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Get every paid DLC and even the base game!

List of contents:

  • Intergalactic Traveler: the Omega Sector (Base Game) Solve labyrinths, manage resources and test your Arcade skills in the Intergalactic Space of the Omega Sector.
  • Desktop Wallpapers (DLC) A set of Wallpapers for your Desktop Background, those are designed based on the stages of the Omega Sector.
  • Desktop Autostarships (DLC) This DLC contains a set of Animated Gadgets that will move around your computer, based on the starships of the game.
  • Desktop Icons(DLC) These are icons for personalize the appearance your folders, shortcuts and apps. The icons are based on the items of the game.

All showing love for your PC, and remember that if you already own an article of those it will be reduced for the total amount.

Articoli inclusi in questo pacchetto

Intergalactic traveler: The Omega Sector
  Azione, Casual, Indie
Desktop Wallpapers [Intergalactic Traveler: The Omega Sector]
  Azione, Casual, Indie
Desktop Autostarships [Intergalactic Traveler: The Omega Sector]
  Casual, Indie, Simulazione
Desktop Icons [Intergalactic Traveler: The Omega Sector]
  Casual, Indie
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Acquista Intergalactic Pack! PACCHETTO (?)