In order to provide multiplayer services, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare may contact servers run by Torn Banner Studios using your unique Steam ID for purposes of verifying your ownership of the game and of microtransaction items contained within it, for retrieving your in-game "stats" (score, ranking, and so forth), and for identifying you within a game.

When you connect to game servers, whether they be run by Torn Banner or by a third-party, they will also receive your Steam ID and IP address as is required to play the game. Torn Banner does not control third-party game servers and they are not subject to this privacy policy.

Torn Banner stores and processes tracking information for in-game purchases -- Steam IDs, dates of purchase, and internal transaction IDs -- for the purposes of making and tracking microtransaction purchases. This information is not shared with third-parties and is only used for making purchases, confirming ownership of purchases, and providing refunds.

Persistent game data such as scores and ranking, in the form of Steam Achievements and Steam Stats, is written to and read from your Steam profile by the game client and game servers. Valve may also store and process other data when you use Steam, subject to Steam's privacy policy, see:

This data processing cannot be opted-out of when playing the game, as it is the minimum required to provide you with multiplayer services. You can contact Torn Banner to retrieve any Torn Banner-tracked information and request corrections or withdrawal where applicable by using our contact form at or by emailing