End User License Agreement

This End User License Agreement (“License Agreement” or “EULA”) contains information about the use of the games and related services (“Services”) provided by NEOWIZ, so please read them carefully before using them. NEOWIZ (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") is a company located in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The user (hereinafter referred to as "the User") shall use the Company's Client System(hereinafter referred to as "System") by using the Software(hereinafter referred to as "the Software") provided by the Company to access the service. By installing, copying or using the Company's services or software, you agree to be bound by the terms of the EULA specified by the Company.
These Terms describe (i) the use of the Software, (ii) the Subscription and Use of the Services, and (iii) access to the System. In addition, these Terms may be amended or changed, and the Steam page will notify you of the changes. Please read these terms regularly to protect your use of the Services. After accepting these EULA Terms, any new changes or changes to the EULA constitute your acceptance of your access to the system.
By pressing the “Accept” button at the bottom to complete the system connection procedure, you signify your understanding of the EULA. Bypassing the “Agree” button or omitting the procedure, you are deemed to have accepted the terms of this Agreement. If you do not agree to the EULA, you can reject the Agreement by clicking the “Deny” button and you will not be able to access the system or use the Services. If you have access to services through DRM and CD-ROM products, please request a refund from the platform and retailer where you purchased. The company does not directly provide game sales services and is not responsible for any refund and costs.

In order to use the service, you will be required to: (i) software downloads; (ii) create an account in the Service ("Account"); (iii) securing a network environment (some of the company's services require a network environment, and devices for using the environment are not provided by the company); (iv) Compliance with the EULA.

If the policy for the account and the policy for the platform that provides the game sales service conflict, the policy for the platform that provides the game sales service is in accordance with the policy of the platform that provides the game sales service.
You can create multiple accounts for one software license. However, you cannot use the service by accessing multiple accounts at the same time, and you need to purchase a separate paid service for each account when accessing and using at the same time.
A. Establishing a New Account
Once you have created your account, you will be able to use the service. After creating an account, you can enjoy additional services by purchasing additional services.
The individual, that is, the person who is legally, or, an account can be created if it is allowed under the supervision of a legal representative who has not reached his or her age. The account creator explicitly acknowledges and agrees that he is responsible for all the consequences of the account.
You may not share your account with others or allow anyone other than you(or children under age if they have registered an account on behalf of your minor) to access or use your account. It is forbidden for one or more users to jointly use or share an account.
You cannot use an account created for commercial use. Access to the system and use of the service is for your own personal use only and may not be used for commercial activities or payments. You may not create accounts, access the system, or use the Services on behalf of any legal entity or business entity. Access to the system or use of the service for any commercial purpose or benefit is prohibited.

B. Passwords and Names
You can specify a password for the account during account creation ("Password"). Passwords may not be shared with others, and you may not allow third parties to access the system or services under your account. The confidentiality of the password remains with you and you are solely responsible for any damages, losses, character deletions, and loss, including any damages resulting from voluntary disclosure of your password. Attempting to use or use someone else's password is not allowed. You are also responsible for remembering your account information and password.
You can set account names and character names during account creation and character creation. Do not share account and character name information to allow third parties to access the system or service. You cannot impersonate another player by stealing a character name. Attempts to obtain or use other players' account and character names are not allowed.
Although alias usage is recommended when creating user names, names that violate copyrights, property rights, and other rights are not allowed. Being able to register a name without separate system sanctions does not imply that it violates your rights. You are legally responsible for any damages caused by your user name and may, at your discretion, prohibit the use of the name if it is found to be against the law, obscene or socially perceived.

C. Inappropriate Conduct / Communication
The company has prepared the following usage rules for objects with access to the system, and the company may take action or conduct monitoring for inappropriate behavior, but is not obliged to fulfill the following rules. Regardless of the rules of use, users may face aggressive and inappropriate actions and language from other users. You recognise that third parties may publish inappropriate communications and content, or any related content. The company is not obliged to pre-block communications or contents in the service and is not responsible for transmission within the service.

D. Account Closure / Account Transfer
Under these EULA, you are not allowed to transfer your account to a third party. If you wish to terminate your account, please check Article 4 of this Agreement.
All responsibility for the transfer and transfer attempt of the right to a person other than the name of the account rests with the parties to the transaction, not with the company. The company shall not be legally responsible for any acts, claims, credits, non-performance, omission or liability between the parties to the transaction (including those who wish to transfer the right to use the account) and may take actions as inappropriate in accordance with the company's policy if such actions are detected.

Additional services are not required to be paid for normal service use. However, additional content will require download fees or account payments. Items in a specific service can be purchased individually through barter. Information on download fees, account payments, and other costs, including content purchases, can be found through the initial purchase process, while special items in the service will be provided prior to purchase. Information on the costs and payments charged by the current service is included in the EULA for reference. You can also check the payment cost and payment details information through the Steam account information. The above costs and payments may be amended by the Company at any time.
The members can purchase service-related content in accordance with the policy of the steam. The members shall pay for the purchase, pay for the content, and refund in accordance with the following policy(policy of the steam). You cannot refund anything not specified in this Agreement. Users can experience additional content benefits by paying an additional fee, and can use additional content during the payment period. If you don't want to pay for it or want to stop payment, you may have limited experience with additional content.
You are responsible for confirming these EULA as costs and payment conditions change. If you don't agree with the changes, you can stop paying and play restricted content, or close the EULA and delete your account in accordance with the termination provisions below. You are responsible for all fees and charges associated with payment of several costs, including tax, hardware, software, Internet connection, and account payment costs.

A. By Company for Termination of the Service
The company does not guarantee continuous operation of the system or service. The company may, at its sole discretion, discontinue any details related to the service at any time. The company may terminate the EULA, proceed with the suspension of the account, and cancel all user rights specified in the EULA. The company may announce the termination of the service 30 days before the end of the service: (i) the login notice window; (ii) the posting on the company's website; (iii) the sending of e-mail; (iv) other delivery methods that the company considers appropriate. If the company deletes the EULA from this Agreement, you will not receive any kind of refund.

B. By Company for Breach or Misconduct
① Suspension of Account
The company may terminate or restrict access to the system of the account without prior notice to the extent that rights and legal remedies are not restricted. The company may terminate and restrict an account with the same name, phone number, e-mail address, IP address, and credit card number as a stopped account. Account suspension and restriction may apply under the following circumstances: (i) breach of the EULA of the account owner and user (including rules); (ii) access to the system or service in a manner that the account owner and user are not authorized.
② Termination of EULA
The Company may terminate the EULA and cancel all rights specified therein, and may suspend all accounts held by You. Termination of the EULA may occur under the following circumstances: (i) the Company determines that it cannot verify or authenticate your information; (ii) You or your account user violates the EULA or uses the system or software without permission. (iii) your use of services, chat and actions are deemed inappropriate, aggressive or in violation of the rules of use; and Termination of the EULA is effective based on the time the information was delivered via e-mail or other means.
The company may suspend an account with the same name, phone number, e-mail address, IP address, and credit card number as a stopped account. The terms are not obstructed by any other rights and legal remedies of the Company and are expressly limited to accumulate regardless of the termination of the EULA. You may not be guaranteed the right to refund in accordance with the EULA.

C. User
① Termination by you
You may terminate the EULA for your account by sending an e-mail to your company. However, no refund of any kind is guaranteed at this time.
② For a Change in the EULA
The member has the right to refuse the revised EULA. The member shall fulfill his or her duty to change the EULA, and can cancel the service contract if he or she does not agree to the revised EULA. However, if the member did not express his refusal until the effective date of the revised agreement, the member shall agree to the changed agreement. In addition, if the Agreement is selected or the system or service is accessed, it is deemed to have accepted the amended EULA and waived the right to terminate the Agreement as set forth in the above Clause.

D. Closed Accounts
When the EULA is terminated, all of your accounts will be suspended and all of the rights specified in the terms will also be extinguished. Following this procedure, the user will no longer be able to use the relevant software and will not be able to access the system or service through a stopped account. When an account is suspended, all contents of the account, such as characters, items, currency, etc., are lost. The playing time invested in the service at the end of the EULA will not be compensated and will not be recognized for the value of the account sold.

Users whose accounts have been suspended cannot access the system or service without permission from the company. The same restrictions apply to other accounts. The account must not be handed over to a user whose account has been suspended.

A. Specifically Restricted Conduct
You are responsible for acting correctly to maintain continuous system and service access. The company prohibits any acts that may worsen the user's overall experience of using the service without limiting the company's control of the service and the member's radius.
① The act of imposing a heavy burden on the system without any particular reason;
② The act of modifying or changing the service use and content method with the software produced by the person or a third party;
③ The act of acquiring or achieving abnormally high scores in items, currency, objects, capabilities, ranks, and positions at an abnormal level through software, macros, and automatic keystrokes owned by yourself or a third party. The act of manipulating user interface or service data to obtain abnormal levels of items, objects, capabilities, or benefits;
④ Creating or distributing programs that bypass system logins or access systems or services through software and information that can be obtained through the system
⑤ Posting on a chat window or public community any misconduct that is feared to be civil liability, including harassment, violence, intimidation, defamation, harmful substance, pornography, and infringement of intellectual property rights;
⑥ The act of delivering or receiving items for the purpose of selling characters and items related to accounts with inappropriate levels, objects, assets, character skills, ranks, and positions;

B. Selling Items and Objects
You are not permitted to transmit, sell, auction or purchase any content in the Services and are not required to offer a transaction to any third party. Characters, character capabilities, items, currency, and objects cannot be traded. You shall not encourage or induce third parties to participate in any transaction or use, transfer or distribute any service asset to gambling gambling in which another company operates. You may not purchase, sell, or attempt any character, character capacity, item, currency, or object through an online auction, newsgroup, bulletin board, etc. Such conduct is prohibited by the EULA and is defined as an infringement of the ownership of the company.

To record information related to the collection, use and sharing of personal information, the company has prepared the following Privacy Policy : The Privacy Policy allows you to check your personal information and purpose of use. Please contact the company's personal information team for additional information on the privacy policy. :

A. Communications
All information you send to the system may be disclosed by the Company, except for the account information specified in the provisions below. Personal messages, chats, or any chat in chat rooms can be made public and the information can be monitored by the company or its affiliates and agents. You should not provide personal information to other players. The company shall not be held liable for any damage caused by the disclosure of personal information.
Face-to-face with users who use rude, offensive, aggressive attitudes and obscene, threatening, and violent terms while using the service. You may report these users to the company through various reporting channels, and the company will take appropriate actions through its own judgment. The company states that you may face actions that are considered insults, demeaning, threats or harassment. Users can be exposed to various threats while using the service. The company shall not be held liable for any other player's actions, including yours.

① Collection and Use of User Personal Details
The company may collect and store user personal information and use it for the following limited purposes: (i) user identification or authentication; (ii) create company accounts; (iii) use of services, service management; and provision of technical support to users; (iv) Provide/sell goods and services to users. The collection and use of user personal information complies with the company's Privacy Policy :

② Collection and Use of User Service using Information
The company can collect and store user service usage information. The information will be kept along with other users' service use information collected from the services and systems. The company can analyze or use your game play information for review, research, development, maintenance, operation, management, support, and sales of products and services.

③ Transfer and Sharing of User Data
The company can transmit, share or store user information in the following cases:
o is responsible for the management, operation, maintenance and support of services and systems outside of the European Economic Area;
o When managing customer support or technical issues in the United States and China
All information related to the transmission, storage and use of your information will be applied in accordance with the latest Privacy Policy written by the company.

The company may disclose the user information, account and/or user personal information sent through the system to third parties. The company maintains confidentiality of user information in principle and maintains system security in a variety of ways, but third parties can access the system by intercepting personal communications and information or using illegal means.
The company may disclose your personal information to private, law enforcement or other government agencies. The Company may, at its discretion, use personal information to investigate or solve crimes or to respond to judicial, regulatory, institutional or other investigations.
In the event of a service, system, and/or software failure, the company may provide relevant information (which may also include user information as system information in the event of an error) to a third party with a confidentiality obligation. The third party analyzes the cause of the error and its solutions based on the information it receives and prepares a report.

The company can proceed with hardware monitoring to ensure that users use formal software when using the service or accessing the system. In addition, you can verify that you are using illegal software produced by you or a third party in violation of Article 5 of the Agreement.

Exposure to light or light can cause seizures with low probability. There is a possibility of seizures regardless of previous hospital records, so special care should be taken when using the service.

A. Software License
Under these EULA, the company provides users with limited, proprietary and revocable software licenses and related documents. Licensees can create valid accounts and access systems and services through the accounts they create.

B. License to Access the System to Play the Game
The company provides games and user content (as stated below) for users who comply with the EULA and have valid accounts to use limited, exclusive and cancelable software licenses and services. An effective account allows you to download and exchange content and user content in the service (within the scope of your system, you can create a single copy of the Software for the purpose of using the service). The above information complies with these EULA and is used only for service use purposes.

C. Specific Restrictions
All rights not set forth in this Agreement shall be waived and licenses, permits, access rights and entitlements shall be implicitly.
Any information obtained through the system may not be used for purposes other than using the service. Users are not allowed to upload, download, or use information that can be accessed or obtained from the system, except as permitted by the EULA.
You may not copy(excluding those specified above), distribute, lease, adjust, translate, use, display, or create a secondary license based on the Software or any related documents. You cannot transfer the software except as specified in the EULA.
You may not copy, distribute, lease, lease, lease, modify, or produce secondary works, nor may you adapt, translate, execute, publish, transfer, or reuse information accessible through the system. The account, including the contents of the service and user contents, includes and is not restricted to items, objects, or characters registered in the service. The user can modify the contents of the service and user content within the service to the extent allowed by the system.
Extraction of the source code through software or system information (including data packets sent over the network) is not allowed. Attempts to disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer, or paradox data are prohibited and should not be allowed to analyze and decrypt (or attempt) packet stream code or allow third parties to do so without encryption. If found, the user will explicitly waive all legal rights. You cannot bypass or deactivate a license if the software and/or system contains license management technology.

D. Software Updates
The company may update or modify the software from time to time. You assign to the Company the following rights: (i) the right to extract the hardware system profile data; (ii) the right to collect information on the (service and system access) file directories; and (iii) the right to download personal PCs, service files and service-related information. The above applies to all accounts and PCs attempting to connect to the system.

E. New Releases of the Software
You are not obliged to use any new software, expansion packs, updates, upgrades, and any additional content specified in this Agreement. However, the company may distribute the contents at its discretion. The company can update, upgrade, and improve its software without consulting users. When distributing new software, the company may request the user to change the software as a condition of service use. When a new version is released, the company shares relevant information with the user and provides time for software downloads and program installation. Users must install and run new software within a given period of time to access the system or use the service. If the software fails to be installed within the period, the company shall not be held liable and shall not guarantee a refund for any previously paid charges. New software can be offered to you at a discount.

A. Ownership of Software, System and Service
In your relationship with the Company, the Company has exclusive ownership of the Software, Systems, Services and the Content in the Services (see below). All software, systems, services, and content in the service are protected by copyright, trademark, and other proprietary laws. The company reserves all rights not expressly granted.
The service consists of software codes, programs, routines, subroutines, objects, files, data, characters (including items related to accounts and characters, money, objects, and capabilities), graphics, sound effects, music, animation, video, text, content, layout, design, and other information. All items listed above can be accessed and downloaded via the system (state "Content in Service" hereinafter). The Company, its Affiliates, Copyrighters and/or Suppliers hold ownership and interest in the Software, Systems, Services and the Content in the Services (including intellectual property rights). There is no right to transfer to you except for the limited license set forth in the above content.

B. Rights to Certain Content
You cannot claim ownership of the account because of the character's experience accumulation and item acquisition. The Company retains ownership of the Corporation, activities, groups, titles, characters and objects, currencies and items acquired through them (including copyrights and intellectual property rights). The details are expressly withheld under this Agreement.
Under these EULA, the company may use unrestricted character information (except personal information) registered in the user's account (e.g. charts, lists, and other edits) without limitation.
You hereby assign to the Company copyright, title, and other rights to information exchanged, transferred, or uploaded in the course of the use of the system or service, including without limitation all files, data and information. The company may transfer data and information about items acquired, produced, or traded through the Corporation, Group, Title, Character and Character registered in the account. If you find it impossible to transfer your rights, you will provide the Company with exclusive, permanent, irrevocable, and non-Loyalty licenses. The license must be able to issue sublicenses in multiple stages and exercise various intellectual property and other rights. It shall also be possible to apply the above mentioned items to all subsequent media developments. This content is not relevant to user content (as stated below).

C. User content
The system can provide chat channels, bulletin boards, and other chat rooms to communicate information between users (hereinafter "user content").
All user content transmitted through the system shall not (i) violate laws, laws, rules or regulations; (ii) infringe third-party intellectual property, ownership, privacy or portrait rights. (iii) You may not publish offensive or obscene content, child pornography, or content that adversely affects minors. (iv) No viruses, trojans, deactivation codes, worms, time bombs, "transparent GIFs", cantlebot, and other programs and routines distributed for purposes of damage, surveillance, blockage, or unauthorized use of data, information, packets, and personal information.
In the event that the user content violates the EULA or that the members, license providers and suppliers may be exposed to liability, the member may take action at his sole discretion. In addition, actions may be taken if the company, supplier, license provider, Internet provider, and service user are deemed to be damaging the company's reputation and reputation.
You provide a sublicense to the Company that is exclusive, permanent, unrestricted, irrevocable, and without loyalty. The license allows the exercise of various intellectual property and other rights, and the same applies to all subsequent media developments.
Any breach of ownership of the company is a serious breach of the EULA, and the company may suspend or terminate your account. In addition, depending on the circumstances, the company may take actions that it believes are appropriate. The terms are not obstructed by any other rights and legal remedies of the Company and are expressly limited to accumulate regardless of the termination of the EULA.

Software, systems, services, content in the service and other related services and materials are provided "as is" and are not liable for any defects. You are responsible for all risks associated with access to systems and services.
The Company disclaims all types of warranties, express or implied, including warranties for merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. The company does not guarantee that system access and software execution will proceed without interruption or error. In addition, your computer or software might not be compatible with your hardware and software.
The company makes every effort to maintain the system, but does not guarantee that the system will continue. The system may shut down at any time during service and may shut down due to system checks, new software application, emergency, equipment and network errors.

Under no circumstances shall the Company, its Affiliates, License Providers and Suppliers be liable for any special, indirect, incidental, consequential, punitive or punitive damages (including loss or loss of data) arising from You or any third party. They are not responsible for accounts, systems, software, services, content in services, user content, EULA, services, or materials.

Except as provided below, the Company will not reimburse your account, software, systems, services, content in the service, user content, EULA and other services in excess of the payment cost (1 month).
If the company violates its obligation to provide access to and use your account, system, service, content in the service, or user content, it may invoke the remedy. Rewards will be paid in accordance with the lower direction of payment during the period during which the access has been lost or during the three-month period of payment.
The Company shall assume legal liability according to the highest level of compliance law if the Restriction and Disclaimer of Liability are deemed invalid or unworkable. The remedies in this Agreement supersede and apply exclusively to remedies that are oral or written, express or implied.

You protect the Company, its affiliates, licensors, suppliers, and their employees, contractors, officers, and directors from all kinds of claims, losses, damages, and claims. You must pay compensation and lawyer fees (i) use or misuse of the Software; (ii) access to the System; (iii) use of the Account (including non- principal) use; (iv) use of the Services.

The company posts the amended EULA through the Steam page and forwards the amendment to the user through notices in the service. You must agree to the EULA in order to access the system or use the service.
If you decide that you cannot accept the EULA because of the modification of the material terms, you may terminate the EULA and suspend your account in accordance with Article 4 of this Agreement.

Governing Law This Agreement and all disputes and claims relating in any way to, or arising out of, this Agreement or the Application shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Korea without giving effect to the conflict of laws doctrine thereof. The application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is expressly excluded. In the event that you and Neowiz agree to settle any dispute, difference, controversy by the alternative settlement such as arbitration, such agreement shall be applied.

A. Complete Agreement
This Agreement shall constitute the complete and exclusive agreement between us, notwithstanding any variance with any purchase order or other written instrument submitted by you, whether formally rejected by the Provider or not. The acceptance of any purchase order you place is expressly made conditional on your consent to the terms set forth herein. The EULA contained in this Agreement may not be modified by you except in a writing duly signed by you and an authorized representative of the Provider. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be unenforceable for any reason, such provision shall be reformed only to the extent necessary to make it enforceable, and such decision shall not affect the enforceability of such provision under other circumstances, or of the remaining provisions hereof under all circumstances. This Agreement will not be governed by the United Nations Convention of Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, the application of which is hereby expressly excluded.

B. Export
You agree to abide by U.S. and other applicable export control laws and agree not to transfer the Application to a foreign national or national destination, which is prohibited by such laws, without first obtaining, and then complying with, any requisite government authorization. You certify that you are not a person with whom Neowiz is prohibited from transacting business under applicable law.

If any part of the EULA is held invalid or unenforceable, that portion shall be construed in a manner consistent with applicable law to reflect, as nearly as possible, the original intentions of the parties expressed in the EULA, and the remaining portions shall remain in full force and effect.
You shall comply with all applicable laws regarding your access to and use of the System, use of the Software, your access to your Account and your playing of the Game. Without limiting the foregoing, you may not download, use or otherwise export or re-export any part of the information accessible through the System or the Software except in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
Except as otherwise provided herein, you may not assign or transfer the EULA or your rights thereunder, and any attempt to do so is void. The EULA, including the Rules of Conduct and the fees and payment terms as referenced therein, as each may be amended by Company from time to time, sets forth the entire understanding and agreement between Company and you with respect to the subject matter hereof. Except as provided above, or in a writing signed by both parties, the EULA may not be modified or amended. No distributor, agent or employee of Company is authorized to make any modifications or additions to the EULA.
All notices to Company required or permitted by the EULA shall be by electronic mail at, unless stated otherwise in the EULA.