The terms of use of the EARLY ACCESS version are as follows.

1) You understand and acknowledge that the game is in early access.
2) Do not make a copy or distribute the game without permission.
3) The characters in the game are exclusive to the developer of Mist Survival - Berserker, and Alien.
4) Buyers understand the changes that will occur while the game is in Early Access as follows.
4.1) The game may change gameplay mechanics In each update.
4.2) Player may found many bug in game.
4.3) Character in the game may changes for better quality. To Improve, developer may have to change the 3D model of some character.
4.4) Landscape and some location may change for better quality. Developer may have to modify the scene or location within game depends on the balance of the game at that time
5) In some parts of the game may be shocking the player. Developers will not be responsible for any health or abnormalities that occur to players.