[h2]End User License Agreement for Interstellar Rift[/h2]

License scope

Split Polygon VOF hereby grants to the rightful acquirer of Interstellar Rift ("you") a right to use this software.

This license is personal. The software may be installed on an unlimited number of computers, but only an authorized user (or the authorized number of users) may actually use the software.

It is expressly forbidden to:

reverse engineer the source code of the software or to decompile the software, except to the extent permitted by mandatory law;

provide copies of the software to third parties ;

sublicense the software or otherwise make available the software to third parties, including by rental, Software-as-a-Service models or otherwise;

remove indications of Split Polygon VOF as copyright holder of the software or to remove or render illegible any part thereof.

You may make a backup copy of the software. This backup copy may not be used or traded or distributed in any way, except in conjunction with the original software.

Intellectual property

All right, title and interest to the software, the accompanying documentation and all modifications and extensions thereto rest and remain with Split Polygon VOF. You only have the rights and permissions explicitly granted to you by this agreement or granted in writing otherwise. You may not use, copy, distribute or publish the software in any other manner.


You are solely responsible for installation and usage of the software. The documentation will provide recommended requirements for the hardware and software environment.
The usage right is subject to payment of a one-time license fee, due when the software is first used.


Split Polygon VOF from time to time releases updates that address bugs or improve the functioning of the software.

The software will alert you to any available updates. This requires an active internet connection. Installation of updates is performed only with your separate consent. No liability is accepted for any damage caused by bugs addressed in an update not installed by you.


Split Polygon VOF shall provide you with a reasonable level of support through its website and/or e-mail (or other communication channels announced to you). Split Polygon VOF however does not guarantee that all requests for support or bug reports are taken into consideration.

Guarantees and liability

Split Polygon VOF guarantees that Interstellar Rift contains no viruses, backdoors or malicious routines;

that Interstellar Rift violates no third-party rights (such as copyrights), excluding any violations arising out of a particular use of the software;

it will use its best efforts to investigate any reported bugs as soon as is practical and to repair such bug or create a workaround (but may delay repairing bugs with limited impact until the next planned update);

but nothing else.

Except in cases of intentional misconduct or gross negligence or the violation of a warranty granted above Split Polygon VOF is not liable towards you, regardless of ground, for any damages in connection with Interstellar Rift.

No liability exists in case damages were not reported timely after discovery to Split Polygon VOF. In addition no liability exists if the cause of damage is beyond the control of Split Polygon VOF.

Term of the agreement

This agreement enters into force when you start use of the software and remains in force until terminated.

The agreement may be terminated by both you and Split Polygon VOF at any time by providing one month's notice.

This agreement terminates automatically and immediately in case you enter into bankruptcy, apply for a suspension of payments, your assets are seized, you pass away, or in case you enter into liquidation, legal dissolution or winding-up.

After termination of the agreement (regardless of reason) you must cease all use of Interstellar Rift. In addition you must remove all copies (including backup copies)) of Interstellar Rift from all computer systems under your control.

Miscellaneous terms

Dutch law applies to this end-user license agreement.

Unless dictated otherwise by mandatory law, all disputes arising in connection with this agreement shall be brought before the competent Dutch court for the principal place of business of Split Polygon VOF.

A finding that any particular provision of this agreement is legally void shall not affect the validity of the entire agreement. In such a case the parties shall determine a replacement provision that is legally valid and approximates the intent of the offending provision as much as possible.

Split Polygon VOF may assign its rights and obligations under this agreement to a third party that acquires the relevant business or the copyrights to Interstellar Rift from her.