As part of the program we will be asking you for personal information (e.g., Gamertag, email address, and general location). We may also leverage data from your gameplay telemetry. Any feedback that you provide can be used by Microsoft without charge, in any way, for any purpose. We will retain and use your personal information and feedback for the duration of your participation in the Halo Insider Program. All of your data and participation are covered by the Microsoft Services Agreement and Privacy Statement Your personal data will remain private and will not be shared with any third party outside of Microsoft. You may opt out of the Halo Insider program at any time by updating your Halo Insider settings. Please note that you must be opted in to be considered for any future feedback or flighting opportunity for the Halo franchise.


The information you receive during the course of the program is proprietary and confidential information to Microsoft, and you agree to take all necessary steps to preserve that confidentiality. As part of your obligation to preserve the confidentiality of the information you agree not to:
( i ) disclose the existence of any surveys;
( ii ) disclose or provide any information you receive in connection with the Program to any third party (other than as specifically permitted herein) in any manner including but not limited to capturing and posting screen shots, videos, or opinions or any other information related to the Program on any website or blogs. However, you may disclose confidential information in accordance with judicial and other governmental order, provided you shall give Microsoft reasonable written notice prior to such disclosure and shall comply with any applicable protective order or equivalent. Further, you shall not be liable to Microsoft for disclosure of information which you can prove (a) is already known to you without an obligation to maintain the same as confidential; (b) becomes publicly known through no wrongful act of you; or (c) is independently developed by you.


Microsoft reserves the right to terminate your access to all or part of the Halo Insider Program at any time.