Hi and welcome to the Kingdom of Armello!

We, League of Geeks Pty Ltd, based in Melbourne, Australia are the Publisher and Developer of Armello, we’re very happy that you’re joining us and coming along for this wonderful journey. Some of the following is a bit legally and we’ve tried to keep that to a minimum, so please bare with us - we just want to play games too, but we need to do this bit first. So here we go.

We invite you to play singleplayer, to learn how to play, to explore the kingdom, the lore and hone your skills, when you’re ready jump into online-multiplayer and test your wits and luck with others. We want you to enjoy our game Armello, that we’ve spent years pouring our love into. We ask that you play in the spirit of good clean fun; we ask that you be a positive force for good, remaining a friendly and respectful player when interacting with others.

To play online multiplayer and use Armello’s online features you will have an online account in-game and must not be considered a child in your region (if in doubt, you should be over the age of 16 years old). We cannot collect your personal data, which is essential for online play, if you are a child. This is actually a legal requirement, not our own invention. You can play Armello without an online account, however online features will be disabled, for all purposes. In offline mode, no personal data is tracked or stored by us.

Some of our online features are used for matchmaking of online multiplayer, some track your progress and purchases, others include analytics and tracking tools in our game to collect data about how players are playing Armello. We do this to help balance Armello, so we can make it as good as it can be, and we use this data to help us improve the player experience. We may store this data throughout of the life of Armello to help us compare whether features over time have made real improvements and we may also delete this data at any time. We do use third party cloud services such as Steam, PlayFab, Mixpanel, Amazon, Google and Databox (all located in the USA) to provide these essential online services. We don’t collect personal data to sell or share to third parties for marketing reasons, though we may from time to time send, to the email address linked to your online account, an Armello newsletter with significant news and any essential communications regarding Armello services, status and content.

We take your personal data very seriously and want you to know that there is always a chance online that your personal data could be compromised or intercepted. If you think this has happened to you, with respect to Armello, you should get in contact with us immediately.

We also want you to know, the European Union - General Data Protection Regulation grants you the right to access your data, correct it, restrict access to it, delete it, or download it, you may also lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

What breaks our hearts, is when players don’t engage with Armello in the spirit it was intended, or worse, ruin the enjoyment of the game for other players! Boo-hiss, very very bad.

We at League of Geeks take the protection of our users’ enjoyment of our game Armello, as well as their right to feel safe and right to common respect, very seriously.

We reserve the right to ban you from our forums, website and portals we control.

We reserve all rights to issue temporary or permanent bans to users who we believe have compromised other users’ enjoyment of Armello.

If you are found to be utilising third-party automation software in the form of bots, hacks, or cheats - We will ban you.

If you are reported to be compromising users’ enjoyment of Armello in order to ‘farm’ inventory or otherwise - We will ban you.

If you are reported to be abusive, trolling, griefing, being a jerk or otherwise damaging the experience for other players - We will ban you without a second thought.

Armello is VAC (Valve Anti Cheat) enabled software. Using third party bots, hacks or cheats may result in a Steam multiplayer ban that spans across many of their services. This will be applied at their discretion.

We also strongly suggest you review our greater Terms of Service and Privacy Policy which can be found on the Armello and League of Geeks websites.

League of Geeks grants you a personal, non-exclusive, limited right and license to install, store and play Armello, including future patches and updates, ONLY for personal use and enjoyment. Armello is not being sold, given or otherwise transferred to you, nor does this EULA transfer to you any promotional use rights for Armello.

League of Geeks provides Armello “AS IS” without warranty and “with full faults”, we will strive throughout the active life of Armello to patch it regularly and make improvements and fixes, but ultimately Armello is provided “AS IS”.

By playing Armello you agree to the terms of our Armello EULA (End User License Agreement) and agree to play Armello in the spirit it was intended and that you will treat all other players with respect. You also agree IF you create an online-account to our collection of data so we can provide online services essential to online play and continue to improve Armello and to support it into the future.

We also reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions in this EULA as required and post these updates to the EULA for your review. You will be deemed to have accepted such changes by continuing to play Armello.

You can terminate this license at any time by ceasing to play Armello and deleting the game from your system.

If you have any questions please contact us at our support team and/or designated Data Protection Officer can assist you.

Now go and have fun! See you atop of the throne of Armello.

<3 LoG