Runes of Mystery Terms of Service

Runes of Mystery thank you for visiting our website ("Runes of Mystery"). This document includes your visit to (or an additional URL that may replace it) and all related official websites and micro-sites operated by Runes of Mystery (collectively referred to as the "Site"). Includes the terms of use for your time.

1. Legal Agreement

By using this website and any of our games, you agree to abide by and be bound by the terms listed in this document. You also agree to abide by the code of conduct, privacy protection policy (see and any end user license agreements subject to changes. In this agreement, "we", "our", "from us" and all other words to be derived from them refer to Runes of Mystery, while "you", "your", "you" and all other words derived therefrom this web refers to you as a user of the site or one or more of our games. Runes of Mystery is the sole user of this website and the games offered, and is therefore the only contractual partner.

Done with the Convention, it will be party to the contract that you have the legal competence and under the laws of Turkey or any other relevant jurisdiction, you agree that you are a person barred from receiving services offered by the site. You acknowledge that the services provided may include various messages transmitted by Runes of Mystery, such as service announcements, administrative messages or other information, and that these messages constitute the services offered by the Site, and you may not be able to waive from receiving these messages.

Runes of Mystery may amend this Agreement, the Code of Conduct, the Privacy Policy and any end user license agreement at any time at its sole discretion. Changes and improvements will be effective from the moment they are posted on the Site. Since various changes and improvements may be made to the contents of this Agreement, the Code of Conduct, Privacy Policy and any end user license agreements from time to time, you agree to check them regularly. By continuing to use the site and its services, you indicate that you accept the revised or updated terms.

Runes of Mystery is the owner of this Site. Your use of the site is always subject to this Agreement, the Code of Conduct, Privacy Policy and any end user license agreement regarding our games. These terms apply to all user IDs created on the Site. This includes, but is not limited to, proper in-game and out-of-game behavior. This Agreement is a supplementary document to any end user license agreement ("EULA") that may come with the Runes of Mystery software and to which the Runes of Mystery software is subject, and cannot in any way be replaced by or invalidate it. When purchasing or using certain other Runes of Mystery services, affiliated companies' services, third party content or software, you may be subject to additional terms and conditions that may be specific to them.

All rights and brands (including but not limited to any user account, brand, computer code, theme, object, character, character name, story, dialogue, slogan, place, concept, art work, animation, sound, music, composition, audio-visual effects, operation method, moral right, all related documents, "application" including the game (s), transcription of conversations in chat rooms, character profile information, recording of gameplay and including client and server software for the game (s)) are owned by or licensed to Runes of Mystery.

2. Description of the Service

Runes of Mystery. offers high quality games for free to its members. There are also additional content on our site. To access our games, you may need to download and install various client software. This process requires the use of hardware, software, and Internet access. By using the site, you acknowledge that hardware, software and Internet access play a critical role in your user experience. You acknowledge that Runes of Mystery is not responsible for any hardware, software and Internet access or problems with their inaccessibility, and you will not blame us for them. Runes of Mystery does not provide Internet access, and you are responsible for telephone and Internet access charges, as well as for all payments for any necessary equipment, services, repairs or fixes resulting from maintaining a connection with the server.

3. Account

You may be asked to create an account (an "Account") in order to access our site and games. Only those 13 years of age or older can create an account. If you are over the age of 13 and you are still seen as not entering adulthood, we request that you review these conditions with your parents or guardian and make sure they understand and approve them. By accepting the terms of use in the Agreement, you declare that your age is at least 13. One Account can only be used by one person. You are responsible for any transaction made through your account.

Despite what has been said above, some parts of our site and some of our games may contain adult content that is not suitable for anyone under 18. We will ask you to confirm that you are 18 years of age or older to access this content. If you enter any part of the Site that is suitable for adults only or that is created for them, you declare that you are at least 18 years of age or that you are of legal age according to the laws of your region of residence and that you are legally entitled to access this content. We will not be liable for you not being able to accurately state your age under these conditions.

When creating a user ID ("User ID"), agree to (i) provide accurate, precise, up-to-date and complete information as requested in the required fields; and (ii) promptly update and monitor the relevant User ID to keep it accurate, precise, current and complete. you will. The information you provide will be subject to our Privacy Policy.

As the creator of your User ID, you are fully responsible for your own identity. Runes of Mystery will not tolerate offensive or obscene user IDs. If a User ID violates any part of these terms, we may ban such User ID immediately, temporarily or permanently.

Runes of Mystery is not responsible for any misuse of your User ID, and you agree that you will not hold Runes of Mystery and its affiliates responsible for any improper use of that ID, including, but not limited to, improper use of your password by anyone for whom you have provided it.

Your User ID may be invalidated if it is not used within six months of its creation or if it is not used at all within any six-month period after it was created. If you do not use your User ID for six or more months, it may be removed and deleted by the Site administrator at its sole discretion. We will make reasonable effort to notify you before deleting your User ID. If you inform us within five days of notification that you want to keep your User ID valid, your ID will not be deleted. If you do not inform us in this way, your User ID, along with User ID records, ranks and service information will be permanently deleted.

4. Privacy

Our Privacy Policy, which deals with the use and protection of your personal information, has been published on the Site at for now and has been transferred to this document for reference.

5.Use License

Subject to the provisions of this Agreement and any related EULA, Runes of Mystery will provide you with a non-exclusive, revocation for your sole personal use, free of charge, for you to use the services offered by our Site, including access to our games (the "Services"). and a non-exclusive, revocable, non-transferable license to use any client software ("Software") in connection with the Services.

(a) You may not license, lease, transfer, lend, sell or otherwise transfer the Software or Services (or any part thereof) to someone else (b) Modify, adapt, reverse engineer or decompile the Software or from the Software you cannot attempt to extract source code; (c) create derivatives of the Software or Services; or (d) You may not use the Software or Services for any purpose other than those expressly stated in this Agreement. All rights and all kinds of copyrights, patents, including, but not limited to, the right to reproduce, modify, distribute, display, disassemble and decompile the software brand and the Software and Services, which are not specifically stated in this Agreement, Trademarks, trade secrets and other proprietary rights and interests also belong to Runes of Mystery or its licensees.


As described in more detail in each relevant EULA, Runes of Mystery and / or its licensees shall be responsible for the rights, brands and interests of the Software and its copies, including but not limited to all brands, computer codes, themes, object, character, character name, story, dialogue, slogan, location, concept, artwork, character inventory, structural or landscape design, animation, sound, musical composition, audio-visual effect, story editing, character resemblance, operation method, The moral right is the exclusive owner of all error corrections, bug fixes, patches, updates, derivative works, improvements and changes made on the "application" including all relevant documents and Software. The rights described in the preceding sentence are copyrighted works of Runes of Mystery and / or its licensees and are protected by the copyright laws of the United States, Korea, Japan, international copyright treaties and conventions, and / or other relevant laws. All rights reserved. The software may contain various licensed materials, and the licensees of these materials can exercise their rights in case of any violation of EULA.

6.User Submissions

"Submissions" Any data, music, sound, photos, comments, feedback, suggestions, forums, conversations that you submit to Runes of Mystery regarding the games and services of Runes of Mystery or the use or gameplay of these games and services. rooms and other similar parts of the Site means posts, e-mail and similar information or materials. User IDs and Submissions are not confidential and become the property of Runes of Mystery upon submission. Any Submission, regardless of User IDs and form, may be used to quote, reproduce, use, reproduce, distribute, transmit, publish and otherwise, anywhere, with or without reference to your User ID and without prior notice to you or paying any royalties. You agree to grant and provide irrevocable, transferable, royalty-free and permanent right and license to Runes of Mystery for transmission and public display.

You agree that Submissions you make to us and are solely responsible for the administration of your User ID. You, and not Runes of Mystery, assume full responsibility for your submissions and your User ID, including their legal location, reliability, suitability, authenticity, and copyright. By using the Site, you agree that you may be exposed to submissions that are offensive, obscene or inappropriate. Runes of Mystery, including, but not limited to, any errors or omissions in any Submission, or any loss or damage arising from the use of any Submission posted through the Site, emailed, transmitted or otherwise made accessible. will not accept any liability whatsoever for any Submission.

All material posted in the forums, chat rooms and other similar parts of the Site is considered public material. In this regard, Runes of Mystery strongly recommends that you do not publish personal information about yourself or others on the Site or through the Site. As per its policy, Runes of Mystery does not preview or monitor any part of Submissions. However, Runes of Mystery reserves the right to supervise, reject or carry any Submissions accessible through the Site. Runes of Mystery reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to remove any Submissions that it deems improper or contrary to these provisions.

Unless expressly stated and approved by Runes of Mystery, any user of this Site shall not be confidential in the event of any verbal, written or electronic communication (such as feedback, questions, comments, suggestions, ideas, etc.) with Runes of Mystery. relationship will not be established. If any Runes of Mystery Site requires or requires such information to be provided and this information includes personally identifiable information (e.g. name, address, telephone number), Runes of Mystery will receive it in accordance with the Privacy Policy, will use and store. Otherwise, such communications and any information provided will not be considered confidential and Runes of Mystery will not be treated as confidential, and Runes of Mystery may otherwise be used for purposes such as, but not limited to, research, development, use or sale of games or services, including, but not limited to will have the right to use. You are entirely responsible for the content, accuracy, completeness, and non-infringement of another person's proprietary rights or privacy.

7.User Behavior

When using the site, you must take into account these provisions, all applicable laws, as well as simple etiquette and social codes of conduct. All illegal behavior in offline, real-world communities is also against these provisions. Runes of Mystery will not tolerate illegal or aggressive behavior.

(a) Any Submission that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, abusive, perplexing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, infringing on another person's privacy, hateful, or racial, ethnic or otherwise inappropriate (as defined below upload, send, email, transmit or otherwise make available to you;

(b) To harm young children in any way;

(c) Impersonate any person or entity, including, but not limited to, a Runes of Mystery officer, forum administrator, guest, or host, or make false or otherwise misleading statements about your affiliation with a person or entity;

(d) Falsifying the header or otherwise manipulating identifiers to conceal the origin of any Submission transmitted through the Site;

(e) upload, send, email, transmit or otherwise make available any Submission that you do not have the right to make available to the public under any law or contractual relationship or in a relationship that is greater than trust;

(f) Upload, send, email, transmit or otherwise make available to any Submission that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or intellectual property rights of any person or entity;

(g) Unsolicited or unauthorized uploading, sending, e-mailing of advertising, promotional material, "junk e-mail", "spam", "chain e-mail", "pyramid scheme" or any other type of request transfer or otherwise make available to you;

(h) Upload, send, email, transmit material containing a software virus or any other computer code, file or program designed to interrupt, eliminate or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications device. making it accessible by other methods;

(i) Interrupting or disrupting the Site or the servers or networks connected to the Site, or not complying with the requirements, procedures, policies or regulations of the networks connected with the Site;

(j) "stalking" or otherwise harassing another person;

(k) Collecting or storing information about other users in connection with prohibited behavior and activities documented in the above paragraphs;

(l) In the game, forums or chat rooms, the flow of chat using vulgar language, abusive shouting (CAPITAL LETTER), "spamming", or other confusing or harmful means to harass other users and Runes of Mystery employees to interrupt;

(m) Take, encourage or support any unlawful act or any other action that violates the Terms of Service, Code of Conduct or Privacy Policy; and / or

(n) Take any action that prevents other users from accessing the Site's services or games.

Runes of Mystery may take action and impose penalties that we deem necessary to discourage or punish those who violate these terms or other illegal or improper behavior, without prior notice or warning. Determining whether any breach has occurred and who is responsible for it is entirely at the discretion of Runes of Mystery and will be carried out according to what is best for the community and the Site for us. By using this Site, you acknowledge that you will be at Runes of Mystery's discretion as to whether any infringement has occurred and the penalty we may choose.

8.Third Party Sites

Clicking on a hyperlink can redirect you from the Site. Runes of Mystery does not endorse or control any linked third party sites, is not responsible for their content and has no affiliation with the owners or operators of such sites. In addition, the terms of service and privacy policies of other sites may differ. In this regard, Runes of Mystery strongly recommends that you inquire about the way third party websites do business.

Correspondence and business relations between you and the advertisers offered to you on the Site or through the Site, including payments for and delivery of relevant goods or services, or your participation in their promotions, and any other terms, conditions, guarantees or representations regarding these relations, are entirely with you. are the relationships between the advertiser. You agree that Runes of Mystery will not be liable or liable for any loss or damage arising as a result of such relationships or the presence of such advertisers on the Site.

9.Official Service and Beta Testing

The games are offered as our Services on the Site and are designed to be played only. You agree not to access, create or provide intermediaries, such as server emulators, through which the game can be played by others. You agree that you will not use any hardware or software or any other support method, including, but not limited to, third party tools that may give you a power of influence or leverage that is not approved by Runes of Mystery in the use of the Services; This includes, but is not limited to, the use of "bots" and / or any other means by which the Service can be played automatically without any human intervention. You agree that you do not have the right to create, publish, distribute, create derivatives of, or use any software programs, utilities, applications, emulators, or tools derived from or produced for games; Exceptions to this are only where you may use the software as expressly permitted in this Agreement and the applicable EULA. You may not take any action that would put an unreasonable and disproportionate burden on our infrastructure. You may not sell or auction any game accounts, characters, items, tokens or copyrighted material, nor may you help those who make them.

You may be given the opportunity to test Beta versions and Site features of new games. Your participation as a Beta tester is subject to the following terms and conditions.

Closed Beta tests are conducted confidentially. Beta games, including features and functionality that will be offered as part of the games, are confidential. If you participate in a closed Beta test, you must protect and prevent the game from unauthorized access to Beta games, copying, disclosure and unauthorized use of the game. You do the test personally and do not give anyone else access to the Beta games. You acknowledge that any breach of the above privacy terms will cause irreparable damage to Runes of Mystery and that Runes of Mystery has the right to unilateral preventive action (in addition to any other legal remedies it may take) independent of the threat of preventing the infringement or breaching your obligations. Your obligation to keep beta games confidential will continue until Runes of Mystery releases each game and content publicly or until the game is released to the public without your fault.

As a Beta tester, you are only invited to Beta games for the purpose of evaluating the game and spotting bugs. Nothing in this Agreement or the Site will be deemed to be any rights or reserves granted to you in relation to the Beta games or the content you find here. Beta games are offered for testing "as is" and "as available" and we make no warranty of any kind, express or implied.

While playing some Beta games, you can accumulate some treasures, experience points, gear or other value and status indicators during the Beta test. This information can be reset at any time during the testing process and when the testing phase of the respective game is over. In this case, all player history and information will be deleted and all players will be returned to beginner level.

By playing a Beta game, you agree that: (i) Playing the Beta games is at your own risk and that the games may contain certain known or unknown bugs, (ii) any value and status indicators you have acquired by playing the game may be deleted at any time, (iii) ) Runes of Mystery is under no obligation to make these games available for free play within any period, nor is they under any obligation to make them generally available, (iv) after the end of the testing process

10. Closing

Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you have a good time here and enjoy the benefits of being a member of the online community we are developing. Please remember that there is a visitor on the Site and show them the behavior and respect you expect from other visitors. Runes of Mystery reserves the right at all times to refuse or terminate the service.