year’s Eve with a festive Chat Effect. Find the 🙂︎ icon in any chat window to access your consumable Chat Effects. Redeem a free effect here that’s good for three uses!
Review Steam Awards Winners
Visit the Steam Awards to view this year’s winners!
Steamville Holiday Event Details
Earn Festivity Tokens on Steam
Complete Holiday Quests to Earn Festivity Tokens
Complete Quests on Mayor Carol’s Good List and earn 100 Festivity Tokens for every Quest you conquer.
Earn More Tokens When you Shop in the Winter Sale
Shop on Steam during the Winter Sale and earn approximately 100 Festivity Tokens for every $1 you spend on Steam (we'll convert your spend to USD first, so it's really for every $1 USD you spend, you'll receive 100 Festivity Tokens). You will be granted Festivity Tokens when you fund your Steam Wallet (during the sale) or make a purchase using non-Steam Wallet funds.
Tally Up Your Tokens
For a detailed breakdown of your Festivity Token count, whether acquired via Steam purchases, Wallet funds, or Quests, visit Your Token History.
Spend Tokens in the Holiday Market
Treat Yourself to Wintery Goods in The Holiday Market
Get festive with friends using new Seasonal Chat Stickers and Chat Room Effects, now available in the Holiday Market. Additional Seasonal items include The Winter Sale Coupon and The Winter Profile. The Winter 2019 Profile upgrade will expire February 24, 2020 @ 4:00:00 pm PST, but Chat Stickers and Chat Effects will no longer expire.
In addition to Seasonal items, you may purchase Chat Emoticons, Profile Backgrounds, and the Winter Badge in the Holiday Market. These items are yours to use beyond the duration of the event.
Please note that all items purchased on the Holiday Market cannot be traded, sold on the Steam Community Market or turned into Gems.
Try the New Steam Chat Stickers & Effects
To access and use your new Chat Stickers and Chat Effects, visit any Steam Chat window, where you'll discover these items alongside Chat Emoticons in the happy face menu.
Earn the Steamville Badge
Earn Your Key to the City Badge
Earn this exclusive badge when you complete all of the Winter 2019 Holiday Quests.
Participate in the Steam Awards
Collect More Stuff in the Steam Awards Event
Check out the 2019 Steam Awards, where you can also collect Trading Cards and craft a Badge.