Drinking Disclaimer:

This game is a fun party game that includes a drinking option, and the drinking is fully optional! You do not need to drink to play this game. Nikkihends Production is not responsible for any actions of any of the users that play this game. Nikkihends Production does not support, promote, or condone the use of harmful, illegal and alcoholic beverages. By accepting, you are also accepting the EULA for all parties, including yourself, that the users of this game are playing this game at their own discretion and take full responsibility of their actions. Play safe and smart!

Analytics Disclaimer:
By accepting the EULA, you agree to send basic game data to our servers to help us provide better game play and debug issues. There is no private data involved. All information is relevant to how Drink 'Em works on the system. This includes all of the saved game data, the output log of the game, system information, and information on the connected controllers.