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Our Favorite AAA Titles

We have listed our favorite AAA titles with reviews. We will be updating them over time, even if they are older titles.

Batman™: Arkham Knight
Recommended January 28

Amazing graphics and design. Great stealth gameplay and story, fighting sequences and puzzles. This is not an easy game. Driving sequences are hard but a nice touch. The best Batman to date.

No Man's Sky
Recommended January 28

This is a comeback title. Lots to do and explore now. Although repetitive, there is re-play value here. Build your ships, your home bases, upgrade your inventory, explore trade and more.

Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™
Recommended January 28

This is a lot better than the previous version. You can build your armies, a lot more depth in character development and an interesting story makes this a high quality title. Lots of re-play value.

Fallout 4
Recommended January 28

This is my favorite of the series. Graphics are nicely done, more options to now build and develop your base, great story and world to explore with Bethesda's signature style bugs and twitches.

Path of Exile
Recommended January 28

For a free game, it is worth a price. Old school dungeon crawlin fun that can have you playing for countless hours. If you liked the old diablo series, Utima etc, check this one out.

Free to Play
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™
Recommended January 28

This is a high production title. Has fluid combat that is quite like the Batman series. Stealth like attacks and various skills to master. Decent story and good replay value.