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Medieval Kingdom Wars brings a fresh perspective to the grand strategy genre, combining world map kingdom management with a full-on real time approach. It`s 1336, the time of the Hundred Years' War

You start the game as a minor noble, in service to your King. With over a dozen nations and over 50 Lords to choose from, each playthrough is truly unique and tells it`s own story.

There are many ways to play the game. The Grand Campaign. Classical RTS skirmish with solo, coop and multiplayer options. And a story driven introductory campaign that introduced the player to the the time period through 9 crafted scenarios.

Everything takes place in real-time, with rogue like game progression - everything you do is constantly saved, even during the battle. There are no second chances, no turns, or multiple reloads.
This is a first game to fuse Fixed Force and RTS gameplay. As you bring your army to battle, you can also set up your siege camp or town, collect resources and train new troops as the battle unfolds.


The soundtrack for Medieval Kingdom Wars captures the drama, danger, and diplomacy of the Hundred Years' War across seventeen tracks. Composer Joel Steudler summons the spirit of the era through period-appropriate instruments mixed with powerful orchestral punch. Crumhorns, recorders, and the Viola da Gamba (played by Isabel Esain) evoke the sound of ancient times when kings and knights shaped the world. Melodic themes and thundering drums will carry you into an action packed listening experience!

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Medieval Kingdom Wars
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Medieval Kingdom Wars Soundtrack
  Indie, Simulation, Strategy
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