This software programme and any files enabling you to play or perform updates either online or offline including packaging, manuals, etc. (hereinafter called “materials”) and all works derived from this software programme and these materials (as a whole: the “game”) are both protected by copyright and trademark law.
Each use of the game shall be subject to the terms of this End User License Agreement. The game shall be distributed and rented exclusively by authorized traders and shall be used solely for private purposes. Any use, reproduction or redistribution of the game not expressly authorized by the terms of the License Agreement shall be expressly prohibited.


Because of its complex nature, software can never be expected to be completely error-free. Therefore, Koch Media cannot guarantee that the contents of this product will meet your expectations, and that the software will run glitch-free under any possible conditions. Moreover, Koch Media assumes no warranty for specific functions and results of this software in excess of the current minimum standard of software technology at the time this program was created. The same applies to the accuracy and/or completeness of the accompanying documentation.

If the program should be defective upon delivery so that, despite appropriate handling, it cannot be used for the intended purpose, Koch Media will either amend the product, deliver a new copy, or refund the purchase price within two years of the date of purchase. This applies exclusively to products purchased directly from Koch Media.
To claim this warranty, you must send the purchased product, along with your proof of purchase and a description of the error to the following address: Technischer Dienst, c/o Koch Media GmbH, Lochhamer Str. 9, D-82152 Planegg, Germany. Koch Media assumes no further warranties for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of the product, unless these damages were caused through malicious intent or gross negligence, or such a warranty is compulsory by law.

In any case, the amount of the warranty is restricted to the purchase price of the product. Under no circumstances will Koch Media assume warranty for any unforeseeable or non-typical damages. Any claims you may have against the distributor where you purchased the product are not affected by this.

Koch Media assumes no warranty for damages incurred through inappropriate handling, in particular failure to comply with the instruction manual, incorrect initial operation, inappropriate treatment or unsuitable accessories, unless Koch Media is responsible for such damages.


By purchasing this software, the user is guaranteed the non-exclusive personal right to install and use the software on one computer. This right cannot be transferred, leased or loaned. Any other use without the copyright holder’s prior consent is prohibited.

The creation of backup copies is only allowed within the scope of legal regulations.

The program or parts thereof may not be passed on, licensed, leased, altered, translated, adapted or published, whether with or without cost. Decompiling, disassembling or otherwise converting the software back to a universally readable form, either wholly or in part, is expressly prohibited.

Any person who duplicates, distributes or publicly reproduces the software without permission in any way, or assists another person in doing so, is liable to prosecution.

Unauthorised duplication of the software can be punished with a prison term of up to five years or with a fine. Copied media duplicated without permission may be confiscated by the prosecutor’s office and destroyed.

In the event of violation of the agreements made here, in order to protect its intellectual property, Koch Media expressly reserves the right to take all legal measures that the licensor is legally entitled to for the protection of its intellectual property.


This licensing agreement is valid until it is terminated. Termination implies the destruction of the software as well as all copies. Koch Media can cancel this licensing agreement with immediate effect in the event that you commit a significant violation of the licensing agreement or the terms of use. In such case you must promptly destroy the game without substitution and remove the game client from your hard drive. With valid cancellation of this agreement for whatever reason, all licences granted herein are considered to be immediately terminated, without substitution.


If a provision of this agreement is or becomes wholly or partially invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions will remain unaffected. Invalid provisions shall be replaced with regulations having as close as possible the original meaning. This licensing agreement establishes and encompasses all legal agreements between the parties in relation to the subject matter of their agreement and replaces all former verbal or written agreements, whereby it is assumed that this agreement exists parallel to the terms of use and does not replace them. Koch Media reserves the right unilaterally to update, amend or alter the terms of use. Revised versions of this licensing agreement will be posted on the Deep Silver website (