for FIM Speedway Grand Prix 15

hereinafter referred to as the Program.

Note to the User

Very important: Read this document before you start using the attached software, hereinafter referred to as the Program. By installing and using the Program, you declare that you have read the following software license agreement and accept its conditions. This constitutes an official and legally binding agreement concluded between you (the User) and Softplanet.


Parties to this License Agreement are: the End User of the Program and Softplanet. By installing or agreeing to install the Program, the User becomes a party to this License Agreement. The License Agreement is subject to Polish law.

1. Grant of License
After the issuing of all applicable fees, the User is granted the right to run the Program on one computer, operating independently, belonging to the User or in the User’s possession. The Program is intended for non-commercial use. The User does not have the right to make any changes to or translate the Program or its documentation without the prior written consent of Softplanet. To prevent unauthorised use, some of Softplanet’s products are protected with an unlock code or require a security key. In such a case, the security key remains the property of Softplanet for the duration of the License Agreement.

2. Copying of the Program
The User may not copy the Program and the documentation related to it. Moreover, the User may not, in any way, share, distribute, or publicly display the Program without the prior written consent of Softplanet.

3. Copyright
The Program and any related documentation is the exclusive property of Softplanet and Softplanet’s licensors, and as such is subject to the same protection as intellectual property, regardless of any changes made by or for the User. The User hereby acknowledges that they have no rights to the Program and the documentation related to it, except for the rights under this Agreement. Softplanet hereby confirms that it has the right to grant the license to the Program.

4. Duration
The Agreement comes into force the moment the Program has been installed. In particular, the Agreement will lose its validity if you:
a) destroy all copies of the Program and all of the documentation in your possession, or
b) breach any of the conditions of this Agreement, or
c) lose or destroy the security keys, provided they are required for the proper operation of the Program, or
d) undertake actions that question Softplanet’s copyrights to the Program and related materials.

In the event that this Agreement expires, the User shall immediately destroy all copies of the Program and the documentation related to it that are in the User’s possession, and shall return the security keys that are in the User’s possession to Softplanet.

5. Limitation of liability
The Program is provided “as is”.

Softplanet warrants the original user that the media on which the Program has been delivered, as well as any security keys, are free from defects and ensures their proper functioning under normal conditions.

Softplanet’s only obligation under the warranty claims is to replace defective media or defective security keys returned to Softplanet. Softplanet will send a defect-less media or key to the provided return address within 30 days of receipt of the defective media or key.

Softplanet disclaims all warranties to the greatest extent permissible by law in relation to the Program, and any documentation and hardware provided. In particular, Softplanet gives no warranty in relation to any data provided with the Program and does not assume responsibility for any errors that may result from the use of these data when working with the Program or in any other way.

Any warranty rights given by Softplanet arise only from this License Agreement.

SOFTPLANET, its licensors and suppliers disclaim, to the fullest extent permissible by law, liability for any losses incurred by the User (including financial, organisational, informational and other losses) arising from the use of or inability to use the Program, even if Softplanet has been previously advised of the possibility of such damages. In any case, Softplanet’s liability is limited to the amount actually paid by the User for the license provided.

Softplanet does not guarantee proper operation of the Program in certain cases with respect to the Program and the documentation. The warranty does not apply to the total absence of errors in the Program, and in particular that it shall meet the requirements and the goals of the User or that it will be compatible with other programs selected by the User. The responsibility for proper selection and the consequences of using the Program shall always be borne by the User.

6. Updates
Any license granted for future versions of the Program is subject to the License Agreement and applicable fees that are in force at the time of the conclusion of the contract of sale of a given version of the Program.

7. The effects of the License Agreement
This License Agreement contains the agreement of the parties and replaces any prior agreements, oral or written, related to the Program. Changes to this License Agreement can be made only through agreement of the parties, concluded in writing.

8. Disclaimer
Any rights not expressly granted to you are reserved by Softplanet.

You hereby acknowledge that you have read this agreement and fully understand its terms and confirm that you agree to all its conditions. You also agree that it is a legally binding agreement between you and Softplanet.