Attention! Please note that the game is currently in its beta-testing phase and may be unstable or contain various errors.

By installing and playing the game, you confirm that you will not publish screenshots, videos or other materials that demonstrate the current game build, or video stream a demonstration of gameplay.
You give consent to process the information provided by you (including personal data) along with other actions according to the terms indicated below:
I hereby, by my will and in my interest, consent to the processing and other actions (hereinafter – the processing) of the information provided by me, including personal data (hereinafter – the Information Provided).

Consent to process the Information Provided is given by me for:

Providing and promoting goods and services to me;
Marketing research;
Statistical purposes (collecting game statistics).

I grant permission for the Information Provided to be processed, including performing with the Information Provided the following actions (operations) or a combination of them: collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage.
This consent is valid for an indefinite period.

For additional information please contact:
Thank you for participating in this test and we hope your enjoy the game!