End-User License Agreement

This Agreement is originally written in Korean.
If there is a conflict between what is written in other languages and what is written in Korean, we will prioritize what is written in Korean.
The End-User License Agreement (hereinafter referred to as this Agreement) is important, so please read carefully before installing HEROES SHOWDOWN.
The user agrees to comply with this Agreement and Privacy Policy as specified by PATHFINDER8 (hereinafter "PATHFINDER8" or "Company") by installing, copying and using the company's game or game software and services in any way.
The terms and conditions of use of the game apply to the purchase and use of the game, and if you agree to the terms and conditions specified in the contract, install the game software by selecting "Agree" to indicate that you understand and agree with the terms and conditions of the game software.

Article 1 (End-User License Agreement)

The purpose of this Agreement is to specify the basic points for the use of game services, including game software, between users (hereafter "users" or "members") using the game software provided by PATHFINDER8.
You will not be able to use this game software unless you agree to this Agreement and the platform terms and conditions.
Your use of the game software will also be subject to STEAM subscription terms and conditions set forth in STEAM or other terms and conditions set forth by Valve.
If you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, you may select "Agree" to install the game software and to indicate that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement (or content) and the terms and conditions of use of the game software.

If you do not agree to the terms set forth in the Agreement, choose Cancel and PATHFINDER8 will not grant you a license (as defined below) for this game software.

Article 2 (ownership)

PATHFINDER8 has ownership and property rights and other rights to this game software, service, subject, target, character, character name, story, conversation, slogan, location, art, character list, structure or design, animation, sound, music composition and recording, audiovisual effects, storyline and operation, etc.
The logos of PATHFINDER8 and HEROES SHOWDOWN are trademarks or registered by PATHFINDER8 in Korea and other countries and are held by PATHFINDER8.
Documents, services, site designs, texts, graphics, logos, images, icons, games and all materials, information and data, and everything else that appears on the website as well as their arrangements are owned by PATHFINDER8.
The users agree with the above and the rights of PATHFINDER8 are protected under copyright laws, international copyright treaties and conventions, and other statutes.

Article 3 (General contents)

To run and use the game software, you must create an account used by "STEAM" and download and install STEAM software/platforms. ("STEAM" is an online service and platform provided by Valve Corporation, not PATHFINDER8).
The use of the STEAM account by the user is subject to the necessary terms and conditions of the Valve Corporation (including, but not limited to, acceptance of the Team Subscription Terms and other terms and conditions) and such terms and conditions may restrict the rights granted to the user.

PATHFINDER8 shall not be responsible for the account used by the user in STEAM or for the services or functions provided by the Valve Corporation and other third parties. This game software may include license management software that limits users' use of game software.

Article 4 (Limited use of Licenses)

PATHFINDER8 grants you a limited, non-exclusive, and non-transferable end-user license (hereby referred as "license") to install and use one copy of the game software on a single computer hard drive for personal gaming play purposes, provided that you agree and continue to comply with the terms of service that PATHFINDER8 discloses on this Agreement and on its website.
Except for any rights or licenses expressly granted in this Agreement, all rights relating to the game software and related services are held by the license provider of PATHFINDER8 or PATHFINDER8.
In addition, this license does not grant you ownership of the game software and is not a sale or transfer of intellectual property rights or other rights to the game software.

Article 5 (Conditions and Limitations of Licenses)

The license granted to the user is granted under the following conditions and is considered an infringement on the copyright of PATHFINDER8 if the user uses the game in violation of the following conditions. If the user agrees to this Agreement, he or she agrees to use the game software or part of it only in a manner consistent with the terms of the Agreement, and in no other case shall proceed with the following.
A. Copy, duplicate, replay, translate, reverse engineering, code extraction, modification, disassembly, decompiling or creating a game-based secondary work (except as expressly permitted by relevant laws, all lawful amendments, improvements, etc. and any copyrights and copyrights in any case are deemed to be subject to PATHFINDER8 and license provider's proprietary property).
B. Disabling the technical protection of services provided by PATHFINDER8 or using cheats, automatic programs (bot, macro), nuclear, as well as programs or devices not approved by the company for normal or abnormal use (the "illegal program").
C. Stealing information of other people, the games, or the company through a game or service, performing data mining, or using unauthorized third-party software.
D. The act of modifying or providing the cause of modification of some files in the game software in a manner not explicitly approved by PATHFINDER8.
E. The act of intercepting, copying, or retransmitting the communication protocol used by PATHFINDER8 in any way, regardless of its purpose, or hosting, providing, and developing certain services by unfair use of the game.
F. Unapproved imitation, connecting to and copying servers, deploying, promoting and maintaining copied servers.
G. The act of creating data or execution programs that mimic the data or functions of game software.
H. Transferring part of this game software and copies to an Internet server or website without prior written consent of PATHFINDER8.
I. The act of removing, modifying, damaging, or bypassing ownership marks or labels contained in game software.
J. Exporting or re-exporting the game software and any copy or modification product in violation of the laws or regulations of the country in which the game software and services are provided under this Agreement.

Article 6 (Game Software Updates and Patches)

PATHFINDER8 can provide updates, patches, and other modifications to game software that users must install to play games normally.
PATHFINDER8 can update, patch, or modify game software remotely and access game software installed on your computer to achieve that goal.
You authorize PATHFINDER8 to distribute and apply these patches, updates and modifications to the game software installed on your computer. The "Game Software" referred to in this Agreement includes all patches, updates and modifications mentioned above.

Article 7 (Limitation of Warranty)

To the maximum extent permitted by law, PATHFINDER8 shall be provided "as is" under your responsibility and shall not warrant the following:
A. Warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose (including conformity of the game to suit your needs and requirements of others).
B. Guarantee for infringement of third-party intellectual property rights or monopoly rights.
C. Assurance of precision, reliability, accuracy, or completeness of game software.
D. Operational assurance of game software (including delays, interruptions, errors, viruses, defects or omissions).
E. Performance and non-performance related content or other related warranties generated by third parties.
F. Guarantee for possible issues during transaction process, performance process, and transaction use.
The above disclaimer may not apply to you, as some countries or regions may not grant you immunity from implied warranties, in which case you may have different legal rights by country or region.

Article 8 (Limitation of Liability)

PATHFINDER8 shall not be liable for any other damages (including, but not limited to, any direct, special, indirect, accidental, punitive, or consequential damages, loss of use, loss of revenue, or loss of data) arising from the possession, use, malfunction or related to the game software and services.
This is true even if PATHFINDER8 was aware of the possibility of such a loss or loss in advance.
In addition, PATHFINDER8 shall be held liable to limit the amount paid by the user to use PATHFINDER8 in order to use the game software, in the event of any loss to the users due to the possession, use, malfunction or related problems of the site or service associated with the game software, regardless of the contract, warranty, liability for the manufacture, liability, negligence and other liabilities.
The above references apply in the event that any remedial action fails to achieve its essential objective.
Such restrictions or exclusion may not apply to users, as some countries or regions do not permit the exclusion or restriction of such damages.

Article 9 (Reward and Disclaimer)

Unless there is a deliberate or grave negligence of PATHFINDER8, the user agrees to defend and indemnify PATHFINDER8, partners, affiliates, contractors, license providers, directors, employees and representatives from any claims, damages, costs and expenses arising directly or indirectly from the user's actions in connection with the use of this game software, or any breach of the terms of this Agreement.

This obligation of the user is valid even after the termination or expiration of this Agreement.

Article 10 (Duration and Termination)

This Agreement shall remain in effect during the use, operation or execution of the Game Software, but shall terminate automatically if you do not comply with this Agreement.
PATHFINDER8 may terminate services related to this game software on technical and operational needs.

By deleting all copies of the game software, the user may terminate the license for the game software granted under this Agreement at any time.
If this Agreement is terminated, all licenses granted under this Agreement shall be terminated immediately and the user shall remove and destroy all copies of the game software.

The terms "ownership", "conditions and limitations of a licence", "restrictions of liability", "responsibility and indemnification", "period and termination", "command", "compliance and dispute settlement" shall survive the termination or termination of a licence under this Agreement or Agreement.

Article 11 (Command)

The user acknowledges that there may be a risk of irreversible damage to PATHFINDER8 if the details of this Agreement are not fulfilled in detail, and agrees that PATHFINDER8 has the right to take necessary measures, such as a prohibition without deposit or other evidence, in addition to actions under the relevant laws.

Article 12 (Compliance and dispute settlement)

In the event of a dispute between the user and PATHFINDER8, PATHFINDER8 provides a neutral and efficient way to resolve the dispute quickly.
The user and PATHFINDER8 agree to settle any litigation or dispute arising in connection with this Agreement or Services under the following terms:
The legal contract and relationship between the user and PATHFINDER8 shall be governed entirely by the Republic of Korea Act, regardless of the principles of international law or the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods.

The user and PATHFINDER8 agree to comply with exclusive jurisdiction and jurisdiction of the Korean courts.
However, the user agrees that PATHFINDER8 may apply for other remedies, such as injunction and injunction, in other courts with jurisdiction.
With the exception of the injunction, restraining order and other remedies, parties requesting claims with a total amount less than US$10,000.00 USD can resolve disputes in an efficient manner through non-attendance arbitration.
The parties applying for arbitration shall initiate the proceeding through an established Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR"), mutually agreed upon by the parties. The Dispute Settlement Body and the parties shall comply with the following rules:
A. Arbitration shall only be carried out by telephone, online or written submission at the option of the party applying for relief.
B. No party or witness shall appear in the arbitration unless otherwise agreed by the parties.
C. You may file a suit with the competent court against the arbitrator's decision.

All claims to PATHFINDER8 shall be settled in accordance with this Dispute Settlement Clause.
Claims against this Dispute Settlement Clause are deemed unjust.
In the event that a user makes a claim against this Dispute Settlement Clause, PATHFINDER8 notifies the user of the claim immediately, PATHFINDER8 may recover attorney's fees and related expenses up to US$1,000.00 USD.

Article 13 (Amendment)

PATHFINDER8 reserves the right to amend this Agreement at any time at its discretion, but will notify you of such changes through official communities and in-game guidance.
Users may terminate this Agreement in accordance with the termination provisions of this Agreement if they are unable to accept any future changes to the Agreement or if they no longer wish to comply with this Agreement.
The installation and use of this game software update or modification and the continued use of the game software after notification of any changes to this Agreement shall mean that the user accepts any changes to the terms and conditions.

Article 14 (Collecting and Using Information)

By agreeing to this Agreement and installing and using the game software, the user agrees to the information collection and use conditions specified in the HEROES SHOWDOWN Privacy Statement of PATHFINDER8.
PATHFINDER8 allows users to collect information about users and users when using software products, such as accounts, gameplay behavior, progress and other data, scores, rankings, achievements, player-to-player communication, browser type, platform type, and Internet services used by STEAM.
PATHFINDER8 can view or use the personal information entered at the time of subscription for personal security or prize delivery purposes, and can be consigned to a third party. The personal information used is destroyed after the intended purpose has been achieved.

PATHFINDER8 may provide or receive information about periodically collected providers (ISPs) and software usage to facilitate the delivery of software updates, product support, and other services associated with software products.
Using the information gathered, PATHFINDER8 can improve products, manage software products, analyze trends, or provide services or technologies.
PATHFINDER8 may use software information for research, development, management, support, and marketing purposes of PATHFINDER8.
If you do not want your information to be used or shared in this way, you should not use this software product.
For information and data that can be collected by PATHFINDER8, and for more information on how to use PATHFINDER8, see HEROES SHOWDOWN.
Please check the privacy policy. The privacy policy of HEROES SHOWDOWN can be found in the official community and in-game information.

Article 15 (Monitoring)

The user's IP address (Internet Protocol address) may be stored in the company when the user plays the game provided by the company, or when using the means of communication on the website.
When a game is updated or patched, the company can check the user's device to make sure that the game-specific file has the latest version during a patch routine.
If the user communicates with the game or means of communication (such as chat or instant messaging services) within the company's game (including communicating with others "privately," the user must understand that such communication is made through the company's server and thus can be monitored by the company.
The users explicitly agree that their communication is monitored.

Article 16 (Covenant and Policy for HEROES SHOWDOWN Service)

By agreeing to this Agreement, PATHFINDER8 is deemed to have agreed to the following terms and conditions and policies for delivering game software and services correctly:
The service terms and conditions, privacy policies and operation policies of HEROES SHOWDOWN can be found on the official website, official community, and in the information in the game.

HEROES SHOWDOWN Terms and Conditions of Service:
HEROES SHOWDOWN Privacy Statement:

(For official websites, you can change the language after accessing the site.)
All access and use of this software is specified in this Agreement, the legitimate software documentation or operation policies, the terms and conditions of the licensee's service use terms and conditions of the licensee's personal information are included in this Agreement as reference.
Such agreement means a complete agreement between the user and the licensee in connection with the use of services and products related to this game software and supersedes or replaces, orally, the priority agreement between the user and the licensee.

In the event of a conflict between this Agreement and the Terms of Service, this Agreement shall prevail.
Please read carefully before playing.

It is deemed that the user has agreed to comply with this Agreement, Privacy Policy and Operation Policy Regulations specified by PATHFINDER8 by installing, copying or using the company's game or game software or services in any way.