Hero Siege (the Game) may be updated or patched from time to time, but Panic Art Studios Ltd. (We) are not obliged to support the Game. We, however, hope to support the Game as long as possible.

The Game, as well as all the updates, patches, expansions, DLC and online multiplayer functionality (Multiplayer) are provided as is. This means that We are not making any promises that the Game will be error free. We can't guarantee that Multiplayer servers or saves will stay up. We are not responsible for any damage that the Game may cause for your computer or your mental health. If you run into any bugs, please report them into our bugtracker at http://www.autoseries.net/bugtracker.

Cheating in the Multiplayer component of the Game will result in a permanent ban tied to your Steam account.
We don't remove bans for any reason. Don't let anyone use your account (Steam or Panic.net).
We retain the right to freeze or ban suspicious accounts, which are harming the Game.

There are a few different ways of getting banned:

I) Cheating: Most of these bans are handled by our automated cheat detection system. These bans are always permanent and will never be lifted.

II) Verbal Abuse: Bad behavior, flaming and/or racism towards other people in Multiplayer chat. Bans may go up to 7 days. Every case is reviewed and unique.

III) Toxic Behavior: Overall toxicity and bad behavior such as griefing, afking on purpose etc. These bans are given case by case for up to 7 days.