Updated 25/05/2016

This is licence is a legal agreement between you and Matterhorn Software Ltd (“we” or “us”). In order to protect any video game titles published or developed and published by us we require you to agree to some basic rules on what you can and can’t do with any video game titles published or developed by us (“our games”) and what you should and should not expect from us.

When we refer to “our games”, we’re referring to all of the content included with any title of video game that is made or published by Matterhorn Software LTD, including but not limited to the binaries, documents, tutorials, dedicated server systems, APIs and Software Development Kit for our games. This End User Licence Agreement (“EULA”) covers everything we’ve made that is included with our games, or anything we publish that is relevant to our games.

By downloading, installing, customising or using/playing our games you agree to the rules set out in this EULA and if you disagree then you must not use or play our games.

Since you should have seen this EULA before you purchased our games, we do not pledge to refund you if you decide to disagree with this EULA at a later date.

We grant you a licence to play or use our games as long as you have purchased a legitimate copy, or have been given a copy by us for testing or press review. If you have purchased an illegitimate copy, or are playing without purchasing a copy at all, we do not grant you a licence to play or use our games.

If we discover you are breaking any of the rules set out in this EULA, then your licence to use or play our games may be revoked by us.

Online Gameplay
Our games may provide the ability to connect with other players (“multiplayer”) either by a client-client model, or via a dedicated server system. Multiplayer sessions communicate with a master server (“multiplayer API”) in order to create a master list of games, which players can join from a menu within our games.

We do make guarantees about the uptime, security, integrity, reliability or speed of our multiplayer API.

Multiplayer sessions in our games may give you the ability to communicate with other players via a chat system. You may not use this chat system for any illegal activity.

You may not use multiplayer sessions or dedicated server systems to hack or exploit our games, prevent other players from playing our games, or cause grief to other players in any way.

You may not use multiplayer sessions or dedicated server systems to violate the rights of other players in any way.

We will refer to “modifications” as any modification for our games that you or someone else created which doesn’t contain a majority of copyrightable code or content. When you use a modification with any of our games, we’ll refer to this as a “modded version of our games”.

You may make a modification in the form of optional additional files for use with our games. You may not directly modify the content of our games.

You may only use our Software Development Kit to make modifications for our game.

You may not make any modifications which are for the purpose of reverse-engineering, hacking or exploiting our games, preventing other players from playing our games, or causing grief to other players.

You may NOT sell, rent or make any commercial gain from modifications for our games without explicit permission from us.

Modifications which come from a 3rd party source (not us) are not official additions to our games in any way, and we cannot guarantee their quality. We do not accept responsibility for any modification which could harm you, your computer, or your gameplay experience.

Screenshots and Video
You are free to make screenshots and videos of our games. You may not directly benefit commercially from the distribution of screenshots and video of our games. For example, you may not offer for sale or rent pictures or video of our games.

You may indirectly monetise screenshots or video of our games, including but not limited to placing advertisements beside or on top of screenshots or video of our games, proving it is clear that we do not endorse the product or service depicted in any advertisements.

We grant you a licence to install, play or use our games. However, we retain all ownership of our games, including but not limited to the branding, content and intellectual property.

When you purchase our games, you are buying a licence to play and use our games and are not purchasing the game or its content itself. The only licence you have to the game or its content is this EULA itself.

Any modifications solely made by you belong to you, providing it is your original work and the majority of which does not belong to someone else.

Any videos or screenshots you make of this game belong to you.

This EULA does not grant you a licence to distribute our games in any way. You may not sell, rent or lend our games in any way, including modded versions of our games.

You grant us a worldwide, royalty free, non exclusive licence to distribute your content such as screenshots, video and modifications of our games without reward.

You may distribute modifications which comply with this EULA.

You may distribute parts of our Software Development Kit as long as they are as part of a completed modification which complies with this EULA..

You may distribute videos or screenshots you make of this game that belong to you providing they comply with the EULA.

You may NOT distribute modifications, screenshots or video which infringe any laws or violate the rights of other players or owners of our games.

You may not use our name (for example, Matterhorn Software LTD), our titles (for example, Concrete And Steel) or any of our logos, trademarks or other branding to promote yourself, your content or our modifications.

You may not imply that your product, modification, dedicated server, video, stream, screenshot or anything else created by you that relates to our games is “official”, “recommended”, “approved” or otherwise endorsed by us in any way.

You may not distribute any branding assets (for example, logos or content) belonging to us without explicit permission. You may, however, use such assets as part of your own non-commercial work, providing that work complies with the terms of this EULA.

You may not create, sell, rent or distribute any merchandise relating to our games or our brands in any way.

If we do allow you to use our branding in any way, it will be with written permission, and you must show a clear notice as follows:


From time to time, we may, at our discretion, distribute patches or updates for our games. We do not guarantee or promise to provide updates, additional content, patches or bug fixes.

Updates we distribute for our games may not be compatible with earlier modifications or dedicated server systems. We do not accept any responsibility if our updates to our games break your modifications or multiplayer sessions.

While we openly ask for bug reports and suggestions for our games, we do not make promises to patch or fix those bugs, nor do we promise to add any suggested features to our games. If we do use your bug report or suggestion in any way, we do not have to credit you or reward you for it in any way.

Liability and Law
The terms of this EULA do not affect any legal statutory rights that you may have. Everything contained in this EULA is subject to applicable law.

We provide our games and any updates to our games “as is”. We do not make promises about the standard or quality of our games or updates, nor do we guarantee that your game will be error free. We are not responsible for any loss or damage that our games may cause. You accept all risk with regards to the quality, performance and integrity of any of our games that you install, play, use or modify in any way.

We reserve the right to terminate this EULA if you break any of its conditions.

You may terminate this EULA at any time by uninstalling / deleting our games from your computer. If you terminate the EULA, you no longer have any rights given in this licence to play, use or modify our games.

Upon termination you retain the rights to any content you have made, but you no longer have the right to distribute parts of our Software Development Kit included with any modifications you have made.

The information about Liability and Law, Ownership, Distribution and Branding still applies even after this EULA is terminated.

We may change the EULA from time to time, and we do not guarantee to inform you if or when the EULA is updated. If you do not agree with changes to the EULA you may terminate it at any time, however we do not pledge to refund any payment you made to obtain our games.